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Muse February 25, 2007

Posted by elizabethwong in Event, Malaysia, Note2Self.

Never blogged from a concert but Muse is late. With Politikus and two metres from stage 🙂

Minutes after the post was uploaded from my cellphone, Muse came on stage! I should have brought a videocam. Damn.

Only one word. Awesome.

They may sound good recorded, but seeing them live was awesome, awesome, AWESOME. Fantastic guitar work (jaw-droppingly fantastic!), the amazing energy amplified and stage showmanship. We were drenched in sweat and adrenaline. By the second song, we had moshed and moved to the middle, so unbelievably great views!

Location Map c/- Politikus/Mega Muse Fan.

According to Wikipedia,

Bellamy was recently #29 in Total Guitar magazine’s top 100 guitar players in the world, and his riff from Plug in Baby came 13th in Total Guitar’s poll of the Top 100 Riffs.

The same riff was mentioned among the best-ever riffs in Q magazine‘s Rock and Pop Miscellany. As well as this, the riff for “Stockholm Syndrome” was voted the greatest riff ever by Australian radio station Triple J’s Top 100 Riffs of all time, above Nirvana’s “Smells Like Teen Spirit” and other iconic riffs. “Plug In Baby” also made the top 20.

Halfway into the concert (during the piano bits), I thought of 3 things (apart from finally deciding to buy that electric guitar I’d been eyeing for too long).

1. There we were, stomping and jumping, exchanging fluids i.e. sweat, singing, grabbing each other so that we could jump higher. Despite the aches, bruises and scratches, we moved as one solid happy unit, without any regard for age, gender, religion or ethnicity. So much better and cheaper than National Service. Happy Shiny People. I like Happy.

2. Instead of giving Mat Rempits bikes and trips, they should have music lessons and proper music gear. And have a proper battle of the bands comp. (Yeah, that’s Pledge # 84!)

3. I’d much rather be a musician than a politician. Lead guitarist in a hot band, thanks very much.

My brother, who works for the ‘beverage that roars’ gave me the complimentary tickets as my angpow, so he rawks! Bro – Can I have a kick-a** electric guitar and amp to boot for my birthday :P?



1. Rikey® - February 25, 2007

its a-muse-ing that you guys are at a muse concert!
they were late cause AAB had to check if MUSE is banned or not
or if they had a MU-LESEN to perform.

2. elizabethwong - February 26, 2007

hahaha! I actually think it’s because Matthew Bellamy was trying to put on his unbelievably tight red pants 🙂

3. politikus - February 27, 2007

and what amazing tights pants those were 🙂

next time, not just towels but we’ll sneak in drinks and cameras 🙂

4. are-u - February 28, 2007

hey… i’m at he concert too.. and yeah! they were AWESOME!! can’t stop myself from screaming. 🙂

5. becky - March 4, 2007

Hey, i was there too that nite. Sadly, i didnt bring my camera so i was relying on my cam phone. The pic were all blur and unsatisfying. Im dying to know if you managed to get any pic from your area? May i have a few of them? Please..please..

EW: Hi Becks, So sorry no photos. My phone cam didn’t work!!!???!!!!

6. Another anti-toll demo + video « elizabeth wong - March 15, 2007

[…] do the next one with Muse riffs […]

7. musee - May 9, 2007

without the malays, the concert would actually be good. too damn many fucking malays man. malays can be nice. but very hard to find to sane ones. most of them are total psychos. live with their parents. wasting our tax money. shit. they record us nude in the lockup and they get away with it. doesn’t it piss you off.

EW: I was there for the music, not to do a headcount or demographic study. As far as I’m concerned, everyone was pretty fab there, jumping up and down together, sharing sweat regardless of whatever background one may come from. One big happy musical family. Internet racists are the ones who piss me off.

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