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Letter from Lebanon (2) July 26, 2006

Posted by elizabethwong in Current Affairs, International, Politics.

(Mass grave in Tyre)

From: Brooke A.
Date: Jul 24, 2006 8:44 PM
Subject: Update on my family and atrocities in Lebanon

Dear friends and family,

I am sending you this update about my family and unfolding atrocities in Lebanon because as U.S. taxpayers, we need to know what our tax dollars and our government are supporting and fueling. This weekend the U.S. government apporved to rush 1000 bombs to Israel, and Rice was in the Middle East tellign Israel it should ignore calls for a cease-fire.

My father-in-law, his wife and daughter arrived in DC yesterday and Rayan and I are thankful that they have arrived safely, although it is only a slight consolation because the rest of our extended family is still in Lebanon with our two elderly aunts trapped in thier village, Deir Keifa, in the South – and beyond our own family, we are horrified at the suffering that all of Lebanon must endure at this time.

My brother-in-law, Bilal El-Amine, has gone to the heart of Israel’s attacks, Tyre (called Sur in Arabic), to report on the death and destruction that Israel is wreaking on ordinary Lebanese people. We are scared for his safety, but know he is doing important work – you can listen to interviews with him on www.flashpoints.org. He and Rayan were on an extended television program on Friday called Mosaic Special Report on Lebanon and you can view it at: http://www.linktv.org/mosaic/streamsArchive/index.php4?showDate=20060721

My close friend and roommate from when I lived in Beirut two years ago wrote this report below and asked me to send it as widely as possible. Please feel free to forward this message or to post some or all of it on any websites. For ways that you can help – pelase see the end of this email.

Also, I want to make sure people know that Israel also continues to murder civillians in Palestine. Today in Gaza, the Israeli Occupying Forces killed 5 Palestinian civillians, including two children and a grandmother and in Nablus last Friday, Israel killed 4 members of one family.
from Raida:

Dear Brooke,

Yesterday my sister and her three children moved to stay with us. Their house was dammaged in the israeli bombing of the bridge near their house and they were staying in the sheltter, the chidlren were scared and terrified as they are hearing the bombs and the jets in the sky. Having the children at home with us forced me and the others to hold on and to be stronger.

I was sending several letters like the ones i sent to you to all the people in europe and north america who are writting to me those days, some of the letters found their ways to websites and local newsapers

i just hope this genocide would stop today. we still have to deal with the outcomes, the injuired, the displaced, and the bodies of killed people that are still on the roads and under the ruins of houses. Not to mention the pollution in the sea and the ground etc. We will all die of cancer later on, it is a real genocide.

I want to thank you, all my family send their greetings and thanks to you and every one by your side who are acting or concerned and pray for the saftey of people here.

I wrote this today despite my tiredness and pain as i did fall sick. If you find the letter would be useful, resend it to others with the attached photos that shows what USA smart bombs are doing to innocent children.

take care,




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