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Petrol Hike 1 year anniversary February 28, 2007

Posted by elizabethwong in Current Affairs, Malaysia, Note2Self, Politics.

Today is the 1st birthday of our petrol hike.

As of 1624 hours, we would have saved RM 4,405, 234, 771. (see counter here)

We were told a year ago that the ‘subsidy’ savings of RM 4.4 billion would be utilised for public transportation.

Fine. I am first and foremost a user and supporter of public transportation as I do not drive (this ‘fact’ was meant for my ‘6 weird things tag’.)

One would be more than happy to support such a noble initiative, if only we could see some tangible results.

So this was my expected checklist:-

1. Increased Kommuter train services
2. Bus services to PJ and KL
3. Bike lanes
4. Entry tax into CBDs during peak hours
5. Construction of new stations of the Putra and Star LRT

None of the above materialised except part of Point 2 in the vicinity of this prosumer.

There is a RapidKL bus service to Sentral (and back) which runs on average once every hour, and I am a frequent user now. But isn’t RapidKL a private enterprise? (Please correct me if I’m wrong) Isn’t this an old plan way before the petrol hike? And why aren’t there buses to PJ?

I am expecting the government to let us know today what they had done with RM 4.4 billion in the past year. We have had to put up with inflation, more hikes such as tolls, taxi fares, even fuel surcharge for airplane travellers, in spite of a significant drop in the world oil prices.

At the very least, the government should show us the balance sheets.

There is a good archive of events and commentary on this site.

While we await the PM/Finance Minister’s announcement with bated breath, let us remind ourselves what he said a year ago, and ponder in wonderment, what excuses will the innovative minds behind him peddle to the public, in anticipation of a hike this year.

    PM: We have to sacrifice
    (The Star), 1 March 2006

    KUALA LUMPUR: The estimated annual saving of RM4.4bil in fuel subsidy will be spent to improve the public transport system, Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi said.

    He said it was not the Government’s intention to burden the people when it increased the price of fuel.

    “The money that we save from the subsidy will be returned to the rakyat in the form of a better public transport system,” he told a press conference after a briefing at Bank Negara here yesterday.

    “The cost to improve the system is high, and now we have the money to improve it.”

    The prime minister said it was a small sacrifice by the rakyat for a better facility.

    The price of petrol and diesel went up by 30 sen a litre yesterday. The Prime Minister reiterated that this would be the only fuel price rise for the year.

    “There will be no more increase until December. For 2007, I will not speculate,” he said.

    Abdullah also said that in reality, the fuel subsidy only benefited those who drove cars with bigger engine capacities.

    “Those riding motorcycles and driving small cars don’t really enjoy the subsidy as their vehicles don’t consume a lot of fuel,” he said.

    Asked why the fuel price increase was not made gradually, Abdullah said that doing so would only create more problems.

    “Doing it bit by bit is more difficult because the prices of other goods would increase more often,” he said.

    “It is better to increase it once and if prices of other things need to be increased, too, it will also happen once.”

    Asked whether he was aware that the public had voiced their unhappiness over the price increase, Abdullah replied: “Who will be happy when prices of things go up.

    “But we did not take away all (the subsidy). If we did that, the price of the fuel would be much higher, maybe in the region of RM2.50 a litre.”


1. KSLOW - February 28, 2007

Just a empty promise. No proper proposal for the a better public transport!. what do you think.just wait

2. zewt - February 28, 2007

mind if i blog about the same topic too?

3. elizabethwong - February 28, 2007

I have no monopoly on information! Blog away!
The more people are reminded about the ‘promise’, the better.

4. Klaw - February 28, 2007

Part of the 4.4 billion was spent putting up big billboards with badawi’s face telling us that the 4.4 billion will be well spent. What a load of crap (and waste of money).

As for your expected checklist, I believe that someone announced the building of more LRT stations, I’m not sure when that is going to happen.

As for the entry tax into the CBDs, I will have to disagree. That’s just shifting the traffic volume onto our rail systems. If the rail systems do not increase in efficiency/frequency, then taking the train will start to become unpleasant (not that it isn’t already. Note the queue waiting to get on Putra at the Sentral station during peak morning. Note the queue at the KLCC station during peak evenings.)

