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Time to rein in the real rogue states March 26, 2003

Posted by elizabethwong in International, Op-Eds, Politics, Writings.
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FI_attack iraq.jpgSo the war on Iraq is underway.

While the current focus has inadvertently shifted to whether the US-led ‘coalition of the willing’ and Iraq will observe the rules of engagement in the conduct of war (jus in bellum), the world community is left saddled with the unenviable task of reassembling what remains of an international order that the US and its coalition allies have willfully crushed for the sake of their political and economic expediency.

Whether this will be successful remains to be seen, but the alpha and omega is simply this – that a case of crimes against humanity must be made without delay against the US and its coalition for its pursuit of an illegitimate act of war, and those responsible for this crime must be swiftly brought to justice.

Any delay or failure in starting this process will only invite future acts of aggression, territorial invasions and vigilantism, either by states or non-state actors, based on and justified by the precedent set by the Bush and Blair regimes on March 20.