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Batu Talam January 11, 2007

Posted by elizabethwong in Democracy, Malaysia, Note2Self, Politics.

Batu Talam, originally uploaded by Elizabeth Wong.

Anwar Ibrahim, speaking to the crowd in the run-up to the Batu Talam by-election.



1. susan - January 11, 2007

hey eli wong!!! give us more, give us more on Batu Talam!!!

2. freelunch2020 - January 13, 2007

yoz nice photos on the toll protest. were u at raub?

3. elizabethwong - January 13, 2007

Hi Susan – I can hardly get into WordPress! The current bandwidth gives me a very slim chance to edit or put up new pieces, but it especially prevents me from uploading photos! Gnnnnng!

Hi Freelunch – Thanks for your kind words! Yes I was at Bentong – Raub – Kg Tersang – Kg Sega – now ill in bed (got caught in the rain).

4. freelunch2020 - January 13, 2007

oh dear, u poor thing. get well SOON. *hugz* yes more on batu talam. 😀 the rally at Kg Sega right. well get more soon n give us more pics 😀 next time tell me, i go with u!!!! 😀 n hold your umbrella!

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