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Sadam Hussein’s Verdict November 6, 2006

Posted by elizabethwong in Human Rights, International, Note2Self.

The measure of how civilised a society is by the manner adversaries are dealt with.

We only need to look at the scandal of Guantanamo Bay to conclude the progress of the United States.

In the case of former Iraqi president Sadam Hussein, rights groups have protested from the very start, the blatantly unfair conditions of the trial, thus questioning the fairness of the judicial process. In addition, concerns were raised over the use of anonymous witnesses and assasinations of lawyers from the defence team.

Today’s guilty verdict with the penalty of death by hanging gives meaning to the phrase, “Two wrongs don’t make a right”.

Even worse were the reactions from key governments such as the US, France and the UK who embraced the verdict.

The lone voice, distinguished from this new world cabal, spoke softly:-

Obviously we deplore the verdict of the death penalty against Saddam and one of his co-accused.
We don’t consider it was a fair process. The court was not impartial. There were not adequate steps taken to protect the security of defence lawyers and witnesses…
Every individual has a right to a fair trial, even people accused of the crimes of the magnitude that Saddam Hussein faced, and this has not been a fair trial.

This could have been the defining moment for Iraq. It could have been an example of how society can rectify the many wrongs in a just manner, where dictators and authoritarian leaders would one day face their well-deserved retribution.

But first, justice must be seen to be served.

This wasn’t the case for Sadam Hussein.



1. WTJ - November 7, 2006

i think Bush use this for the recent election

2. sivakumar - November 7, 2006

Dear friends
If sadam to be hanged for killing of 148 people what about bush who engineered daily killings in the street of Baghtad which mounts to unconutables.if those who care for the shitte muslims now why kept their mouths shut when it happened (it was because he was their ally then against Iran). nowadaya there is no real humanitarian concern otherthan to be used against their enemies . if the stongest did a crime that is law or for socalled democrazy but if a weakest did a protest that will be crime against humanity.So if you want to do justice hang the barbarian bushman of america.

3. Grace - November 10, 2006

I agree with what sivakumar said why not hang the so call barbarian bushman of america he is involved with daily killings in the street of Baghdad

4. J R Benoit - December 20, 2006

It is not good to punish death by death ,it you judge that it is not good to kill ,then someone must judge you for killing Sadam,and another one must judge the one who will judge you and so on.Only God have the right to judge .He is a human being ,he must be given a chance to receive forgiveness.We must also help the world to forgive Sadam.

5. Trapper - December 29, 2006

The punishments of a society are always dictated by the degree of human and psychological advanecment portrayed by their actions and social developments. Where in the middle East and Muslim religion do you see this??? No where, Sadam is getting just exactly what he reaped, his sowing days as a deadly dictator are over, and now the true lack of social skills and advanced thinking methods of the entire Middle East are evident. Barbarians hung by barbarians, a just revenge if you ask me. More than likely everyone of the murdered journalists whose heads stared back at their very own boddies as the light left their souls are jumping and dancing sweet revenge as a head Jihadist contemplates how his neck will look in a noose. Crooked and twisted, broken and snapped is not good enough for a murdering, back stabbing sadist who promotes bloody acts in the name of religion.
You so called peace loving terrorist promoting, jaded bleeding heart wanna be’s have not a clue to what is going on, I suggest you all move to the middle east and keep spouting your words of encouragment. See if you can when a razor sharp knife is removing your head due to the fact that your beard is not long enough, or as you watch your wife being stoned because she smiled at a passing human being on a sidewalk. Wake up and smell the blood of hundreds of inocent women and children who rot in desert graves because of a fraudulent religion that calls everyone an infidel.

6. Wootang - December 29, 2006

There’s no reasoning with some people, they believe they are right and think it’s ok to kill you if you do not agree. People should not be killing people because of what they believe, only for what they do.
If someone wants to kill me because of what I think (not what I do) I fear I have no choice but to defend myself and kill them. Don’t try to kill me, I won’t try to kill you, ok?

7. Jbaby - December 29, 2006

sadam deserves to rot in hell forever. i hope he dies slowly so he can feel the pain he caused on so many other people. GO BUSH!!!! WOOOO!!!!

8. the ugly american - December 29, 2006

Barbarians hanging barbarians?…….no I wish the “barbarians” would do what they do best…….Sadam deserves so much more….silent torture….perhaps stoning….how about live disenbowelment? I would say publicly but no one wants to see the face of evil….even in agony.perhaps an infection of syphyllis and secliusion without treament untill the insanity takes him.Any way you do it the result will be the same.Only god or allah or Budah or whatever deity you may believe in has the power to torture is soul for eternity. And that is what we all can hope for……the blood of many innocent people is on his hands.He and Hittler were truly artists in inhumanity. may god have no mercy on his soul!

9. Trapper - December 29, 2006

“The measure of how civilised a society is by the manner adversaries are dealt with. ” A direct quote from the authors article above, in fact the first sentence, think about what she wrote and then ask yourself why she even cares? Elizabeth Wong has condemned the Middle eastern societies along with the rest of ours, without even realizing what she wrote. Saddam is being dealt with by “his” society not ours and they cant wait to get their hands on him.

