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Secrets January 29, 2007

Posted by elizabethwong in Current Affairs, Economy, Human Rights, Malaysia, Note2Self.

What Samy Vellu doesn’t want you to know

Is this it, one may ask?

At least, when one previews these documents, one will wonder why the government signed such a stupid deal. Since when has thinking badly of the government been such a big deal? Why invoke the Officials Secrets Act for all such contracts?

Is it because Litrak’s 2006 annual report recorded a nett profit of RM80 million, an increase of 43% from its nett profit at RM56 million in year 2005.

Or that in the financial year ending March 31, 2006, Litrak had set a new record after collecting RM243 million revenue compared to RM227 million the previous year before?

Or is it a case of the subtleties and sophistication of Malaysian corruption, gleaned from the very pages of the agreement?

Three youth groups offered a hypothesis.

“With these documents, they can (for example) incite a riot and burn toll booths.

“This becomes a very bad situation for the country”


Perhaps those in Sekretariat Melayu Muda would fathom the thought of rioting and burning tolls after reading the agreement. After all, the modus operandi is goin amok and waving the keris in the air.

Reasonable people don’t. At worse, they won’t vote for the charades of Samy and his gang during the next elections.


1. Liew - January 29, 2007

Is there a pre set end of concession period?

2. Rikey® - January 29, 2007

I think I need to learn to ride a motobike if BN wins huge again the next election! Look at Bt.Talam its a walkover and the ppl still don’t get it there yet!…. sigh!

3. Libra - January 29, 2007

If the results of Batu Talam by election is anything to go by, I would say Malaysian will vote for SATAN if it stands under the BN ticket.
In any case there are already many Satans in the Barisan.
Well , the people deserve the government they choose.

4. elizabethwong - January 29, 2007

I believe the concession is for 30 years.
However, there is always an escape clause – to end it earlier or to extend it.

5. hsudarren - January 29, 2007

Batu Talam is a rural setting and a different story from the urban areas. As long as the palm oil and rubber prices are good, the people there will not have much grouses, especially many of them stay in Felda schemes. But the urban and suburban areas are a different story altogether.

hsudarren from http://hsudarren.wordpress.com

6. Libra - January 29, 2007

hsudarren, yes, I agree Batu Talam is rural but let us not forget that they are the real king makers in Malaysian politics.

One rural vote is equvalent to two or even three urban votes.
As it is BN can form the next government even if it secures only 40%+ of the poluar votes.

7. freelunch2020 - January 30, 2007

~~~~~~well done 😀

8. Winston - January 30, 2007

If I’m not mistaken, the erstwhile PM said that these agreements were signed without really knowing exactly what are the implications.
Those in the cabinet may not be legal eagles, although many of them are doctors, architects, lawyers etc so it is inexcusable that lop-sided agreements were signed. Can anyone swallow this?
I am pretty sure that the government must have a legal team to handle all such agreements.
Also, the people are always vociferous that such agreements are revealed publicly so that they can give their comments. In spite of this, the government not only refused to do so, but to rub salt into the wound, it covered up all such agreements under the OSA!!
The incumbent PM should first of all try to abrogate such lop-sided agreements. I understand that a court of law can do so if the agreement is glaringly lop-sided.
Secondly, he must bring to account all those who had a hand in signing the agreement.
In the final analysis, the electorate must bear a major part of the responsibility for the existence of such a government for, without your vote, it won’t be there in the first place!

9. KuKumallu - February 4, 2007

most important who are the bene from this/these toll companies?

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