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Accidents and karma August 20, 2006

Posted by elizabethwong in Note2Self.

I have a sudden appreciation for karma and the strange laws of the universe.

One and a half years ago, Elaine, Wallace and I pulled out six unconscious kids from a car crash accident off the Damansara-Puchong Highway while 30 people and half a dozen tow-trunk operators stood watching.

I threatened the emergency service with a massive lawsuit if they didn’t turn up on time. We dispatched half of them to a private hospital because it was the closest. But when I went to see them, they were still lying in our van, bloodsoaked and all. I had to threatened the hospital attendants with another lawsuit as they didn’t want to do anything until the kids’ insurance policies were checked. We managed to get the hospital to give them shots, examine for broken bones and got them beds too.
The other half was sent to University Hospital. When we got there, we found out they weren’t looked after because they had no money. We dug into our pockets and paid for their treatment, even sat with them while they were being examined. I acted as their guardian as they didn’t want to tell their parents and were under 18.

I didn’t think about that again until yesterday, i.e. 12 hours after I walked out from a car accident with mere bruises and scratches. I was flung to the front, my face and body literally imprinted on the front seat (I could see my lip gloss and eyeliner on the back of the headrest). Later I realised my glasses flew off prior to impact, which probably saved me from having glass in my eye. I didn’t break my teeth though I have slight bruises on my face and jaw. And I could walk.

Irony is, last week, my accident insurance expired. But my regular one is still valid.

I decided to go to my talk instead of wallowing in pain. A strange act of self-denial. I didn’t use all of my notes and I remember rambling too much, on occasion I was constructing sentences aloud, stopping mid-way to reconstruct them again. I think the poor chair, Annie, wanted to grab the mike away from me. Then the Balaiboys plied me with enough beer to numb the pain and what had felt like a killer hangover. It was only at 4 am when I started reexamining the accident in my head.

I missed out on buying lottery today. Forgot to check the license plate. But Magnum4D website suggested that a car accident = “2281”.

Karma. It ain’t hype. All true. Do good deeds always. And there’s a God of Insurance. Don’t offend him/her.


A thought flashed through my head just now.

Maybe I’m really in heaven. But it doesn’t explain why I still have my regular routine and why I’m not given a new MacBook?



1. John - August 27, 2006

Eli – Glad you are ok. You got the luck (touch wood/head). I remember you saying you would win the Cuba Solidarity raffle when we bought the raffle tickets on the way into their event back in – when – 1995 – and when two hours later they draw the prize – Ha Ha – a bottle of Rum finds a good home.
Take care OK. xxxj

2. elizabethwong - August 27, 2006

I’d like to imagine when I go, there’ll be a big bang / bash!
Hahahaha! You still remember the Cuban rum!
The magical formula is: I must not want the prize. So it won’t work with the lotto.
See you very soon sweets! 🙂

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