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Godard and the framing of anti-Pope protests September 22, 2006

Posted by elizabethwong in Current Affairs, Islam in Southeast Asia, Note2Self.

Three things to keep in view when you’re watching the telly tonight.

It is possible to transpose these 3 points to the print platform the next day.

“There is no point in having sharp images when you have fuzzy ideas.”

“This is not a just image, this is just an image.”

“Every edit is a lie.”


1. Pajamas Media - September 22, 2006

The Battle of November, 10 (September 22, 2006)

New Media Godard and the framing of protests: three things to keep in mind when watching TV reports of the rallies. (Elizabeth Wong) Plagiarism in the halls of Congress? Ohio Congresswoman Jean Schmidt wrote a press release in August,…

2. Pajamas Media - September 22, 2006

‘Day of Rage’ Observation Deck:

(read down-up) A roundup by the AP. Top figure: 2,000 in Nablus, West Bank. Lowest: “Another 200 rallied in the eastern city of Lahore, while several dozen protested in Multan.” The demonstrations came a day after 1,000 clerics and religious…

3. PJ - September 23, 2006

“Every edit is a lie.” Discussion of a 60 Minutes report, aired after many of us protested presenting staged protests as spontaneous political expression:


Not only were the protesters small in number, but each one started laughing as soon as he fell out of the very tight frame.

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