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OIC … whimpers December 31, 2006

Posted by elizabethwong in Current Affairs, Human Rights, International, Malaysia.

Is the Chair of the Organisation of Islamic Countries (OIC) and Malaysian Prime Minister Abdullah Badawi still on holiday?

Or is it his media officers; so it had to be subcontracted from the 4th Floor to Jalan Ampang?

PM Hopes Saddam’s Execution Will Not Result In Prolonged Violence In Iraq

KUALA LUMPUR, Dec 30 (Bernama) — The execution of former Iraqi President Saddam Hussein must not result in the prolonging of violence and misery that have caused so much suffering to the people of Iraq, Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi said.

“I fear that the sentencing and execution of Saddam Hussein will worsen the existing sectarian violence that has prevented any meaningful nation building or reconstruction from taking place,” the prime minister said in a statement.

He said the people of Iraq should resolve to overcome differences which exist between them and begin to embark upon a new era of national reconciliation and national unity.

“In this regard, I hope that the present Iraqi government will be guided by the principles of justice and fairness in matters of governance, ensuring that all Iraqis are treated equally and with dignity,” he said.

Foreign news agencies reported that Saddam was executed shortly after 6 am today in Baghdad for crimes against humanity. Last Tuesday, the Iraqi Appeals Court turned down his appeal.

Abdullah said Iraq had a history of greatness, stability and prosperity.

Thus, he said, the people of Iraq should be allowed to determine for themselves how they wish to bring back peace, stability and prosperity to their great country.

“The international community must assist the people of Iraq in all appropriate ways to enable them to achieve this objective and determine their own future,” he said.

The prime minister said that any external interference and presence that contributes to the endless cycle of violence must end immediately, and urged the international community to bear its will on those who continue to refuse the Iraqi people true freedom.

“I pray for the people of Iraq and for peace and stability in Iraq,” he said. — BERNAMA


1. freelunch2020 - January 1, 2007

of course he is on holiday la..kan dia ex-civil servant jadi annual leave mestilah ambil…even if 60,000 people, although mainly chinese, are ruined by the worst floods in the DECADE…
EVEN AS we pinch to pay toollllll tooo the trOOOLLLLSSS

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