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Bill and AIDS August 18, 2006

Posted by elizabethwong in Note2Self, Women.

“A woman should never need her partner’s permission to save her own life.”

— Bill Gates, speaking at the opening of the 16th international conference on HIV and AIDS, Toronto, Canada


1. Mario Giovanniello - August 20, 2006

Hi Elizabeth,

I’m on holidays and I can’t post any pics. I’ve visited the black forest in the south west of germany (friburg im breisnau – baden baden) and the beutiful city of Strasbourg (Notre dame cathedral, European parlament home) in the noth east of france. Now I’m leaving to some days on the see (italy).
I’ve just take a look at your pic of the victims of war: great portraits!!
See you!


2. elizabethwong - August 20, 2006

hey Mario,
Looking forward to your holiday pics ๐Ÿ™‚
Enjoy while the sun shines!

3. rizal - August 22, 2006

I totally agree on that. But talking about HIV drugs, they cost a bomb. Have you heard about one local professor who designed an alternative medicine replacing AZT?

BTW, do you fancy to have breakfast with me in Paris? Maybe we can talk politics, if you want to with me…

4. elizabethwong - August 22, 2006

I think we should get the rights to the new drug of this local professor!

ps. We can discuss over breakfast but Paris is so 1999….

5. rizal - August 22, 2006

ok if not Paris, how about having roti Mahathir at brickfield? okay? ๐Ÿ˜›

6. elizabethwong - August 22, 2006

Roti Mahathir tambah bawang, ok! ๐Ÿ˜›

7. rizal - August 22, 2006

hows this bawang guy? btw whats your email? then I can pass u my number. lucky its not Paris…..where to find money….

8. rizal - August 24, 2006

ok. how about roti mahathir with extra bawang tomorrow morning in brickfields, next to monorail station?

9. elizabethwong - August 25, 2006

Love to, but busy til next weekend!

10. rizal - August 25, 2006

ok, see u next weekend.

11. rizal - August 25, 2006

got some ideas to bounce off with you, ok?

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