10. TRUTH - December 30, 2006


11. mark delaguaro - December 30, 2006

I think we’ve forgotten our past. What of our attrocities to the Native people. Have we forgotten what happened at Wounded Knee? What about that regime? Should there not be retributions, removing of the 28 medal of honors that were granted to the men of the 7th cavalry that the army says was their greatest victory? This is nothing but the killing of old men and women!

12. Trapper - December 30, 2006

TRUTH-were you just born yesterday? How many and exactly who has “Bush” murdered and condemned to death by be-heading or gassing? Have you heard or seen of any human beings that Bushes brother Jeb has killed personally on behalf of the presidency? Wake up and smell the change, Jihadism and killings in the name of false prophets are soon over. I would love to see you on video in the streets of Iraq touting anti Bush trash in the faces of those thousands of family members who have to visit mass graves. Ignorance and blind bliss will get your head in a basket, you would be safer up there in the clouds where you live in your safe little perfect world, but when you wake up feel free to join us down here in the “real world”

13. Matthew Saito - December 31, 2006

This whole situation is a mess. America went to war with Iraq based on the information that turned out to be incorrect. President Bush has admitted this. Unfortunatley by the time the President admitted this we were so swamped in war that there was no way to pull our troops out of Iraq quickly and leave the people of Iraq with a sound government. Part of me wonders if this war was started so George Bush Junior could finish the job that his father started and failed to finish. From the Gulf war until now, the Bushes wanted to make sure that Sadam Hussein was put to death one way or the other. It appears that they achieved this goal. If the Bush family hadn’t made their fortunes from oil I would have an easier time accepting what my president says when it comes to this war. As it stands now….President Bush and his cabinet are extremely untrustworthy.
Not to mention that President Bush has claimed to be a Born Again Christian. This is even more of a problem to me. I am a Christian myself and I know full well how the people of my faith view the Islamic community. President Bush has absolutely no respect for this religion and it seems to me that killing the “infidels” is not too much of a problem for him. No matter what anyone says, fanatical Christians are just as dangerous as fanatical Muslims. One just has to look at an abortion clinic reduced to rubble from terrorist fanatical Christians to see this as a truth.
False “Intelligence”, Oil, Religion. What’s going on people?
And now the execution of a terrible Dictator at the end of what appears to have been a circus of a trial. America wants to show the Middle East that we’re more civilized than they are. I, as well as all people in the Middle East are still waiting for that shining example.
By the way President Bush, I thought Christian were taught to forgive.
I guess maybe it’s easier to forgive your enemy when he’s dead.

14. Shane Kreutzer - December 31, 2006

I think the court had made the right desicion on executing Sadam Hussein. He has killed and destroyed so many peoples lives that it seems unfair that he should be sentenced to just an execution, it actually seems very mild to me. He should have been punished severly.

15. JoRo - December 31, 2006

Today, on the day that Sadam was cruely and wrongfully excuted i just want to remind everyone that Sadam was someone’s son, someone’s father, someone’s brother, someone’s uncle and someone’s friend. No one deserves to have their dignity taken from them at the moment of their death. The pictures of Sadam’s body should not have been aired on international television. Everyone deserves to have some shread of dignity when they die regardless of what they have done in this life. No one deserves to be executed and we as a people do not have to right to take someone’s life just because they have taken a life. Sadam did not deserve to die the way he did. When i saw the video of Sadam in Sky News, i saw an old, frightened and remorseful man, a human being and not the monster that the the world painted him as.
Its time that Bush was taught this lesson – whatever you do evil to someone will be done onto you. Where was Bush while Sadam’s life was wrongfully taken from him? He was asleep. I ask you this question Bush – how can you sleep tonight knowing that the world does not want you as a leader anymore. Too many innocent lives have been taken because of your stupid mind. Now by wrongfully taking Sadam’s life you have failed in your role as a world leader. Has enough blood been shed in your name? The world is watching America and is getting sick of all this bloodshed and tears.
Who are we to take someone’s life from them? Sadam should have been sentenced to life inprisonment and today should not have happened. Bush are you trying to start a war between Christians and Muslims? The world is watching!!! Bush how many peoples lives are you responsible for taking!! You are worse that Sadam.

16. S. Person - December 31, 2006

You people who are writing on this post obviously know very little of the true nature of Saddam Hussein and of the all atrocities he committed against his own people. He may have been an ‘old, frightened, human being,’ but I don’t believe for one moment he was remorseful! Are you all aware that he shot, murdered, his own family members? His little grandson and others? I’ve been acquainted with Iraqis who escaped the regime who have told the stories of many of his horrors. People lived in terror every day of their lives under his reign! He had spies everywhere and if you were just accused of saying a word against Saddam you would be dragged from your homes and shot, disembowled, toungue cut out, or worse, right in front of your children! On one occasion he lined up over a hundred people who were caught trying to escape. He made them line up in rows and personally, one by one, he shot and killed them with his revolver while all the other had to stand and wait their turns. He continued to kill them until he simply got tired and then the last few left in the back row were released. He liked to do that, to show his ultimate power in ‘playing God’ with the people. One woman’s husband was in prison because he was ‘suspected’ of disloyalty to Saddam. She went to him and pleaded that he release her husband and send him home, and tried to assure him of the man’s innocence. Saddam sent him home alright. When the woman answered her door she found her husband in a burlap bag cut into pieces!
These are just a small sampling of the horrors of the man’s nature. He and his son’s found it ‘sport’ to find new and ‘creative’ ways to torture and murder people.
This ‘human being’ was no saint and definitely not a martyr! He was a demon and a prime example of just how far unchecked evil and unlimited power can go. He deserved far worse than he got, but only NOW that he has met the true Almighty God has be begun to find out that he is going to receive exactly what he DID deserve!
George W. Bush is the President of the greatest nation in the world and as such deserves our respect! You foul-brained idiots who would have the audacity to even mention his name in the same sentence with this disposed despot, are only exposing your own limited intelligence and making yourself look foolish to everyone who reads your posts. When our president starts gassing local communities or comes to YOUR home and personally puts a bullet into your mother’s head, then you can start making disparaging remarks like the one’s you have made. Until then, however, crawl back into the holes you’ve come from and keep your idiotic remarks to yourselves! Everyone is entitled to be stupid, but some insist on abusing the privilege!

