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Breakfast in Yala October 1, 2006

Posted by elizabethwong in Islam in Southeast Asia, Photography, Southeast Asia.


A regular breakfast in Yala, South Thailand should include the freshly-made, sweet crispy roti canai, served with sweet curry.

And this is a special birthday treat for Mario!



1. Mario - October 1, 2006

mmm.. It seems very appetizing, great shot!
Thanks Elizabeth for your wishes and for this pic.
The Birthday Is for me a celebration of frienship It would not be the same without friends…

2. elizabethwong - October 1, 2006

May you have many roti canais, roti telurs (with eggs) and roti bawangs (with onions) in the years to come 🙂

3. Suresh Gundappa - October 2, 2006

Lovely photo! Makes very interesting one! I love roti canai

4. Mario - October 6, 2006

Dear Liz,
if you want some spaghetti with tomato take a look to my post named test2 (I had troubles with Word press in posting images… is it easy for you to post flickr pic?)


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