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Secrets (2) February 1, 2007

Posted by elizabethwong in Current Affairs, Human Rights, Malaysia.

What does a government, who has wronged and lied to the people, do when the facts emerge?

Buy Lease a luxury jet? Sail in a yacht? Organise durian parties? Send the running dogs (走狗) to work?

See below.

This evening, Dr. Hatta Ramli messaged around and said he had just received the summons.

This makes a total of four people (above photo, from left to right) – Ronnie Liu (DAP), Dr. Hatta (PAS) Tian Chua and Tan Sri Khalid Ibrahim (KeADILan), who will answer to current police investigations under the Official Secrets Act (OSA).

Earlier in the afternoon, I told TS Khalid that it is highly unlikely to forsee a win in our court of law, but the moral victory lies in the court of public opinion.

When there are laws that are unjust – in this case – the Officials Secrets Act, it is incumbent on responsible citizen to act, in the name of ‘civil disobedience’, to reveal and correct the anomaly.

“It is not a matter of grave national security but it is a matter of grave public interest because it involve taxpayers’ money. People have the rights to know how their taxes have been spent whether efficiently or if there are a lot of wastage as reported in the auditor-general’s report.” Tan Sri Raman Navaratnam, Transparency International-Malaysia.

There are more people such as Tian, Khalid, Ronnie and Hatta, waiting to do the right thing.

What’s left is for more whistle-blowers in companies, for example: the water-related Syabas, other toll contractors, or TNB, to bring issues of public interest to the fore.



1. wits0 - February 1, 2007

I would apologise to the real canine – they are noble and worthy unlike the 2 legged ones. 😉

2. jes tay - February 2, 2007

gong hee fa choi!!!

3. osaisa - February 2, 2007

Leasing a luxury jet, sailing in a yacht, organising durian parties and so on will soon come under the osa– including having nasi kandar in perth, of course. After umpteen years of isa, we have to face now more years of both isa AND osa

4. Steve - February 2, 2007

I suggest BN to just OSA-ify the next GE vote results and announce themselves as the winner.

5. Libra - February 2, 2007

Based on Ezam’s appeal, I don’t think there is any case against the four. It will be idiotic for the AG to drag them to court.
Has police ascertained if the agreement has been classified under the OSA before calling up the four men? I think not because they are serving politcians, not the people.

6. freelunch2020 - February 3, 2007

isn’t there a concept called ‘greater public interest’ involved here that will nullify the OSA?

obviously it was revealed to damn the government’s lies about the toll increases.

so, there is no CASE?

OSA i understand it exists to protect national security. How did the public revelation of the document jeopardise national security? On the contrary, it is in the interest of the rakyat and proves that the continued rule of the current govt in ITSELF is a THREAT to national security.

FREAKS~ govt ~ Samy should do something about his sewn-on wig, his brain is overheating.

p.s. on the durian party, i thought it was in SUCH BAD TASTE esp with the floods at that time…niamah~ it’s really really tasteless and just points to BODOWI’s preference for the high life as PM than serving the needs of the struggling rakyat.

7. Rikey® - February 3, 2007

come on bring on the GE now! I can’t wait to cast my vote!

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