17. Matthew Saito - December 31, 2006


Very well thought out. You had me for a moment until you became insulting and self-righteous. You are absolutely right about Sadam. But when it comes down to it, he has been doing these thing all through tenure as dictator/president. Only now has the United States decided to get involved. The Guf War was just to keep Iraq out of Kuwait. Nothing more.
The reason we are in Iraq right now is due to false intelligence that our president received about Iraq having weapons of mass destruction. Long story short. they did not.
Our President’s main concern has nothing to do with the people of Iraq regardless of what he says. President Bush is an oil mogal first and a president second.
We American’s pride ourselves on believing that we live in one of the most civilized societies this world has ever seen. Taking joy in anyones execution is barbaric to say the least. A country that has sent men to the moon and has sent vehicles into deep space to beam back photos of distant planets could surely find better ways to punish than execution.

18. maintainer - December 31, 2006

S. person
You must keep in mind it was not a US court that handed down the verdict againstr Sadam. It was the people he raped, murderd and tortured for more then the last 10 years. If it had been a US court it would still be caught up in appeals and we would be fitting the bill for maintaining him just like we do the rest of the scumbags on death row that should have been ridded of by society long ago.

19. maintainer - December 31, 2006

Mathew and JoRo
Pay more attention to S.person, you might learn something

20. maintainer - December 31, 2006

To all those “human rights” activists out there.

Fist off let me say I am an advocate of human rights too, to a point, not to a fault. I believe it to be ridiculous and selfish for anyone to believe they can take someone elses right to life and expect theres to remain. Lets put this in a real time example. Sadam willingly and knowingly took the lives of literally thousands of people either by his own hand or by ordering people to kill them for him, naturally these pawns are also to blame, but they feared (and for good reason ) for thier own lives if they disobeyed him. I believe if you take the life of someone that was not directly and immediatly threatening your life or a fasmily members that you now have traded your right to life for thiers. Why would it be that your rights were “better” then those you took life from? Yes I believe in human rights, but to excersise them you must also respect them.

21. maintainer - December 31, 2006

You make the point that sadam has been doing these things throught his time in power and only now the U.S. gets involved. That is true, but for reasons other then you might think. First off, for the most part these things were unknown to the west for the majority of his reign of terror, you can’t fix what you don’t know is broke. The next reason is that only now do we have a president that is more concerned with what is correct, rather then what is “politically correct” The 8 years between Bush Sr. and Jr. where the nutless wonder was in charge many things that needed attention were disregarded for reasons I still do not fully understand. The only reason that comes to mind why wild bill didn’t take appropriate action was to not tarnish his or his wifes pollitical future. Which might have something to do with why he released KNOWN VIOLENT TERRORISTS in puerto rico. It just so happens that New York has a strong puertorican presence, where the Mrs. is now governor, ut thats another topic. I like to put things into easy to understand examples, for instance I would like you to tell me when in any other presidents tenure, was a direct act of war on this country ignored and not swiftly and properly acted upon by whoever was in office and sworn to serve and protect this country. I can name seven times, and they all occurred during clintons terms. Most notably the attack on the USS COLE, a blatent attack on a US warship in peace time, and who was brought to justice over that? So ta answer your original post of why now, we finally have someone with enough balls to do something about it. I would rather have a president that reacts accordingly, and even if he does something wrong in the process, nothing is more wrong that doing nothing and showing the attackes that we are weak and unwilling to defend ourselves and make a mockery out of the presidency and the nation as a whole……sounds like a replay of why Japan attacked us in WW2 “we showed an unwillingness and inability to defend ourselves. we were as they put it, an easy target”.

22. maintainer - December 31, 2006

sivakumar and grace
consider this….every one has a right to defend them selves, even soilders who wear any uniform of any nation can defend themselves when faced with a hostile enemy. The “killings” you speak of in baghdad are in response to being shot at. The killings by sadam where to make examples of people so others would fear him, and sometimes it was just for fun. Few of these people possed any kind of threat to him. The Iraqy people were lied to and kept in poverty so they would believe the lies while he and his family and selected individuals lived like kings in thier palaces. I have been in the streets of Baghdad and in a captured palace. I have washed my hands in the solid gold sinks and pissed in the soild gold toilets. There is no intellegent way you can compare what sadam did for fun and what u.s. or other soilders are doing to try to liberate the Iraqy’s from how they were treated in the past. The majority of the killings going on now are those loyal to the sadam regime, because they were more of the privaledged while he was in power, and those that were his victims. Go ask them, I did.

