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Why military coups are never good for democracy September 21, 2006

Posted by elizabethwong in Current Affairs, Democracy, International, Politics, Southeast Asia.

Committee for Reform announcements and orders [as of 11.50, 20/09/06]

Announcement 1.
State of emergency in Bangkok is removed.

Announcement 2:
Military and police to make no movement without orders from the Committee for Reform.

Announcement 3:

Committee for Reform will abolish:
1997 constitution
Constitutional Court

Privy counsellors will remain.
All courts, except the Constitutional Court, will remain as normal and can make decisions according to laws and Announcements of the Committee for Reform.

Announcement 4: On administration.
While there is no PM or cabinet, all administrative power rests with the head of the Committee (Gen Sonthi).
While there is no cabinet, all Ministries are under the control of their permanent secretaries, unless the head of the Committee orders otherwise.

Announcement 5
Committee for Reform asks university students to submit their views and suggestions on reforms in order to return democracy to the country as soon as possible.

Announcement 6
The Committee for Reform asks labourers and farmers to be peaceful during this time.

Announcement 7
Martial Law declared nationally, gatherings of over five people prohibited, jail terms up to 6 months for offenders.

Announcement 8
Prohibited to increase prices of goods, or stockpile goods and refusal to sell goods. Offenders will be arrested.

Announcement 9
From 19th Sept onwards, Committee for Reform will abide by UN and international standards and act according to obligations under international conventions to which Thailand is party to. All embassies will be protected by the Committee.

Announcement 10
Committee for Reform asks for cooperation in reporting news from all agencies and reporters to report truthfully and constructively in order to promote unity and re-build the nation and restore peace to the country.

Announcement 11
In order to restore peace, Officials of the Committee have been appointed in the following postions:
Supreme Army Commander – President and Advisor to Committee
Commander of Army (Gen Sonthi) – Head of Committee
Commander of Navy – Deputy head of Committee
Commander of Airforce – Second deputy head of Committee
Police Chief – Third deputy head of Committee
Secretary-General of NSC (Gen Winai) – Secretary of Committee

All government officials, heads of departments and agencies and deans of universities in Bangkok and surrounding areas to report to the Committee for Reform at the Army Barracks on Rachadumnern Rd. at 9am on 20 Sept to be briefed on new administrative procedures.

Order 2:
20 September is declared a public holiday, and bank holiday, and the stock exchange of Thailand will be closed, in order to give time to ensure the situation is under control.

Order 4/2549: Briefing for ambassadors
Since there is great interest in the developments in Thailand, the Committee has asked the MFA to invite diplomats to attend a briefing at 13.00 at the Kittikachon hall, the Supreme Army Headquarters. Please send names of diplomats to attend the briefing by 11.00.

Order 5/2549: Internet
Asked the Ministry of Technology and Communication to restrict and close internet reports and sites which are incorrect and impact on the progress of the reforms.


1. Ali Eteraz - September 21, 2006

dear ms. wong,

this is quite an interesting blog and i came upon it by accident. my name is ali eteraz and i am progressive muslim blogger in the us. my degree was in philosophy (nietzsche) but now i write about islamic law and politics.

before my blog vacation i was a top 10 wordpress blogger and would like to exchange blogroll links with you. if you check out my place and like what you see, please leave a msg here and i will add you immediately as well as alerting my readers


2. Ali Eteraz - September 21, 2006

i just made a msg but im not sure if it worked.

3. Ran - September 21, 2006

Eli~This is Betty~How are you!

Btw, I would appreciate it a lot if you could call me Ran (Chinese name) since now:)

I’m now at Ithaca, NY for exchange program and taking a course call Documentray Research instructed by Ben Crane. May I consult you some issues about my research topic?

My Skype is cl_ran
E-mail: lilinaran@gmail.com

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Take great care!!!


4. reefer - September 21, 2006

interesting. our former president cory aquino survived 7 coup attempts (if my memory serves me right) and the masterminds behind it were given amnesty. the marcos regime was toppled with the help of the military. pres. gma survived one coup attempt. she is actually trying to hold on to her post, with fear of losing the military’s loyalties, and with the recent developments in thailand, she is desperately convincing her constituents that the same thing won’t happen to her administration.

if you ask me, coup or no coup, our country is still under the black veil of a shadow military leadership playing with politician puppets.

yes, i definitely agree. a military coup is never good for democracy.

5. sam - September 23, 2006

look at our own backyard… I wonder what is good for Democracy?

6. elizabethwong - September 27, 2006

Eteraz, No probs 🙂

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