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In 1867 … March 4, 2007

Posted by elizabethwong in Aufheben, Heritage, Miscellanous, Note2Self.

Got this gem of a trivia from a new acquaintance today.

Between churning tomes and asking Engels to hurry up with the next dispatch of mince pies and wine, Marx had time to play a friendly game of chess, recorded in the annals of chess history.

Karl Marx vs Meyer (1-0 )
Casual Game 1867
King’s Gambit: Accepted. Double Muzio Gambit Paulsen Defense (C37)

Enc. H – let’s play chess!


Doc Hutnyk has excerpts of conversations regarding Marx’s chess playing.



1. kittykat - March 4, 2007

Hi Elizabeth,
I’m an avid chess player.
I had never heard of the game before – Thanks for the information.

EW: I love chess too! Hope to learn more moves from you. Can’t remember half the openings and defences.

2. claire the cat - March 4, 2007


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