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River July 18, 2006

Posted by elizabethwong in Islam in Southeast Asia, Photography, Photojournalism, Southeast Asia, Travel.


The best part of the trip was this river. Crisp cold, clean running water.
Both boys and girls spend their afternoons playing ‘Superman’ here, performing all sorts of acrobatics.


1. Mario - July 20, 2006

Elizabeth, where are we here? Very good image which ‘really captures the moment’; I really like your eye in your trip’s photos, here is interesting the action between the two children: when one is waiting for anything (?) the other one in foreground makes its jump breaking the calm.

2. elizabethwong - July 20, 2006

In southern Thailand, a few hours drive from the Malaysian-Thai border. It’s a beautiful village, lovely people and kids who play all the time! Can’t wait to get back 🙂

3. Mario Giovanniello - July 20, 2006

Can I use this fantastic photo for the poetry’s blog of a friend of mine? He had translated a poetry of Frank O’Hara into Italian language, and I think this pic works wery wery well.
the blog is guardiafili, there are also some of my pics there.


4. elizabethwong - July 20, 2006

Sure! Very kind of you 🙂
How can I email you a better resolution photograph, or will this one be enough?

5. Mario - July 21, 2006

please email to giovamar@gmail.com, I’ll put your name on the photo when I’ll post it. Thank you!

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