23. Jinja - December 31, 2006

Tit for tat,could be the best example to the rest of the world,Sadam death makes world know powers is in the hand of people rather than individual.Even bush should know death is for every one,no matter which style……..Sadam death is absolutely wrong.

24. Trapper - December 31, 2006

All I have to say is this , “it comes down to right and wrong” all religion aside. Saddam was wrong, and the entire world was right to quest for his death. If you can not see that, take a solid look at what the country of Iraq used to be and how it has changed already. It will be a reminder in modern times that from now on wrong will get you nowwhere but a gallows, but it is a shame that of over 600 wars in the written history of the planet, all but 6 were over religion. Don’t quote me on that, but it is real close, it will continue, and Bush is no worse than any leader at anytime. Just thank GOD or whomever you worship that the whole thing wasn’t left up to the French.

25. mark delaguaro - December 31, 2006

Yes – I agree with the need of execution of Sadam Husein. If anyone deserved the death penalty, then that is true. Just like at the Nuremberg trials in the ’40’s where the nazi’s were executed. But, yes, he does deserve the dignity of a solemn execution – not a side show circus!

26. Trapper - December 31, 2006

Matthew, just exactly is your deffinition of mass destruction? Is it 3 or 4 people? Is it the hundreds of thousands that were gassed? I guess not, an AK 47 in the right hands is a “weapon of mass destruction” A drunk in a car is the same, when yo have re-written the deffinition and you have your final world changing view please let the rest of us know so we can go on with our lives. While your at it, take a shovel and start digging up those graves over there and try telling the population that they were no being mass exterminated for their so called anti-Saddam words.

27. Matthew Saito - January 1, 2007


I don’t know what it is about people like you who can’t seem to make a point with out getting insulting. The beautiful thing about people like you is that your self righteousness keeps you running at the mouth for so long that eventually you will say something like you did in section 19 that it will totally discredit you and make your whole arguement the ramblings of an unenlightened fool.
If you seriously believe that the United States (not to mention Israel, but that’s another matter all together) didn’t have a hand in the outcome of the trial against Sadam Hussein you are grossly mistaken.
Regardless of what crimes a person has commited, regardless of the horrors against humanity, a human being has the right to a fair trial.
Fair trials allow a society to remain blameless when it comes down to any type of punishment that may be handed out. A man, yes and evil man but a man nonetheless, was put to death according to the verdict handed down by a corrupt court.
Maintainer, I have written posts in #13 and #17 and you have yet to point out anything specific that I wrote as incorrect. It never ceases to amaze me that people like you can disagree with someone by saying, “You’re wrong” but yet have no rebuttle to actual statements that were made. All I get from you is, “You’re wrong”.
There is a lot more that goes on behind the scenes when it comes to the overthrowing of a government and the trials of it’s former leaders than anyone will ever know. I understand that. But do you? Situations like this have to be looked at with an open mind. As I said in section 17, Sadam has been killing people brutally ever since he began to rule Iraq. The U.S. government has know this all along. Why is it only now that everyone is jumping up and down and screaming about it as if it is something new. If you think that it’s out of concern for the Iraqi people and the love of freedom that has sent our troops to Iraq unfortunately you are mistaken.
It seems to me that the Bush propaganda mahine has done it’s job. And a thorough job at that.

28. Muslim - January 1, 2007

Interesting comments, however have you looked at this from a Muslims point of view? The excecution had nothing to do with Sadams killings, the reason the americans went for couldnt be found so they looked for another excuse.

They killed him on Eid day – the holiest day of our year while muslims were on pilgrimage. He might have done wrongs but all he got punished for was not scaring from a non-muslim george bush.

americans and british soldiers are in Iraq every day, so many Iraqi’s have been killed by these soldiers is someone going to come and ask Tony Blair and George Bush about their wrongs? unless they are richer I doubt it.

Whenever their is a war against muslims the US and UK are on the other side immediately, Americans were supplying Israel with weapons and the muslims with blankets!!!! Killing Sadam was just proof that Islam is hated by non-muslims…..They wonder why there will never be any peace?

