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Historical Moment: The battle for New Road (Kathmandu, 2006) June 12, 2006

Posted by elizabethwong in History, International, Photography, Photojournalism, South Asia, Travel.

Human rights protest (Kathmandu, Nepal), originally uploaded by Elizabeth Wong.

Human rights and democracy leaders trying reclaiming New Road from the military until they were hosed down.



1. Ritesh Bajracharya - March 4, 2007

I am in US. I saw the pictures. I saw the disaster on both ways. Though I am in Us, I still miss my nation and love it deeply. I expect my motherland don’t have to see their chirldren lying on the ground blooded again and again.

2. Purna Gurung - June 5, 2007

What The f**k are you talking about? Do you have any idea what the country is going through? You are out there in US!! Why??? What can you do from there? Just stay there and sympathize.. You are the loser. The biggest loser ever. You know what you should be doing Mr Ritesh Bajracharya! Bikash is your friend right? He told me about how hot your mother is. Just the way you let you mother be f**ked by other guys. Just the way you let them lick her Pushy…you left the country. But the good thing is that Mother Nepal still has sons like us to take care of her!
Jai aama nepal!!

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