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Stop Greed November 20, 2006

Posted by elizabethwong in Environment, Malaysia, Photography, Photojournalism.


Today’s Sunday activity for the residents of Section 5 PJ, Gasing Indah and Gasing Heights, against the luxury bungalow project by Sanctuary Gasing, which will destroy one of Klang Valley’s last remaining green lung.

Some four hundred residents turned up to the protest. Present were resident association representatives, lawyers, State Assemblyman, Dr Lim Thuan Seng, Opposition leaders R. Sivarasa (KeADILan) and Ronnie Liu (DAP). Also present were rights group Suaram, environmental NGOs and thespians Mano Maniam, Naa Murad, Joanna Bassey and her family.

Instead of enjoying the cool quite lush greenery of Gasing Hill, since moving into the new house, my neighbours and I have to put up with drilling noises, explosions and trucks plying down the small lane in front of my gate.

How many more landslides and corpses do we need before the Government put a stop to development of hills and mountains? Or is quick cash more valuable than lives and the environment?

Developer: Sanctuary Gasing Pvt Ltd. (too cheap to even have a website)

Public Relations firm hired to do the nasty: Arc Worldwide (part of advertising giant Leo Burnett)



1. Aminah - December 6, 2006

Well and good for all concerned to unite and show their support.

Being a pessimist, I would like to pose this question to the folks – would such a similar support and united front be shown if such a development were to take place in a neighbourhood that is not inhabited by such high middle-class persons?

Is this a case where you can development anywhere else BUT not in my backyard? Are residents actually fighting for a worthy cause OR for something rather selfish as they do not want their space to be spoilt?

2. elizabethwong - December 6, 2006

Yes. In fact, there are many areas facing such problems such as in Cheras, Puchong, Semenyih etc. Where there are cross residential cooperation, and not just of the middle classes. Some of these cases are those affected by highway projects where they usually affect the working class or more marginalised areas.
But residents are the best persons to observe, document and articulate their concerns. If not for the residents, many issues would have been swept under the carpet.
In the case of B Gasing, many of the PJ residents have also joined in the fight, even though they are not directly affected.

3. Gerard See - February 26, 2007

It is good that a united people’s support is obtained.

However, please do more research before writing about the company. The company website is: http://www.sanctuarygasing.com

Note that the development is just a fraction of the Bukit Gasing. I am sure EIA reports had been concluded before any submission for D.O. approval.

Question is posed again: Do you folks protest for development at your area or you folks bringing in hill slope development as an issue?

Compare to hill slope bungalow development at Pantai-Bangsar and Damansara Heights, why isn’t there any protest?

4. elizabethwong - February 26, 2007

Dear Gerald,
Thanks for the link.

I stand corrected. We did search high and low, even got someone to do a ROC search at that time.

No, the EIA was not approved by DoE FT at the time of the writing. I spoke to the officer in charge.

We are against hill-slope development situated where the gradients and foundation are of concern.

I can’t speak for the Pantai-Bangsar and D Heights, but there have been regular protests to save Bukit Gasing, apart from protesting through the usual official channels.

TQ for dropping by and again, for your pointers.

5. leick - January 28, 2008

better you buy the land…..

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