29. Matthew Saito - January 1, 2007

One thing you fail to realize is that Iraq and Sadam Hussein had nothing to do with the attacks on 9/11. All evidence points to Saudi Arabia. But that’s a secret between you and me since most of this country fails to realize that. And better off since the Bush family and the Royal Family of Saudi Arabia have been in bed together for years.
In an attempt to put a little water on the righteous anger of many pissed off Americans post 9/11 our government, Republican run by the way, decided war, any war, would make the voting population feel better. Next thing you know we have troops in Afganistan followed shortly thereafter by troops deployed to Iraq…..and God knows where else. From the minute I found out that my fellow American’s elected a Republican as president, I started warning people to prepare for war. Lo and behold, not two years later we were at war. Not only did 9/11 give our President a reason to go to war, but it also gave him a good excuse to go for a long time family nemesis in the person of Sadam Hussein. Now don’t get me wrong, I think he was a horrible man, a murderer, and a possible threat to the United States in the future but at the time the war in Iraq started an Iraqi threat to the U.S. was not iminent. This is the first time in U.S. history that we have declared war with another country based on possibilities of a danger in the future. If this is going to be our way of dealing with foreign countries that MAY be a threat to the U.S. in the future, than it is with great frustration that I must say to you that you should prepare yourself for a war with China, a country that actually does have weapons of mass destruction.
Now if we are going to define weapons of mass destruction as an AK-47 as TRAPPER would in his post in section 26, or a vehicle in the hands of a drunken driver, than I must tell to to prepare for a war with Canada. I would be willing to bet that Canada has more than one AK 47 and more than a few drunken drivers.
This whole situation in the middle east in a total mess. And our government has been struggling for the past few years to justify it all. Unfortunately, in my opinion, they have failed miserably to convince me that the deaths of thousands of my neighbors for freedom in the middle east was justified.
I just hope that our politicians will one day adopt the philosophy that the government of Jordan has. America First! should be our cry. Freedom and prosperity for others when ours is guaranteed and secured.

30. maintainer - January 1, 2007

First off be specific what you mean when you refer to me as “people like you” and if you can point out anywhere in my post I refered directly to you as an “unenlightened fool” or something similar i will apologize, will you? You accuse me of things that you yourself are guilty of. 2 things, define WMD’s, they were there I saw them, no nukes, but we never said he had those, but was trying to. Second, yes the world knows that bin-laden is saudi, you do not have the scoop on that, but this is about sadam and his actuions, bin-laden is a whole other ball of wax. And about the fair trial thing, maybe he deserved a fair trial, but where in the world to you think he would have gotten one. A person cannot do the things he did to so many truly innocent people and get a “fair” trial anywhere in the world with a written language. At least he had a trial, most times in that region oncwe you are pointed out they just drag you out and execute you, hmmm kind of like he did thousands of others, where was thier trials? Some of the things you say in 29 make some sense, but you left out the part that the republican went to war because the democrat before him did nothing to prevent it. And I wouldn’t be to worried about china or canada for a while, our next big issue will be north korea. While you are at it name me one american juror in the sadam case, remember these were the people he tortured for all his reign, they were waiting for this chance.

31. Steve B - January 2, 2007

“The measure of how civilised a society is by the manner adversaries are dealt with. ”

If Elizabeth Wong actually lived in the real world and not in her Pink an fluffy world she would realise that the middle east in general and Iraq in particular are not claiming to be civilsed. Who are we to tell them??
A lot of Western cultures claim to be civilised and abolish the death penalty, at the same time as ignoring the increase in murder and violence within.
They / we are not civilised and should use and encourage the use of the death penalty as a final solution and the most humane way of ridding the likes of Saddam from the World.

32. Matthew Saito - January 2, 2007

This is the first and last time I will address this issue with you. In section 19 your comment implied that JoRo and I have a lot to learn as if your post and the post of S.Person had information that was irefutably correct and we who don’t agree are lacking in intelligence. When someone says that I should listen to so-and-so and that by doing so I will learn something, that in itself is an insult and if you disagree it’s simply because your self-righteousness does not allow you to process this basic fact.
And now. a comment on your reading comprehension. I did not call you an unenlilghtened fool. What I said, and feel free to read it in section 27, is that when people like you (people who think they know better and all others are under-educated) who have their opinions disagreed with instantly become insulting and therefore, by becoming insulting, instead of just offering a counter point to an argument, wind up looking like fools and their arguements, however valid, become the ramblings of a fool. If that offended you than……too bad because it’s true. If you want to make a point, do so. But keep your personal comments to yourself.
By the way…is your real name Bill O’Reilly?
Just kidding 🙂

33. elizabethwong - January 2, 2007

I’m most tickled by being categorised as “pink n fluffy”.
It is by far the most flattering remark this year.

34. Matthew Saito - January 2, 2007

To finish my thoughts from section 32…sorry, the kids have been starving for attention lately.

President Bush and his advisors know very well what the general public thinks when the term “weapons of mass desturction” is mentioned. He knows full well the Nuclear warheads are the weapons that come to mind. It was a psychological tactic that he used and one that would most likely work on a country, who up until fairly recently was in the middle of the so called “Cold War”.
And I truly believe that to some extent the President believed that they may have had them based on the false information that he received. BUT IRAQ DID NOT HAVE THEM.
And as far as Bin Ladin being a whole different ball of wax, what can I possibly say to that other than Osama IS the ball of wax.

Now a quick comment on the question of a “fair trial” for Sadam and where it could have taken place. To be totally honest, this, like all of my other is just my opinion and I don’t know is the United Nations can get involved with this issue but….here goes.
I think justice would have been served fairly if he was brought before a court of the U.N. Since his crimes are considered “crimes against humanity”, I feel that it is only fitting if the world community had the opportunity to put him on trial.
As far as my being able to name any Americans that were on the jury at his trial….obviously I can not. But it is safe to say that the one American who probably had a lot to do with the outcome of the trial was our President, whether or not he sat in the jury box.

