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JerryWHO: Malaysia’s most hacked blogger August 30, 2006

Posted by elizabethwong in Malaysia, Miscellanous, Note2Self.

JerryWHO, the head producer / engine behind Asia247.tv and a well-known blogger on social and technology issues, should be crowned the *most* hacked blogger in Malaysia.

In the past two months, he’s been hacked at least 8 times. For my posse of tech-nuts, only one word can describe this – Awesome.

Just tonight, he had posted something new at 11:30 pm (Jeff Ooi? A Lone Gunman?) while we were having our extended dinner ritual of chats and plots. He dropped me home around 2 am, and when I went into his site, it was cleaned out.

Someone obviously doesn’t like what he writes. But he’s receiving a lot of publicity, support and sympathy, which ultimately defeats the aim of the hacker who’s trying to suppress his blog.

Here’s a toast to you, Jerry!



1. trebor - August 30, 2006

Sigh .. and I thought folks would be smart enough to know that this type of shit is just not done anymore .. really passe.

2. youzi - August 30, 2006

here the chinese version.

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6. Jerry’s Alter Ego > 亂語胡言 - September 24, 2006


And Again! 是的,胡某的部落格又被骸客入侵了。 也許各為看官會覺得奇怪 — 我這部落格到底有甚麼吸引力,讓這狗娘養的兔崽子一而再、再而三地在這裡撒野。 說真的,說我紅也好,出名也…

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