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David(s) vs. Goliath January 14, 2007

Posted by elizabethwong in Human Rights, Malaysia, Politics.

Free of copyright. Post it. Paste it. Spread it. Graphic courtesy of Kickdefella.

All will be revealed very soon. Strap your boots and polish your keyboards.
It’s a battle worth fighting for.

All revealed. Updated: 18 Jan 2007



1. __earth - January 14, 2007

what’s going on?

2. wits0 - January 15, 2007

In the worse case scenario : Bloggers afterwards can always simply go incognito/underground. As if they’ll stop blogging! Commentors can always comment anonymously(and very extra fiercely, betcha), as well. while surfing anonymously. Sure thing “incentive” to promote employment of hi-tech Internet Stealth methods already available but not yet employed…..the flood will not be stopped.

3. picoyo - January 16, 2007

Just in case 🙂


” – Use Google translator as proxy
– Use Altavista translator as proxy
– Use any other online translator such as Systran or Prompt
– Use a proxy manually.
– Use an online proxy tool such as Megaproxy…”

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10. maxwell - February 22, 2007

a happy new year and a big happy 50 for the country

are there really going to be any changes—in the progressive sense, i mean….(again progressive here would mean changes in the direction secular humanism.
conservatives/obscurantists/theocratic state supporters would view secular humanism as a disease to be nip in the bud soonest the better)

i believe if there are any kind of changes we are going to see, they will be going towards the reverse direction of secular humanism–going backwards, turning back the clock.

syed akbar ali describes very well this turning back the clock process in his ‘to digress a little’ and ‘malaysia and the club of doom’.

there is little we can do to slow down this process–in fact there is nothing we can do…just accept the inevitable.

what happened?

the prevalence of the ah q mentality in the country is one of the key, if not the main, causes . ie. malaysia boleh is a classic example of ah q culture at work. arrogance and ignorance will sure kill any developing nation.

the fact that we have an election every five years does not make us an democratic country.
for the democratic process or the election process to work properly there must already be a certain level of education already attained in the country.
otherwise the election process can be sued to subvert any democratic institutions.

the truth about the chinese. they are still here because it is still easy to make a buck here due to corruption.
but even they, like the foreigners, are beginning to realise that bribery in this country very frequently do not pay off. why? too many government departments want to have a cut, resulting in the businessman spending too much and no work getting done.
so they go to china and thailand, where there is corruption also, but at least there is delivery. especially in china, you pay and your demands are met efficiently and satisfactorily.

those that do not have business here but are eligible for skilled migration have done so already.
those that do not have the skills to migrate have migrated via investment migration channels. just go around and do survey. you will find that the bulk of the rich chinese already have investments in overseas–many of them with pr status also.
so the next time you buy a property here, i suggest that you think twice. because the guy who tells you what a nice property you are buying from him is going to buy his future home in overseas. no, he is not going to be your neighbour.

those that have to remain here are working class person like me and those involved in illegal type of buisness–you know book making, pills, gambling…easier for such trades to survive here then in overseas…thanks to corruption.

in the state where i come from, the chief minister has already sent his son and daughter to overseas even before they reach 18..come on if malaysia is really the education hub of asia, why are the politicians sending their sons away so early?

good luck to the bloggers who believe that they can do something to help promote change.

sorry i stop believing in that a long time ago.

Long time ago, one wiseman said this to me: ‘go back, convert, and keep quiet’.

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12. George - June 17, 2007

Send an email to “ausmigration@iprimus.com.au” for a free assessment if you want to migrate to Australia from Malaysia. They also help place students in Aussie schools, colleges, etc. I’m told that a two year course in cooking, hairdressing etc (plus some part time work while doing these courses) will help you to migrate as skilled person even if you have a SPM (SC) or SPTM (HSC) only. But of course you need English although there are also schools that help you become fluent in that language (better to learn English at home as it is cheaper). But the doors are open if you care interested.

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