35. maintainer - January 2, 2007

I made no personal comments to you, but whatever, if you feel I did get over it. It isn’t hard to comprehend when you use the words, and i quote YOU and YOUR just before “rambling of an unenlightened fool” then there is no misunderstanding that was directed directly at me. Don’t try to down play it, if you really feel that way defend it. I have been called worse by people that it mattered from. As far as being unenlightened, it is in general the american people that are unenlightened. Not thier fault, they only know what the slanted media tells them. Matt, a personal question if I may? Have you ever served in any branch of the military? I do not want to know what or when, just if? I ask that because if not, that explains alot of why you see things the way you do. Just a guess on my part but it is quite possible that I have spent more time in this region of the world then most people commenting on this post, maybe not, but possibly. The Iraqy people are for the most part wonderful people, and lets face it, as you stated early on I and agree completely there are radicals in all societies. The militant christians that blow up abortion clinics are way off, I am against abortion, but i understand that that does not give me the right to damage property or take life. Unless one spends a good deal of time among a people, they do not understand them, I belive the iraqy’s and muslims in general world wide are mis-understood by the american society. The majority are fun, loving and compassionate just like us, but with different ideals. I have seen iraq, pre and post sadam, and the difference is quite remarksble. I think that might be enlightened enough. As you stated, the bush’s and the royal saud family have been as you put it, and this expresion alone defines where this line of thinking comes from, “in bed together” was just a buisness arrangement, I am pretty sure that 20 years ago they were not sitting on the front porch thinkig up ways to go to war with Iraq. The real fools are those that take the word of mis guided media and political parties and have no first hand knowledge of where the rubber meets the road. Putting politics aside, I think we actually feel the same way, the question being should sadam have gotten a fair trial? sure, but that was never a possibility, no matter where he would have been tried. As far as oil goes? when we were there the first time we could have saved alot of time and money by taking over Iraq, kuwait and saudi all at once, if it was really about oil that would have made alot more sense. Both kuwait and saudi are two of the richest nations in the world, and both have little means of defending themselves. But hey, we are america, we don’t do things like that. As far as any arab nation becoming truly democratic, that is a pipe dream because there is always someone else waiting in the wings to be the supreme ruler and try to overthrow what ever government is in place. History will repeat. Bill O’ Riley, thats funny, Mr. Mahr……

36. nedi dero - January 2, 2007

”To kill a man is not to prove a doctrine”.We coud not learn forgiveness from our current world leader.

37. Philips - January 2, 2007

You wrote that we as Americans hate muslims and muslim countries, But what you forget about is when Irag was at war with Iran the US trained and supplied Iraq with weapons. So you stating that we are always against muslims is inaccurate. As far as Sadams execution I feel it would be hard to find a fair trial anywhere they went due to the fact that sadam had burned so many bridges with other nations it would have ended the same. Sadams inhumanities towards his people was returned with a harsh punishment, which he knew it would be and is why we found him hiding in a hole.

38. maintainer - January 2, 2007

A few more thoughts of enlightenment (sorry, couldn’t help that) As far as the WMD’s go, here is a tidbit that you don’t get from CNN. At this moment, and since about June of 2003, we have no less then 3 teams of EOD techs out in the great sandbox finding, and destroying 100 to 150 tons of munitions (non WMD) a day, now that is alot of bang, ( I have photos) and they are finding more all the time, when I last was there they told me they have enough work at that rate to last them 8 years. It was not a question of if sadam had WMD’s, it is a known fact he used chemicals on the kurds to “test them”. If you look online, do a google search with the terms Clinton and weapons of mass destruction you will find at least 13 different occasions wher bill and or hillary say in an interview or a public speach that they know sadam has MSD’s or is spending vast amounts of money to aquire them, mostly chemical then, but he was trying to aquire nukes, so it was not only the bush’s that got that info, and that was while bill was still in office, but did nothing to press for the weapons inspectors when sadam would not allow them to look when and where they were supposed to. I have seen the satelite images of trucks leaving the facilities targeted for inspection while the inspectors were not allowed to look till after they were gone. If we keep looking out in the mass of dessert I believe we will someday find the buried treasure that is hiding out there somewhere, just a prediction. Another example of why I say the news is slanted, how many times did you hear about troops being killed by roadside bombs, aka IED’s. What you never heard about was that on a daily basis 40-50 of these devices were safely disrupted by the EOD guy’s. You didn’t hear about the real hero’s, the people removing them before they could hurt anyone, UN or Iraqy. You didn’t hear about the lovely young lady EOD tech killed while trying to defuse one of these terror devices, a personnal friend of mine. I just wish the media would tell the good with the bad, give it a fair shot, I am not a war-monger. I would be very happy to live and let live, but as long as there are people like sadam around that will probably not be a reality. There are a great many things the unenlightened public in thier comfy homes and cushy jobs do not know about the situation in Iraq, watching CNN or any political affiliation does not make someone a subject matter expert. The bottom line is this, weather sadam got a fair trial or not, he certainly got what was deserved for his actions. Matt, I am a christian man as well, but forgiveness does not mean a pardon, even the bible says we are to obey mans laws, and when you commit such ottrosities, there must be restitution. I had an interesting conversation with an iraqy while I was there, he was helping load the ordinace for transport to the dessert for disposal, he told me that he was outraged that his family was starving and sadam had so much ordinace stored in hidden underground bunkers, the people did not even know it was there. So term me unenlightened if you like, but with the little i have just told you and the much I would rather not say I feel i know something about what I say. Do yourself a favor, do not take the word of CNN or ANY political party as gospel, they all have agenda’s. Me, I am just a servant of the people.

