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Samy and ‘small boys’ February 3, 2007

Posted by elizabethwong in Current Affairs, Economy, Human Rights, Malaysia, Note2Self.

Nobody has the right to reveal a classified document. If they do, they have to pay the price.

“When a document is classified under the Official Secrets Acts, it is a secret document,” said Works Minister Datuk Seri S. Samy Vellu. (NST, 2 Feb 2007)

What Samy and the Cabinet didn’t tell you is this.

Apart from the obvious fact – that business agreements signed by the government on behalf of the rakyat should be made public – these documents can be declassified.

Take for instance, the big hoo-hah formerly known as the “Crooked Bridge”. The Cabinet hurriedly declassified them and gave to the press, in an attempt to deflect criticisms and accusations by the former Prime Minister.

But with those few careless remarks and a stubborn streak displayed by the Works Minister, we are ever more curious about the rest of the existing agreements and business deals, and wonder….

What are the bare facts behind them?

Why not declassify the toll agreements to prove that there is nothing wrong with them, rather than subject four opposition leaders to possible charges under the Officials Secrets Act?

Oh – didn’t Samy claim he had once shown the documents to Lim Kit Siang? Who will pay the price of revealing such ‘national security’ matters to the leader of the opposition?

And btw – one loses the debate when one tries to end the argument by calling those asking difficult questions, ‘small boys’.

(Updated: Footnote- The impetus for the current investigation should not be blamed solely on the Works Minister.

As early as 10 January 2007, Prime Minister Abdullah Badawi was quoted by the NST as saying, (on the issue whether the agreement was under OSA):-

“If it is, we can take action. We can also check on how Keadilan obtained the document.”



1. yh - February 3, 2007

may be somebody should lodge a police report against Samy the Priest for divulging state secret to politician Lim. Hey, he told the whole world that he has shown the documents to Lim ok. see whether the police will call for an investigation in same mach 2 speed as against the four poor but brave souls?

May be we can also check with him about the RM70.0 million repair job for MRR2. My dear Samy Priest, this is equivalent to about 60% of the original cost for the strecth of highway. How do you justify that and who is going to reimbursement the government? taxpayers money again? might as well OSA all these documents too before they cause you further embarrasment.

you know why our dear Samy is still in the cabinet. Birds of the same (dirty) feather flock together!

2. kittykat46 - February 3, 2007

The first step was a civil suit against the two bloggers, using an UMNO controlled company.
Now they are resorting to the OSA.
Looks like a pattern of escalation here. Next , they will possibly use the Sedition Act or ISA.
To view it positively, I think it shows that the critics are making an impression. These days the government is facing real, solid allegations which they can’t just pretend don’t exist by not reporting it in the mainstream media.
I don’t know if bloggers can make any significant electoral impact, but in the arena of ideas, the government is clearly running out of any intelligent response.
Unfortunately we can expect the likes of Sleepy Dollah and Semi-Value to emply more and more “brute force” methods in the coming months.

3. putrort - February 4, 2007

The following might be what visitors see in Malaysia come VMY2020. How nice to be one with nature day in and day out. The East Timorese tourists would be laughing and handling out bananas to the locals shown below. Wawasan 2020 finally at hand.

4. TOP GUN - March 6, 2007

From Priest becomes semi-value and now NO-Value.

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