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MSC ‘gobbles’ Klang Valley Met December 7, 2006

Posted by elizabethwong in Economy, Malaysia, Note2Self, Politics.

In case some missed this on their radar:

7th December – The Klang Valley Metropolitan area has been given Multimedia Super Corridor (MSC) status area by the Prime Minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi.

WHAT??? Look around the ‘Metropolitan’. Flash floods, traffic jams, Mat Rempits, Stream(a)yx, etc. etc.

Can someone say, MSC Bill of Guarantees?

Bill of Guarantees

1. Provide a world-class physical and information infrastructure.

Er, Perak has towns with free wi-fi.
Here, Streamyx doesn’t work when it rains. Telekom Malaysia takes 4 weeks (and longer, if you don’t threaten to sue them) to transfer a telephone line down the road.

2. Allow unrestricted employment of local and foreign knowledge workers.

No more RELA raids of software developers from India, now that we’re quite adept with C4 explosives.

3. Ensure freedom of ownership by exempting companies with MSC Malaysia Status from local ownership requirements.

No “30%” rule? Really?

4. Give the freedom to source capital globally for MSC Malaysia infrastructure, and the right to borrow funds globally.

I’m starting up one M-A**-C company now to borrow money from UAE.

5. Provide competitive financial incentives, including no income tax for up to 10 years or an investment tax allowance, and no duties on import of multimedia equipment.

See above

6. Become a regional leader in intellectual property protection and cyberlaws.


7. Ensure no Internet censorship.


8. Provide globally competitive telecommunications tariffs.

Since when has *Monopoly* in the telecommunications sector become *competitive*? But we wouldn’t know since the Minister for Water, Energy and Communications won’t even tell the public about the contracts he signs on behalf of the government. See Syabas.

9. Tender key MSC Malaysia infrastructure contracts to leading companies willing to use the MSC Malaysia as their regional hub.

Yeah, like Maya Maju Sdn Bhd or UEM?

10. Provide an effective one-stop agency – Multimedia Development Corporation.

Can someone say, “Saladin-the-Animated-Movie-turned-TV-series-maybe-moving-production-to-Turkey-MDeC-maybe-just-maybe”?



1. sam - December 10, 2006

‘gobble’…. thank you for reminding me about my grand dad who had lung cancer and the cancer spread to other organs before he died…

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