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Suaram art auction December 9, 2006

Posted by elizabethwong in Human Rights, Malaysia, Note2Self.

Dr. Colin Nicholas, Jeremiah Foo, Sam Hui, Fathul and I contributed a piece each for the auction and raised close to RM 2,000 for Suaram. (Ok… our people aren’t that well-off enough to start a Datin-face-off. Note2Self: Auction to Datins)

The auctioneer was the ever-fabulous Mano Maniam.

BTW: All of us are part of the Fabulous Ipoh ‘Malis’ (FIM) except Colin and Fathul.

I only have 3 pieces on file (to view: actual photo right corner. These slides were designed for the projector). Updated: Sam just passed me the rest of the files.:-

Dr. Colin Nicholas

Jeremiah Foo

Sam Hui


Fathul (piece exhibited at Bank Negara gallery)

Thank you to everyone who kindly bidded and bought our pieces!



1. freelunch2020 - December 10, 2006

nice 😀
keep up the good work 😀
we need more ‘ballsy’ people like u!

2. elizabethwong - December 10, 2006

thanks freelunch!

Suaram is a very worthy cause to support. They don’t have the regular mainstream-datin-type support naturally. The staff are very committed and brave folks who work at half the regular wages paid to other NGOs. Please do make a donation to Suaram as it goes a long way.

Uploading the 4th photo on auction now.

3. susan loone - December 11, 2006

hey eli..great pictures…hope to see more coming soon…

4. Jerry’s Alter Ego > 亂語胡言 » 剪影。 - December 12, 2006

[…] https://elizabethwong.wordpress.com/2006/12/09/suaram-fundraiser/ 分類: Journalogy 講東道西 • at 8:25 pm on December 11, 2006 • […]

5. Mario G - December 13, 2006

Your pic is the best one! 🙂
This is a good project and I would like to see more..

6. elizabethwong - December 13, 2006

Dear Mario,
You have ‘too kind’ pair of eyes! 🙂
I am of the opinion that Jeremiah’s piece is the best. It’s fabulous when one looks at it closely!

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