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Free press but self-censorship? October 18, 2006

Posted by elizabethwong in Current Affairs, Human Rights, Malaysia, Note2Self, Politics.

Prime Minister Abdullah Badawi said last Sunday that there is free press in Malaysia but it is the media which self-censors.

Yeah, that’s right. Blame the media.

Case 1. 17 Oct 2006: Press Conference of Coalition Against Water Privatisation

The press conference was packed with media folks. Standing room only. It was called by the Coalition to respond to the controversial 15% hike in water rates in the state of Selangor, which the controversy has all the makings of a major political drama (cronies such as Syabas, buy-outs of civil society groups, threats of bodily harm to activists…)

No news the next day. The coordinator of the coalition said there is a official directive not to publish this news.

Case 2: 17 Oct 2006: Nationwide Picket outside Telekom office

More than a thousand workers from the National Union of Telecommunications Employees (NUTE) who are Call Centre Workers at the Retail Customer Contact Centre (TMRCC) Telekom Malaysia, picketed all over the nation, in protest over the company’s decision to go ahead with sourcing out the call centres to VADS Ltd. on 10th Oct.

This is their second picket. The first was held on 11 Oct. No news on either protests. A labour activist said this is due to it being a politically-connected deal, and again, a directive was issued not to publicise the issue.

VADS gets RM255m TM job
October 03 2006, The Edge Daily

Telekom Malaysia Bhd (TM) has awarded a five-year contract worth RM254.6 million to its 67.7%-owned VADS Bhd to manage its TM Retail Contact Centre.

The contract will make VADS the largest contact centre service operator in the country.

TM said on Oct 2 that VADS Contact Centre Services Sdn Bhd (VCCS) would manage the inbound and/or outbound calls in TM’s directory assistance services (103), domestic and international assistance services (101) and emergency services (999). Under the contract starting on Jan 6, 2007, VCCS would handle TM’s telemarketing services, card services, telegraph services and other services agreed by both parties.

VCCS would also handle all contact centre operations and human resource of TM Retail Contact Centre to VCCS. All TM Retail Contact Centre staff would be offered to join VCCS on the latter’s terms.

TM said the contract was expected to enhance revenue generation for VADS and strengthen its position in the contact centre business.


1. WTJ - October 19, 2006

they did not censored, just giving pressure.. haha

2. oxygendeprivation - October 19, 2006

We are transparent, but no data. Sounds familiar?

3. claire the cat - October 19, 2006

interesting how they put it. *rub forehead*

4. JerryWho - October 20, 2006

yes… *pulling hair* and they don’t censor, they just close us down.

5. 无聊小站 » Blog Archive » 伊朗限制网络速度 - October 22, 2006

[…] —— Elizabeth Wong: Free press but self-censorship? […]

6. aiskrim - October 23, 2006

selamat hari raya

7. tuna - October 24, 2006

I am bolehman… got see through vision. checked their brains. nothing there.

8. irreverentstuff - November 6, 2006

How much can the press censor if internet is available freely. Truth is relative, at the end of the day.

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