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Imtiaz banned January 20, 2007

Posted by elizabethwong in Human Rights, Malaysia, Politics.

The NST and individuals in senior positions with the newspaper are suing Jeff Ooi. I am one of the lawyers representing Jeff. I was informed by the NST yesterday that it will not be running my column until the case has been brought to an end. I do not understand the reasoning underlying this decision but of course accept it as it is for the NST to decide who writes for it. (MIS)

What the NST has essentially told Imtiaz is, “Sorry mate. Maybe check with us in 2017.”Because that’s how long an average civil suit takes to wrap up.

Dictating to its columnists on how they should conduct themselves in their day-jobs (in this case, choice of clients) is quite unheard of.

Isn’t content more important than form? Obviously not, for the NST.

Will showing Imtiaz the door secure a win for the NST? It’s doubtful. Judges do read his pieces and view them favourably. So, another own-goal for NST. Calling this bad PR is an understatement.

Here’s hoping the other columnists such as Brian Yap, Amir Muhammad and Mr. Yeo Yang Poh will stop writing in solidarity.


1. Mydeen Aboo Backer - January 21, 2007

But since lots of people are going to boycott the NST anyways, then it follows that no one’s going to read Malik’s column anyways.

Maybe NST is doing him a favour by not asking him to write a column no one is going to read anyway.

should a company keep a lawyer who’s representing an opponent in staff ?

2. lubok melayu - January 21, 2007

blessing in disguise for malek imtiaz! if wong chun wai is not half-past-six, he’ll grab this opportunity and catch the bird before it flies off to the tree tops and beyond his reach. the star doesn’t really have any columnist of standing, except for datuk wong himself. malek imtiaz is a fast-rising lawyer from some quite controversial cases but he is about to be one BIG name very soon. the two bloggers Jeff and Rocky, i was told, have gone to him for counsel. This will be, by far, the most controversial civil court case this century for Malaysia. Maybe they are suing the bloggers to divert attention from the Attlantuya case, even! Certainly, they are trying to stop the duo from exposing more embarrassing incidents involving the PM, like the Turkey yacht scandal.

Whatever, it is not Malek’s loss. Chin up, young man. We are all behind you!

3. elizabethwong - January 21, 2007


The lawyer is not the client.

And, Imtiaz is a decent (and brainy) enough chap not to refer to his client’s case in his column.

btw: can you change your fake email to something better? otherwise it will go to the spam folder. I don’t frequent there often enough, and will probably miss some.

4. Firewall - January 23, 2007

With apology Liz but do allow me this space and thanking you in advance. I had this posted at Malik Imtiaz’s blog few days ago and similarly to few other blogsites where this bunch of operatives visited and spinning their yarns there. Latest development, they have started to even hacked into the spam engine the blog owner subscribes to and unbanned themselves. Goes to show, they are indeed no ordinary posters but we knew that already from day 1:

Malik, stay focus. While we understand the need for you to reply to some of the posters here, but don’t waste anymore of your time to engage this bunch of people (those from SiPM and muhammad abdullah). And very soon too, few more other names will crop up here as they did at Rocky’s, Jeff’s, Sheih’s, RPK’s and Marina’s.

We are profiling them. Let us be the ones instead, to engage them, not by replying to their spinning for their masters, but exposing and identifying who they really are.

The sooner we ignore and not allowing them this platform to create chaos and disunity among bloggers, the better prepared we are to face the real issue in hand.

Don’t bother to reply us on this, gang of 4 (or should I add on ‘th Floor’ to it?). Our purpose and function is to sniff you all out.

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