39. maintainer - January 2, 2007

Matt, section 34
Just because someone does not fully understand what a WMD is, don’t think that that a Psych tactic was used on you. Again, this the problem with the media and political arena’s being where most people get their information from. Don’t try to make it someone elses fault the public is uneducated to the facts. Nukes are the LEAST common of the 3 types of WMD’s.

40. maintainer - January 2, 2007

It should be pointed out that sadam was killed by muslims, I would be willing to bet you that they knew what day it was. Also you might note that the sunnies and the sheites are doing a pretty fair amount of killing each other. The christin bible teaches that a house divided against itself cannot stand, Seems the muslim comunity should consider this. I ask this as a legitamite question, what makes one think they are better then the other? Isn’t Allah the same for both of them? God, which ever one you pray to, did not create religeon, man did.

41. maintainer - January 2, 2007

You may e right aout the UN being a place for a fair trial, but I doubt the outcome would have been different. And I think if it had been the US that wanted him dead so bad, that when he was first found they would have tossed a grenade in the spider hole and covered it back up and been done with it.

42. san4o pansa - January 2, 2007


43. S. Person - January 2, 2007

Maintainer: You’ve spoken well and are to be applauded!

The mainstream media has done well to use the MISDIRECTION of ‘no WMD’s found!’ To make the country forget the ACTUAL reasons we went after Saddam in the first place. IF you all remember… the US and United Nations gave Saddam ultimatums: Let the inspectors do their inspections. Saddam refused. We warned him (and actually broadcast for nearly a year) that we were going to attack him if he didn’t comply. Basically, he thumbed his nose in our faces, and I, also believe that gave him time to hide tons of WMDS in the desert and then, no doubt, kill everyone that was involved so no one alive could divulge their locations. He certainly had ample time to ship some out of the country as well.
As you say, we all know that he HAD them, since he used them on his own people and the inspectors could never get an account of what happened to the rest.
Had the US, and our allies NOT backed up our words to Saddam we most definitely would have seemed like a weak target to any terrorist or terrorist nation, that wanted to take a shot at us. WE were attacked on our own home soil; not a battlefield and not soldiers! Innocent American citizens! We definitely needed the world to see once again, that if you mess with the US you are not going to get away with it and we sure weren’t going to invite them to do it again!

Clinton was a milk toast President who didn’t have the guts to do anything when our battleship was attacked or in the first NY attack. He didn’t have time to make waves, he was having too much fun in the White House ‘Playing at being President’, and his humiliating scandal only served to reinforce the world’s view of America’s decadence!
That is why we need a strong President in office. One who is not afraid to do what needs to be done and stick to HIS convictions! Saddam was Hitler reincarnated and left unchecked, had he attained nukes he would have used them and THAT is what everyone who approved the war knew.

One post above said Saddam was of no immediate threat? What is an ‘immediate threat’? To wait until Saddam had the nukes with his finger on the button? Or would you prefer for one of our major cities to be blown to bits first and THEN have the President act? A despot of his type with NO regard for human life would not HESITATE to act if given the opportunity!

The war in Iraq has been bad, but from what Iraqi friends have told me, even so, it is already so much better than when Saddam was in power. I truly believe Iraq will come out of the ashes with a new sense of freedom and hope to rebuild and start a new world for themselves, taking advantage of the opportunities that spring forth in a democratic society.

44. Matthew Saito - January 3, 2007

S. Person

The unfortunate thing about a country like Iraq is that it will never be a democracy for very long. Even though we have sent thousands of our troops there to overthrow a crooked government and install one that is similar to our own, you must remember that Iraq is a country that is run by religious convictions. As soon as we withdraw out troops it will be only a matter of time before a government similar to the one that was overthrown takes root again.
I believe in democracy, but even more than that I believe that a country’s religious beliefs trump their belief in democracy and freedom. A perfect example of that is, unfortunately, the United States. Why is it that gay American men and women are still unable to marry? The Christian right! Time and time again religion and the scriptures are quoted as a reason to forbid same sex marriage.
Religion rules. It always has and probably always will.

45. Isaiah Anter - January 3, 2007

I hope the cause of this problem is about gaining power from US over Irag.I know this from the beggining that the US government is behind to fuel the war in Irag but I think this is not a good thing because every body has the right to pair justice and trial even if you have committed the crime.Saddam is like any one in the world and is a human being like all of us and Bush if we need peace in Iraq sadam had not been kill just like a robber.I wish the world need to know this and we want to be aware of this silent killing started with sadam by US government.

46. Vasanthi Wakeman - January 3, 2007

As Jesus Christ taught us ” An eye for an eye only makes the whole world Blind”.

Who is without Sin that can cast a Stone on another?

47. Matthew Saito - January 3, 2007


I don’t know what bible you’re reading. Those words never came out of Jesus’s mouth.

48. OKITI N SULE - January 4, 2007

Bush played abig roll in Sadam issue.However, we all came from GOD and we shall all return to him.

