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When MPs debate rape July 14, 2006

Posted by elizabethwong in Human Rights, Malaysia, Note2Self, Politics.

When MPs debate rape, one would expect a fair bit of cringing on the listener’s end.

I decided to sit in the lobby, so that I could heckle (softly) to my heart’s content. A small group, probably with the same thought too, had gathered in front of the 40″ TV. Depending who was speaking inside the hall, the mutterings centred on,

“What an idiot….”
“My god how can they say that?”
“I think even my grandma can be MP….”
“That’s right, you go to jail too!”

That last line was from me when one MP (BN) said, what if a wife claimed marital rape when in fact she had an extramarital affair and when found out by the husband, an altercation occurred resulting in her injury.

Two MPs spoke up in favour of including marital rape in the amendments. MP Wong Nai Chee (BN) said the Select Committee lost an opportunity to include and educate the public on this issue.

Wong spoke generally well, though there were some eyebrow-raising quotes on his part when he made a joke about how he would welcome his wife raping him and when he asked if using tongues and other body parts such as fingers, would be included under rape using ‘object’s. At that point, visions flashed in everyone’s heads. Someone in front of the TV responded, “Eeeuuu”.

The debate continues on Monday.



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