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Tawdrying Tian February 6, 2007

Posted by elizabethwong in Current Affairs, Human Rights, Note2Self.

London’s fun-nest  academic-blogger and author of The Rumour of Calcutta switches his lens from Bush, Blair and Afzal Guru, to hone in on Tian Chua and the OSA, in his accompanying blog, tawdrysouvernirs.

(…) Malaysian Police are trying their darndest to be as stupid as American, British or Australian ones, but with a twist. (…)

Perhaps referring to the fact that an international anti-war conference is going on here in Kuala Lumpur?

Did I mention his books are super-fun and amazing?

(Sorry J – I meant to say ‘deep‘. :P)


1. Rikey® - February 7, 2007

wonder if there will be a photo of Tian in a hood and standing on a box with wires connected to his fingers? then we will have the Hooded Man of Abu Tollraph

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