49. Royan - January 5, 2007

Who can stop the madness and the killing of human beings , things are getting worse and worse everyday and more and more people are getting killed, everyone claims the responsibility on another,as nobody is taking a serious look into the roots of problems and politics always has hidden agendas, normal people are getting sick and tired.If anyone has a magic solution please please come down with it now, otherwise don’t increase the tension by negative comments, let all good people focus on things that will bring good to all of us, let us look for points of agrrements instead of looking how to ruin what good people build.

50. earl keetch - January 5, 2007

islam if that means death to those who beleave in love man kind
i will not think that way. peace and love and not killing our children
should be the way of life. is this what we teach our children to kill how sick can this time of our life be.

51. royan2 - January 5, 2007

Not having a very good idea about a certain religion does not allow anybody to start raising conflicts.

52. maintainer - January 6, 2007

Matt, you confuse me. I remember somwwhere above you said you are a christian. Why do you not understand why scripture is against same sex marrige? If gay and lesbian what a domestic partnership or something like that then ok, but marrage by definition is between a man and a woman. I could quote you plenty of scripture about what GOD says about it, no me, and if you look back and wonder how serious God is aout it, he destroyed two complete towns and most all of thier inhabitants because of it. It meaning the gay/lesbian life style.

53. Ibrahim Bolaji Haastrup - January 6, 2007

The death of Saddam Hussain was amazing and shocking infact suprising.Although he had killed many before he was caught,he shouldn’t have been killed like that because we still have many that had committed such atrocities saddam committed.Actually saddam deserve to be punished but not the way AMERICA govt had treated him in an humiliation way.God himelf forgive let alone talk of human beings that created nothing but having an intention to destroy what has been created.Obiousley,bush kill even his father whom he inherited the method of killings from also kill.
As a matter of fact,america has taken law into their hands which is not suppose to be,UN should be in postion to decide what to do to punish the poor man.Although i neither support what saddam did nor happy with his atrocities particularlly the one he commited in those ’80 is unfair indeed.
From my perspectives,the judgment and the punishment shouldn’t have been done the way they’ve made it because i believe the poor man had felt remourse when he was caught.

54. me - January 9, 2007

I don’t think a death penelty is accepted in any civilised world. Why the hell do we have campaigns against death sentences all over the world by the very much reknown countries such as france, Britain and the rest yet all over a sudden the are happy about the killing of saddam. If purnishment is really meant to reform someone why the hell should he die then? does it mean thatr someone gets reformed on his death? I really understand that he was just mudderded to please the americans. What about the innocent American Greencard soldiers who are left to suffer in the middle east just because bush is an enemy to the arabs. Very soon you will hear that the Iranian president is hunged for allegations of dictatorship but the truth to remain that ” he was opposed to the americans”. Why did bush decide to attack iraq and i quote ” I am ready to continue with the war that my father started” this clearly indicates that the fucken bushes should also face charges. Why does the US decide to attack any nation even without the concent of the UN is this not another form of dictating the world? We should sit down and think twice maybe today its saddam you never know tomorrow it will be your beloved president to be hanged of virtual allegations. We heard that saddam was involved to the development of nuclear weapons was any found during the US attack? who among the two groups was using dangerous weapons? hey people lets open our eyes to see the reality about everything that happens around us I hate America. I hate the Americans Thats why I think they are hated in the middle east.
They claim that Kenya is insecure so they can’t let their people visit the country, now between the US and Kenya where do we have the worst form of insecurity? Just Imagine a whole Pentagone being attacked what does that imply? let us think twice

55. me - January 9, 2007

does it mean that when I commit a crime in my country i will be purnished by the US govt?

56. Sunny Dominic - January 9, 2007

“The wages of sin is Death” So says the book of GOD. If we should come to that conclusion, we shall come to realise that he who lives by the sword must die by the sword
President Saddam, I understand, created record by his killings of not animals but human beings.
God exercises patient till the end of time before he makes judgement. There must be judgement and likewise, Saddam was rightly judged at the end of his time.
I think he received judgement from his people and also in his country.
Let’s get this into our heads.

57. maintainer - January 13, 2007

You must be afraid of your country, you never said what it is…..

58. maintainer - January 13, 2007

post 45 Isaiah Anter
I do not know aout you Isaiah, but never compare me and Sadam as being “a human being like us” I can assure you I have never kidnapped a family, threw thier young child against a wall repeatedly till it was dead, then raped the wife and invited others to do the same in front of the husband, then killed him in front of the wife then send her back to the friends and relatives to tell them what I did to her because i thought it weas fun. And to keep something else strait, the killing started over ten years ago when sadam took over power, he was doing it for fun because he could, and the us did not kill sadam, they may have wanted it, as did most countries around the world. ut he was killed by an iraqy court, with iraqy jury memers, the people he had rapped tortured and murdered for the last ten years. Should he expect mercy from the people he showed none too?

59. Luler-kurl - February 15, 2007

I just want to say that i hated Saddam enough and i can honestly say that i am glad he’s gone because of all the that happened on 9-11
I was scared to death. But I cant say that Bush isn’t an idiot though be cause he is but if hiliary Clinton goes any farther i am not even going to vote

60. Kay Sanders - October 22, 2007

Matthew 5:38-39 (King James Version)
King James Version (KJV)

38 Ye have heard that it hath been said, An eye for an eye, and a tooth for a tooth:

39 But I say unto you, That ye resist not evil: but whosoever shall smite thee on thy right cheek, turn to him the other also.

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