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War crimes by Israel June 30, 2006

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weekly25-06.jpg Outrageous.

In the early morning hours of Thursday, 29 June 2006, IOF conducted a number of incursions throughout the West Bank, excluding Jericho. IOF surrounded the places of residence of a number of Palestinian Cabinet Ministers and members of the Palestinian Legislative Council (PLC) from the Change and Reform Party.

This follows an earlier attack at approximately 01:45 on Tuesday, 27 June 2006, when IOF conducted a number of air raids using fighter jets and helicopter gunships on civilian installations in the Gaza Strip. The raids completely destroyed two bridges on the Gaza Valley, one on Salah El-Deen Road and the other on the coastal road. These two bridges connect the northern part of the Strip with the center and south. A secondary bridge was also destroyed. Transportation to and from the north of the Strip has been completely cut off as a result, threatening people’s lives and security by depriving them access to health and educational institutions.

The aerial bombardment also destroyed the main water pipe feeding Nuseirat and El-Bureij refugee camps. Furthermore, panic was caused among civilians, especially children and medical patients by bombardment, mock air raids and sonic booms over the Strip.

In addition, IOF planes bombarded the Gaza Strip’s only electricity generation plant, located to the north of Nuseirat refugee camp. Key sections of the plant were completely destroyed and fires broke out throughout the plant. The bombardment has cut electricity off for nearly half the population of the Gaza Strip. The bombardment destroyed the six main generators that provide 45% of the electricity needs of the Strip. Restoring the plant and resuming its operations could take up to 6 months and at a cost of approximately $15 million US.

Last night, it was reported there was a flurry of mortar attacks into the Occupied Terrorities.

These forces detained eight cabinet ministers, twenty-one PLC members and a number of Hamas political leaders.

Yes, an Israeli soldier was kidnapped. But instead of negotiations, the Israeli government retaliate by massing its enormous force and mets collective punishment.

And the world sits, yes, even as the UN Human Rights Council is in session, and calls for ‘restraint’?

I interviewed the Foreign Minister of the Palestinian government late May when he was in Malaysia, where aside from being snubbed publicly by the Malaysian government during an international conference of the Non-Aligned Movement, he had to solicit funds to keep the Palestinian Authority running due to the ceasing of aid by the EU.

(Click here to go to the interview download page. Best viewed with QuickTime or ITunes. And the phone interview was taped with a Sony Z520i cellphone.)

The detained Cabinet Ministers are:

– Omar Abdel Raziq, Minister of Finance;

– Samir Abu Eisha, Minister of Planning and International Cooperation;

– Khaled Abu Arafa, Minister of Jerusalem Affairs;

– Wasfi Qabha, Minister of Prisoners’ Affairs;

– Issa El-Ja’bari, Minister of Local Government;

– Fakhri Torokman, Minister of Social Affairs;

– Nayef El-Rajoub, Minister of Waqf and Religious Affairs; and

– Mohammad El-Barghouthi, Minister of Labor.

The detained PLC members are:

– Hebron: Basem Ahmad Moussa Za’arir, Khalil Moussa Khalil Beb’ei, Samir Saleh Ibrahim El-Qadi, Mohammad Ismail Othman El-Tal, Mohammad Motlaq Abdel Mahdi abu J’heisha, and Mohammad Maher Yousef Bader.

– Bethlehem: Anwar Mohammad Abdel Rahman El-Zoboun and Mahmoud Dawood Mahmoud El-Khatib.

– Jerusalem: Wa’el Mohammad Abdel Fattah Abdel Rahman (El-Husseini), Mohammad Mahmoud Abu Tir, and Ahmad Mohammad Ahmad Attoun.

– Nablus: Hosni Mohammad Ahmad Bourini, Reyad Ali Mostafa Amli, and Yser Suliman Dawoud Mansour. IOF raided the house of PLC member Ahmad Ali Ahmad in Ein El-Ma’ refugee camp, but did not find him there.

– Jenin: Ibrahim Mohammad Saleh Dahbour, Khalek Suliman Fayez Abu Hasan, and Khaled (Sa’id) Abed Abdallah Yehya.

– Tulkarm: Reyad Mahmoud Sa’id Radad and Fathi Mohammad Ali Qarawi.

– Qalqilya: Imad Mahmoud Rajeh Nofal

– Salfit: Naser Abdallah Odeh Abdel Jawwad.

(infosource: Palestinian Human Rights Association in Gaza)


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