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Midnight ice-cream excursion February 10, 2007

Posted by elizabethwong in Malaysia, Note2Self, Politics.

Did you see the the headlines of NST this entire week?
Yeah. Elections coming soon.

When? After CNY?
No. Probably August.

Eh? They won’t wait for the ‘election’ budget?
They can do it before, then whack a severe budget.

I think it’s after Raya. October. Or November, school holidays.
They won’t wait that long. They don’t have to hold it during school holidays.

No petrol hike this year then.
Yep. That’ll make people angrier. We don’t even know what happened to that 4 billion saved.

Bought new plane mah. Enough time you think?
My dear. Everyday here is an election campaign day



1. anon - February 10, 2007

Yes , Abdullah will be calling GE 12 soon, as you can sense it with all the good figures and statistics , albeit artificial or exaggerated .

2. bayi - February 11, 2007

The “feel-good” factor AAB is trying to create in the people won’t work for a very obvious reason. The people are feeling the pain in their pockets. The cost of living has sky-rocketted over the last three years, even if the figures show otherise. You can’t beat feeling that we are always paying more, the pain of having less money in your pocket all the time.

Look at how the government is handling the toll increase issue. Instead of trying to be transparent, the people who expose the lop-sided agreement are hauled in for interrogation by the police. This form of intimidation will override all the rosy economic figures. The figures make skeptics out of the voters.

AAB says there is still a lot of work for him to do. Yes, it’s true that there is a lot of work to be done but not by him. He hasn’t got what it takes to put policies into effective implementation. There is a lot to be desired.

3. Maverick SM - February 11, 2007

Pak Lah gave permuda six months… the sign indicates 8-10 months from now! I guess.

4. anony - February 12, 2007

With racial bloc-voting and an easily-duped electorate with a misguided mindset like those in Batu Talam, Malaysia have to face yet another 5 years of misgovernment by incompetent self-centred bigots. After all, bn needs to win just 50% of the votes to retain its two-thirds majority in Parliament.

5. shanghaistephen - February 12, 2007

august or september. merdeka. 50 years. big thing. fox media will be very busy.
tony, go get them.

6. elizabethwong - February 13, 2007

I think it’ll be in September

7. arifabdull - February 13, 2007
8. Nia Mah - February 13, 2007

ppl are feeling the pain. but BN will still win. you know, i know.

9. hsudarren - February 13, 2007

unless there is feel good fatcors, election this year will mean losing quite a bit of urban seats for BN component parties. So my bet is next year.Near to election, petrol price may come down a bit, stock market will be pushed up, pay rise for civil servants, etc.

hsudarren from htttp://hsudarren.wordpress.com

10. penarik beca - February 13, 2007

After the next election This kutu thinks he will repeat what he said a few days ago, “banyak kerja ni, janji pilihan raya dulu dok tengah buat”.

No wonder he appears listless and can’t make decisions.

“Banyak kerja ni!!”

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