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London bombings July 7, 2006

Posted by elizabethwong in Note2Self, Readings.

Exactly a year ago:
– Desktop died
– Borrowed to buy an iBook
– Opening ceremony of iBook – wrote my column
– Wifi-ed for the first time from Alexis, Bangsar
– Got my paycheque – 2 months late
– Got back with that boy 2 weeks ago
– Made lots of intercontinental calls

Exactly a year ago:
– We are no less wiser in regards to the London bombing.

I’m going to quote in verbatim, what Hutnyk Sputnik wrote in his space:

I think it’s fairly boring for intellectuals to comment (Zizek, Buck-Morrs) that today’s protest (the Sept 11 bombers) have ‘no list of demands’. It’s not quite so clear cut, but when Zizek, for example, points out that there were no demands, and no ideological program, beyond some claim – as far as he knows – for recognition, and a wish to make an impact, we should take a moment to look.

We live in a universe which celebrates the absence of ideology, the dangerous reflexive society (of Giddens) gives rise to the gesture of fascism but not fascism that restores order and dignity (to those of the homeland) but rather now a fascism which would attribute meaning as only a gesture, and achieves this as a totalitarian control.

So we comply with fascism when we accept those commentators who would have us avoid thinking, so as to spin the images on our screens. But we do know its not like that, we can actually see the signs on the bus.


(my emphasis, paragraphing, etc.)

If we continue to assume terrorism derives its form and substance out of a void, or from a ‘holy’ book, a change in diet, the weather or even the Anarchist Cookbook, well, try thinking harder.

From beneath us, it devours.

He‘s very very *very* good. Bookmark him.



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