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Pop-perfect Diplomacy October 3, 2006

Posted by elizabethwong in International, Malaysia, Note2Self, Politics, Race Relations, Southeast Asia.

If there’s anything that comes close to a complete waste of column space, it’s the scheduled tiff between Malaysia and Singapore.

The elites of these two nation-states need it to occur ever so often. The battle between Self and Other, whichever point you may want to stand on. Bangkok needs South Thailand to define itSelf, as much as Manila needs Mindanao.

Singapore needs Malaysia, and to some extent, Indonesia, to remind its Chinese majority denizens why they should be grateful in their garden cages where the state shields them from the spectres of Islamists, terror and wanton free expression.

Malaysia needs Singapore to remind its Malay majority why they should be grateful for the state’s benevolence, and how minorities will takeover everything once given half the chance.

Everyone plays their part. DAP, Gerakan, MCA, MIC, UMNO move to the beat of their designated rhythms. We clap our hands in concert. There is a beginning, a chorus, an interlude and a conclusion.

The perfect pop-song can be accomplished in four chords.

This is our pop-perfect moment. Until the next round.



1. free agent - October 6, 2006

Some say that LKY brought up the Chinese-minorities-in-Malaysia issue to deflect possible attention away from any negative repercussions or consequences of Temasek Holdings’ buyout of Thailand’s Shin Corp assets, since now that Thaksin has fallen and Shin Corp’s sale is beginning to look dodgy….just a thought.

2. oxygendeprivation - October 10, 2006

Everyone is trying to play their part in this orchestra. It could have been ended nicely if not Malaysian side is trying too hard, making the whole tune out of sync and the old man, LKY have to respond by bringing them down from stage.

The fall is too hard for some of them too accept and if they keep barking on the tree, the next round won’t be far from now. Are you game for it? Maybe it is time for them to clean their own backyard before playing the next tune. Now, what is for sure, you are out of the game and people around the globe are watching the laughter.

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