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An apple a day – iPhone January 10, 2007

Posted by elizabethwong in Miscellanous, Note2Self.



It’s 3 am. Tuna and I have been watching the live feed of Steve Job’s preview of the new iPhone. His link is faster than mine, so he’s telling me minute-by-minute details that come out faster than my end. Jerry‘s also watching this. In the meantime, they’ve brought down the Apple site to load the latest products.

Tuna’s chanting away, “3G …. WiMax….GPRS …pre-installed Google, Yahoo (free IMAP) ….. multi-screens … Safari ….Widgets….” . Also Bluetooth, GSM/EDGE, touchscreen, photos, audio, even Google Earth!

It’s an iPod Nano + 3G Phone + PDA all rolled into one. It’s a slice of heaven in your palm, running on Mac OS X. It’s the baby all iBook-ers would want! The revealing of Macbook/Pro didn’t even come close to this.

We couldn’t well go to sleep until the final details have been revealed. And we have waited for more than two hours, to hear the price, while our jaws dropped lower and lower.

Like the Big ‘O’, it came in a flash.

And so we have it, folks – USD 499 for 4G, and USD 599 for 8G.

We nearly cried. Tuna doesn’t believe in God, but tonight, and tonight only, Steve Jobs was g.o.d. to him.

Then Steve nearly cried on stage too, at the end of the show.

While Tuna was all twisted over the choice of getting a DSLR or *the Phone*, I suggested he gets the camera, make money from it and buy *the Phone*.

Because here in Asia, we have to wait til 2008. Make that 12 months, 365 days, and counting.

And, Steve’s announced that it’s no longer Apple Computer Inc. but “Apple Inc.”

G.o.d. – “Delay No More”.



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2. Nilesh - January 10, 2007

it is not 3G enabled.. EDGE, WiFi and bluetooth only 🙂

3. john - January 12, 2007

what is this – you starting to pimp for gadget-man? Lets just hope Motorola has the juice to realise they have to match this one with something sexy in clam format or it will be identical-city like it was for mp3 players.
Anyway, with its crap camera, the Jobs job doesn’t look that different to the HP-Ipaq treated to apple-cloning. (I heard Bush was gonna veto this research anyways – heh heh). xj

4. kevstelo - June 11, 2007

I think I’ve read something simillar a few days ago. I don’t remember where, might have been on digg.com or slashdot.

EW: It’s because it’s finally coming on this month. Rehashing old news.

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