5. Shagadelica » Blog Archive » Lest we forget the RM4.4b - March 1, 2007

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6. KSLOW - March 1, 2007

What is the planning from govt. to improve the public transport ?. I see buses brake down everywhere, I mean a very long term planning to east the traffic jam and to improve te public transport!. I have no confident with this govt, ! . Perhap 4.4 billions for election campaign

7. ontahsapo - March 1, 2007

you missed two jets…!!!

8. Kenny Mah - March 1, 2007

All I know is that I am still driving and still griping about the petrol prices. I am still avoiding most of central K.L. like a disease. Traffic jams may do worse things to you than insomnia or marijuana.

Is it bad that I feel so blasé about this? Have I become like the rest of Malaysia; have I given up on changes ever coming on?

My Indonesian friend managed to use public transport here in Klang Valley for five years before she bought her own car. But for her, public transportation only means taxis: “LRT? Are you mad?”

Gosh knows what would have happened if I suggested the bus…

9. RM4.4 billion | 4896 - March 1, 2007

[…] Elizabeth Wong and Jeff Ooi can tell you more. […]

10. Bengbeng - March 2, 2007

a great website and I only discovered it today 🙂

11. Anonymous - March 2, 2007

One thing we can do for the nearest of time….DO NOT VOTE FOR BN/PRO-GOVERNMENT PARTIES this coming Election (I heard it will be in October this year)………………..

12. Unladen Swallow - March 2, 2007

Really, how long does it take to come up with better public transport? Even if they decided to wait until they pulled off the fuel subsidy, and I doubt they would do a complete overhaul of KL roads (a near impossibility, dont’cha think), but it can’t be that hard or take that long to come up with more buses, bus stands + schedule boards, et cetera, or are they really out of ideas?

Even ten percent of that 4 billion could have taken you places, really.

13. amaruhizat - March 2, 2007

phiewwhh, this is one of the time I can count my blessings for not being able to drive.

14. bug - March 2, 2007

i hate our government

15. TOP GUN - March 2, 2007

There is nothing much that we can do. So, let’s do it this time. No more talking. VOTE FOR THE ALTERNATIVES. That is the only thing that we can do. No point of talking but don’t have the guts to change our government. There is no different between Mahathir, Pak Lah or Najib. The only thing that I can see is Pak Lah is worse than Mahathir. I guest Najib will follow the pattern. Show something to BN. We need to TEACH them.

16. panjang - March 2, 2007

bohong boleh!

17. yh - March 4, 2007

a digression. can someone also start a counter to count the no of deaths from national service? todate how many deaths alredi?
latest death from drowning in toilet! you wanna believe when her parents said she was a perfectly healthy girl
read recently another was semi paralysed. great chairman said instructor must be overzealous.
gosh, there always excuse only. they cant even fix simple matter such as transportation. and there were numerous complains about the quality of the food or lack of it. so,no surprise that there will be more casualties.
good luck all ns participants.

18. FreeEntreprise for Social Good - March 5, 2007

Subsidy for Petrol == SUBSIDY FOR THE RICH

This is because the rich can afford bigger cars in greater numbers, thus consuming far more petrol.

Now, do you still want our government to help the RICH? I don’t and I suspect many of you don’t too. There are many better ways to help the poor and needy, like decreasing the income tax for the lowest income group etc.

19. zewt - March 6, 2007

sorry… too engrossed to my theme… perhaps now.

20. mug - March 6, 2007

by the way, where did our 4.4 Bil went to??????????? Any ideas?

21. mug - March 6, 2007

I mean go to…heheheh, solli, too angry

22. Winston - March 13, 2007

I have often used the monorail and Putra LRT and I noticed that there are only two carriages per monorail/train.
At times there were huge crowds at the stations.
So, why don’t they add more carriages (three or more instead of just two) to ease the burden of the public transport users?

23. Derrick - March 21, 2007

Accept it, Malaysian Goverment sucks!!!!

24. Gary Eng - June 4, 2008

Simply put. Why can’t our government emulate Singapore’s? Do a case study, and you will find our government is plain right embarrassing.

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