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Glory glory. November 23, 2006

Posted by elizabethwong in Human Rights, Malaysia, Note2Self, Politics, Race Relations.

Some of us felt rather ill, having read advertorials disguised as op-eds about the virtues of Islam Hadhari in the print media.

We needed a bag of smelling salts, having read statements applauding the Prime Minister for his great ’speech’ – that basically outlined how the State is just itching to take action on those who question the supremacy of Islam and the social contract, inter-faith council, NEP etc.

Seriously – which speech were you reading? Oh – you mean the extract?

What was missing from all that ‘Thank You’s” was a joint memorandum calling for a glorious national parade to be held in his honour. Big keris optional.


Saving the best for last.

At last Friday’s press conference, the PM was asked, if the Internal Security Act (ISA), or detention without trial, was compatible with Islam Hadhari.

The PM said, ‘Yes.’

The reporter thought he’d heard wrongly, what with all that din around him. So he asked the question again.

The answer was still in the affirmative.

Not to be outdone, the Jakim website had already sanctioned this. Just in case some pesky human rights group would decide to challenge the PM on this. It’s all the way down, under Question 25.

25. Kenapakah negara kita masih melaksanakan ISA iaitu tahanan tanpa perbicaraan sedangkan di bawah Prinsip Rakyat Berjiwa Merdeka, rakyat bebas bersuara untuk mempertahankan haknya?


Di bawah Prinsip Rakyat Berjiwa Merdeka, merdeka tidak bererti bebas dan terlepas daripada peraturan undang-undang dan etika yang mengancam keselamatan rakyat dan Negara. Kerajaan amat prihatin terhadap perkara ini dan pelaksanaan ISA oleh kerajaan adalah langkah awal sebagai pencegahan bagi mengelakkan sesuatu yang lebih buruk berlaku iaitu yang bertepatan dengan Maqasid al-Syar’iyyah iaitu soddu al-Zarai’. Pelaksanaan ISA adalah tidak lari daripada konsep mempertahankan Negara dari anasir-anasir yang akan merosakkan Negara. Kaedah ini adalah menepati siasah syar’iyyah yang diperbincangkan oleh para ulama. Sekiranya langkah-langkah awal tidak diambil akan menyebabkan kemudharatan yang lebih besar.(Emphasis mine)

So there you have it. UMNO: Social contract. NEP. Islam Hadhari. ISA.

Dulu, Sekarang dan Selamanya (Then, Now and Forever).

Yes, Thank you Mr Prime Minister. Glory glory!



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