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Last remnant of Bok House December 17, 2006

Posted by elizabethwong in Heritage, Malaysia.


(updated) This afternoon, under the searing sun, Sam and I made our last trek to the Bok House. If there were any final show of protest, none were to be found as the orange arms came crashing down on the remaining remnants of the Bok House.


We spent close to two hours under mid-day sun documenting this. Finally a kind guard from the next building took us to the second floor to get better shots.

Close to five pm, the last walls which once held the dreams and desires of a young man crumbled.


And the city moves on.



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[…] Unfortunately, following is “The Bok House” at 3pm 17 December 2006. It will be completely gone when you are reading this post. It was really sad… the Queen and I had to witness the final seconds of the historical building… The second before the front facade being demolished. […]

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A sad sight indeed…

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