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Ouch November 29, 2006

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Never piss off a columnist, especially one who knows his stuff…

Malaysia bites back and industriously trades the insults
by Michael Backman, The Age, November 29, 2006

MY LAST column on wasteful government spending in Malaysia (Business, 15/11) generated a furore. I received more than 600 emails from readers, mostly Malaysians (both expatriate and in Malaysia) and nearly all supportive.

The column was the most emailed item on The Age’s website for six days straight and it was replicated in dozens of blogs worldwide.

My personal website received more than 50,000 hits. A Malaysian Government minister criticised the column publicly. And the Malaysian Opposition Leader issued a news release in its support.

The minister, Rafidah Aziz, Malaysia’s Minister for Trade and Industry, declared somewhat imperiously that she didn’t care what I said because I am a foreigner and I probably don’t know much about Malaysia anyway.



Order in the House November 27, 2006

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At least the Information Minister is honest in admitting that voters would not be able to take the conduct of some Parliamentarians who hog the mikes (and cameras), what with their shouting, screaming and haranguing.

The session in focus: 27 Nov 2006, Budget Committee debate on Ministry of Education.

Instead of debating on allocations and expenditure of a very crucial and fundamental sector, it was a screaming match from both sides.

“…..Umno GA…..Keris……”
“….DAP … hanya cakap pasal Sekolah Cina….”

Take back the tech! November 25, 2006

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Glory glory. November 23, 2006

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Some of us felt rather ill, having read advertorials disguised as op-eds about the virtues of Islam Hadhari in the print media.

We needed a bag of smelling salts, having read statements applauding the Prime Minister for his great ’speech’ – that basically outlined how the State is just itching to take action on those who question the supremacy of Islam and the social contract, inter-faith council, NEP etc.

Seriously – which speech were you reading? Oh – you mean the extract?

What was missing from all that ‘Thank You’s” was a joint memorandum calling for a glorious national parade to be held in his honour. Big keris optional.


Video: Save Bukit Gasing Protest November 21, 2006

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“Stop Greed, Save Bukit Gasing, Save Lives”

Featuring Derek Fernandez, Victor Oorjitham, YB Dr. Lim Thuan Seng and residents living in the vicinity of Bukit Gasing.

For a better quality video, please go here to download.

Producers: Sam Hui and Elizabeth Wong
Format: MP4 Video (best viewed with QuickTime)
Length: 8’09” Size: 17.9Mb

Stop Greed November 20, 2006

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b-gasing1.jpg (more…)

(Another) Cabinet reshuffle in the cards? November 19, 2006

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abdullah1.jpgFormer Chief Minister of Selangor and the man whose limited English vocabulary got him into a spot of trouble (handcarrying 2 million in cash) with the Australian Immigration, Muhammad Taib, was sworn in as the latest Senator in the Upper House.

The question is:- Why?

Another cabinet reshuffle is said to be in the cards, now that Abdullah Badawi has had his “coming out” party this week.


Razak November 18, 2006

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“He is not out to become the prime minister. Why are they doing this to him?” she cried.

(“Emotions spill over as Razak is charged”, 17 Nov 2006, NST, pp2)

Space, the ‘Boleh’ Frontier November 17, 2006

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My super-talented friends, Mr. Smooth and Mr. Shagadelica did this great video!


(click here to view or download the Mpeg4 here)

The Zeros in Economy November 15, 2006

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In the past week, the following were announced.

Project Iskandar in Johor = RM 46,000,000,000
Project 2nd bridge in Penang = RM 3,000,000,000
Project Rural Development nationwide = RM 600,000,000
Project New Palace = RM 400,000,000

Total to date: RM 50,000,000,000 (RM 50 billion)