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Secrets January 29, 2007

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What Samy Vellu doesn’t want you to know



Reformis Dalam Kenangan January 26, 2007

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26 Jan 2007 (Jumaat), 8:30 malam
Dewan Perhimpunan Cina Selangor

Gelombang Reformasi yang melanda negara bermula tahun 1998 adalah salah satu detik yang penting dalam sejarah perjuangan rakyat. Gelombang Reformasi tidak akan wujud tanpa titisan keringat insan pencinta demokrasi dan kebebasan.

Dalam memperjuangkan reformasi, tidak kurang yang telah pergi meninggalkan kita.

Antaranya ialah Omar Tan, MGG Pillai, Hajjah Ning, Dato’ Fadzil Noor (more…)

Ed, Rocky make history January 25, 2007

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(photo source: Al-Jazeera)

Edmund Bon (left) from the fab legal firm, Chooi & Co, and legal counsel of Ahirudin Attan on their way to Malaysia’s first defamation suit against bloggers.

The rest – as they say – shall be history.

(Ms Cat, go to Walk With Us for a comprehensive overview)

“See you in Court” (Mr Minister) January 25, 2007

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AFP carried the press statement by Suaram (see below) on the banning of the book, ‘March 8’, by our Secretariat member, Arumugam.

While details are still be finalised, I am delighted to let slip that we fully intend to challenge this order. While chances of overturning it is very slim, it doesn’t mean the Ministry of Internal Security should be allowed to get away that easily.

At the very least, Suaram will get to say to the Minister for Internal Security – i.e. Abdullah Badawi – “See You in Court”.


Synergy Drive News Release January 24, 2007

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News Release January 24, 2007

Synergy Drive enters SBA with Sime, Guthrie & GHope

Kuala Lumpur, January 24 – Synergy Drive Sdn Bhd today signed the Sale of Business Agreement (SBA) with Sime Darby Berhad, Golden Hope Plantations Berhad and Kumpulan Guthrie Berhad group of companies, to acquire all their businesses including assets and liabilities.

The SBA was signed ahead of the January 29, 2007 deadline, and follows the acceptance by the boards of all eight listed companies last month for Synergy Drive’s RM 31 billion merger proposal to create a major conglomerate that will also house the world’s largest listed palm oil plantation company.



The politics of mergers (2) January 24, 2007

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Part (1) here

(1815 H) According to Reuters:-

Synergy Drive is to absorb the assets of Sime Darby (SIME.KL: Quote, Profile , Research), Kumpulan Guthrie (KGBK.KL: Quote, Profile , Research) and Golden Hope Plantations (GHOP.KL: Quote, Profile , Research) in a signed pact to merge and create the world’s largest listed palm oil planter.

Synergy Drive news release here.

(1343 H) CIMB’s Nazir denies any knowledge, according to Bernama.

“I am not signing anything. We haven’t heard about it.”

“If there is, we will inform you at the appropriate time. The appropriate time I believe is after 5pm”

According to Business Times today, all parties are ready to sign on to the merger today. (see below)


al-Fatihah: Syed Hussein al-Attas January 24, 2007

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I buried my face in my hands when I received the news.

I had planned to meet Professor Syed Hussein before the end of the month. Initially it was meant to be earlier, in October, but I had too much on my plate, preparing for a photo exhibition in Korea. Then Raya came. Then Christmas.

It’s hard to believe that he is not with us any longer.


20 arrested at anti-toll protest January 21, 2007

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(Photo source: Andrew Ong, Malaysiakini.com)

Twenty (20) persons were arrested at today’s anti-toll protest in Cheras. They are currently held at the Kajang IPD.

They include Dr. Hatta Ramli (PAS), Ronnie Liu (DAP) and Tian Chua (KeADILan). Others that I know of are Jasmine, Jack – a graphic designer and Lee ‘lao shi’, a teacher.

A journalist from Malaysiakini.com, Andrew Ong, was also arrested. Apparently, the police wanted to see his photographs inside his trusty Nikon D-50. (?)


Imtiaz banned January 20, 2007

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The NST and individuals in senior positions with the newspaper are suing Jeff Ooi. I am one of the lawyers representing Jeff. I was informed by the NST yesterday that it will not be running my column until the case has been brought to an end. I do not understand the reasoning underlying this decision but of course accept it as it is for the NST to decide who writes for it. (MIS)


Arumugam banned January 19, 2007

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My fellow Secretariat member of Suaram, K. Arumugam, is in good company.

He now joins Kassim Ahmad, Bobby Sayyid, Karen Amstrong and Asaari Muhammad in the Ministry of Internal Security’s list of banned books of 2006.

His was the last book to be banned of the year. The gazetted order came out on 28 December 2006.

So what was his book all about?