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Tian Chua’s office raided (updated) February 5, 2007

Posted by elizabethwong in Current Affairs, Human Rights, Malaysia, Note2Self.

(Updated) At around 1300 H, we had a ‘friendly’ tip-off that the police would do a search of Tian Chua‘s office and home. This was unexpected.

We had, at that time, gathered under the shade of a tree in front of the Bukit Aman Police HQ, waiting for the four men – Dr. Hatta Ramli, Tian, Tan Sri Khalid Ibrahim and Ronnie Liu – to wrap up their statements. It was a lively fiesty group of opposition members, lawyers, NGOs, students and journalists.

Some of us went to the Suara KeADILan office straight after lunch. The staff had been informed earlier to expect the police. The editor-in-chief looked more annoyed than frightened, while the young reporters were thrilled to bits.

“Wah… kita sekarang macam Malaysiakini,” said one of them, referring to the time when the online news portal was raided by the police. The rest prepared their arsenal of cameras, video cams and tape recorders.

At 1500 H, two police officers entered the office. I decided against sending out SMSs to alert people – it would take too long. Instead I wrote a short blog-post in less than 30 seconds and with the spare time emailed to Suaram and a couple of people, while the office folks delayed the police by asking them to recite the section of the Officials Secrets Act (OSA), which allows them to search and seize without a warrant.

In that 20 minutes, the police found nothing to seize, but they were enamoured by Zunar’s latest cartoon book. One of the men said he would take it if it was free. “But sir, that would be bribery,” I said.

They proceeded to Tian’s abode in Sentul. Tian, Latheefa Koya (lawyer) and Eric Paulsen (former staff of Suaram and now a UN rights worker) went in the police car while I squeezed into the reporters’ car.

We arrived at Sentul via a shortcut in about 15 minutes. Tian’s secretary, Pei Nee, was already there. The police arrived shortly. I got on to one of Tian’s computers and updated my blog and sent out another email to Suaram and co.

The police were impressed by the hall, which had a big white board and a long table.

“Oh! This must be the Ops (operations) Room,” said ASP Rajakopal. We stifled our giggles as it was hardly the case.

The police were there for 15-20 minutes and found nothing to be ‘seized’.

(Earlier posts)

(1557 H): Police have arrived at Tian Chua’s abode in Sentul.


(1500 H) After today’s police questioning of four men at Police HQ, Tian Chua’s office in Brickfields is being raided by four two (2) police officers.

Right now, the office people are asking for a warrant but were informed there need not be one under the OSA.



1. flash: Tian Chua’s office being raided by cops at jelas.info - February 5, 2007

[…] after his questioning 😛 apparently for OSA investigations, no need warrant 😛 thanks, again, to eli. Tags-little points, Police, […]

2. RANJIT SINGH - February 5, 2007

Polis Malaysia ada lah Polis bangsat…mereka lebih teruk daripada Yahudi…mereka zalim terhadap rakyat…mereka hamba pada umNO/bn…pergi mampus pdrmmmmm….

3. sam - February 5, 2007

OSA dai sai mah…

4. Nia Mah - February 5, 2007

lol. people power is needed in the next GE. often the whistleblower got arrested, while the real culprits are freely roaming around… nia mah!!!

5. Black - February 5, 2007

Malaysia = Police State.

6. kittykat46 - February 5, 2007

Hi Elizabeth,
Yes, it’s true. The OSA provides for entry and search under the authority of a senior police officer.
If you read this act in the detail, there are plenty of other scary powers that it gives to the government.

Definitely one of those Stone Age laws which don’t belong in a 21st Century country, whose government claims to respect human rights.

7. Libra - February 6, 2007

Have the Police ascertained that the toll agreement is indeed classified under the OSA. What if, after all the hoo ha, they find that it isn’t?
In any case it would silly for the police to assume Tian would keep those documents ( if he really had them) in his office or residence.

8. arifabdull - February 6, 2007

“Only documents such as defence or military-based information should be kept secret,” Edmund Bon, Human rights lawyer.

9. ek - February 6, 2007

Since the worms are out of the can, it’s time someone asked Samy why such a document is secret, how can OSA be justified with “they took it and made a drama out of it” ?

10. Rikey® - February 6, 2007

“Only documents such as defence or military-based information should be kept secret,” Edmund Bon, Human rights lawyer.

But TOLLS and WATER are Military and Defence weapons. TOLLS are used to Chop apart any foreign tanks coming thru! and Water is used to shoot at those Stealth Bombers! more effective than Scuds!

11. sam - February 6, 2007

The documents are important for the DEFENCE of fat cats’ pockets… disclosure will threaten their financial SECURITY mah. Can that be justification for OSA ar?

12. Lame Basket - February 6, 2007

and he once said, “Work with me……”


13. teksa - February 6, 2007

What he really meant was, “Work with me to fill up my coffers with your money.” And he purposely put up his idiotic smiling face so that the big dumb mamak idiot would be fooled to appoint him as his successor.

14. naked taliban - February 6, 2007

if anwar can be fixed , small boys darn easy job . malaysia boleh.

15. Robin Tan - March 10, 2008

I would like to pass a message to Dato Seri and all those who have worked hard for last election.

I have voted and believed in Keadilan political mandate. Please do not go on a witch hunt when you have taken over State. Focus on building a better state and country.

Even if you do find anything that you can use for your political mileage, do have the rakyat in your heart. All I asked for is a better place to raise my loving family.

Please pass this message to Dato Seri and I would love to receive his personal assurance via email if at all possible.

Thank you.

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