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Toll Demo #4 February 4, 2007

Posted by elizabethwong in Current Affairs, Human Rights, Malaysia.

Tian Chua and Rakan Polis


Tian Chua arrested, not long after a deal was struck between the police and him to allow the people to gather for a few minutes. The police were present since 2 pm and stood at every entrance of the IOI Mall in Puchong.


At least a dozen were arrested. They include Nora (above), Yee Ling (Youth for Change), Jasmine, Badrul Hisham, Ezam Mohd Nor, Tian Chua, R. Sivarasa (KeADILan), Dr. Hatta Ramli, Mohd Sabu, Member of Parliament Salahuddin Ayub (PAS), reporter Syafik and several others.


The police attempted to bar photographers and TV crew from taking visuals. This Chinese daily photographer was literally chased around but he held on to his camera.

An unknown police officer in uniform boxed my right ear, then dashed into the crowd so I could only make out his fleeing back.

I found out later some other people experienced this form of ‘punch-flight’ too, as if the police decided to let off some steam by giving sly punches to anyone near them. (see Chinese-language e-news site MerdekaReview for context)




1. Devilsadvocate - February 4, 2007

what is wrong with the police – go after the highway robbers lah – not the victims!!!!

2. Rikey® - February 4, 2007

usless bums! real rapists, murderers, robbers all never get caught and thrown in jail… only concerned citizens!
highprofile crimes up 80% one wonders why?

3. jibbief - February 4, 2007

That,s how the Polis Raja Di Malaysia behaves. Taxpayers money wasted on the Royal Commission.

4. smoothriver.net » Blog Archive » IOI: more than a mall - February 5, 2007

[…] was holding the HDV cam so I did not have any photos to show here. You may visit Jerry’s and Queen’s blog for the exciting pics. Cutting the video with Jerry […]

5. yh - February 5, 2007

sholdnt cops spend more time in security and crime solving. no wonder crime rate has gone ballistic.

by the way, can someone help me to reach the couple with the two special children ( photos captured in both protest ie. in Sunway and now in IOI mall). just would like to collect some donations to them. it pains me to see the family’s sufferings.

6. yh - February 5, 2007

can someone help me to reach the couple with the 2 special children ( seen at both the protest at sunway and IOI mall). think it was mentioned somewhere the couple has to make tremendous sacrifice and has difficulty in making ends meet coz of the childern’s condition. would like to send some donations to them just to help out a bit.

7. elizabethwong - February 5, 2007

Dear YH,
I’ve not met them before until the Sunway protest.
If I see them again, I shall try to obtain their contact details.
Yes, they have children with special needs, and the toll hikes must have hit them rather hard.

8. yh - February 5, 2007

Many thanks elizabeth.

9. Nia Mah - February 5, 2007

what a shame these policemen! they are as crooked as the politicians, only that their income is peanuts compare to the politicians.

i had a personal experience which i would like to share here. i was met with an accident. a malay girl knocked me from behind. she called the mother to come over, and the mother suggested to report the accident to the police.

off we go to the nearest police station. i was surprised becos they were in a room with a police officer typing their reports, while i have to write myself with a pen. i did not suspect anything.

but when i go over to pj state police station to collect my report. you know what?? it’s a neutral report. kedua-dua pihak tidak bersalah!! she knocked me from behind, and kedua-dua pihak tidak bersalah.

this pooh kee mak policeman must be thinking that i’m a kid, and no big deal. they can just main with me. luckily i got contacts as well, and found out that the father is a policeman working in the police station where we reported the case. nia mah!!!

my contact help me to settle this case to claim her insurance. i would not have manage to claim third party insurance if the report is neutral. nia mah crooked policeman.

10. Ocean - February 5, 2007

“when the going gets tough, the tougher get going”

Intend to put up a new blog bout our toll issues here, too…can someone tell me how to go about it? Is yahoo 360 deg suitable?


11. freonix - February 5, 2007

Sigh… I feel sorry for both party. Can’t we all get along? Why resort to barbaric means when a talk or two can resolve problems and end violence. The people and it’s government should be ashame at their actions, nontheless the government is to blame first.

12. b o b j o t s - February 5, 2007

The Victimisation Of Victims

I just got informed that Suara Keadilan’s office was raided by Bukit Aman officers earlier today. Two ASPs (Assistant Superintendent of Police, not the poisonous reptile), ASP Rajagopal and ASP Suhaimi, barged into the office at 2.30 pm this afternoon…

13. KNS - February 5, 2007

This country will run out when the crude oil and gas run out. There is only one way it can go …..

14. Just call me 幽子~ » 《自由是。。。》 - February 6, 2007

[…] 胡大哥,金枪和伊丽莎白黄上个星期日一起去了 IOI Mall 的游行。 […]

15. Mike - February 6, 2007

What is to become of our country? We are looking at 50 years of Independence. We would be better off if the British were still ruling us by the way things have “progressed”.

16. Is OK to Insult « vanillamonkey! - February 6, 2007

[…] Sidenote: To further elaborate my judgement on the nation’s fine correctional officers, visit Elizabeth Wong’s blog and her coverage on Toll Demo. […]

17. OngCacing - February 6, 2007

go to hell the BN dogs , i will give my vote to the opposition

18. Lawrence Lau - February 7, 2007

Nia Mah, ilike what you write, interesting! But it wouldn’t be any changes cause ‘third world mentality’. Singlish: Nah Beh

yh, the couple, i know them, husband as a teacher and wife take care of two children.
BUT they resist any help in any way, we’ve tried!
They just want to voice out dissatisfaction, they don’t need sympathy.
What a great parent and lovely couple

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