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“I don’t have anything to say right now” – Tengku Adnan March 13, 2007

Posted by elizabethwong in Current Affairs, Malaysia, Southeast Asia, Travel, Women.

(Above) Nila Tanzil, partner of Australian journalist Morgan Mellish, who died in Wednesday’s crash, is comforted by another journalist. (Photo: Glenn Campbell, The Age)

When the Malaysian Tourism Minister Tengku Adnan went bananas, calling women bloggers – anti-unity unemployed liars – on International Women’s Day (I wonder what the Malaysian government will put in their CEDAW – “Convention Against Discrimination Against Women” report this year), Nila was in Yogyakarta to identify the remains of her partner who perished in the ill-fated Garuda flight.

A DISTRESSED Nila Tanzil flew to Yogyakarta yesterday to view the remains of her boyfriend, Australian Financial Review journalist Morgan Mellish. “He’s gone, I can’t believe Morgan’s gone,” she said, collapsing in tears outside the Sardjito Hospital morgue. Around her, relatives of the dead and missing anxiously waited to identify the bodies of their loved ones (Con’t)

reports the sexist and racist remarks made by Tengku Adnan have made their rounds in Taiwan and caught the eye of Hong Kong University Assistant Professor and former CNN journalist Rebecca McKinnon. There’s even a Japanese translation.

On Monday, Straits Times / Associated Press published an article on this, (hey, where’s the local news on this?) and had the Minister reportedly saying,

“I don’t have anything to say right now.”

How about saying you’re very sorry – to all the women in Malaysia, and especially to Nila Tanzil?

And smile*.


(*Earlier on 7th March, the minister was reported to have asked Malaysians to smile more in order to woo more tourists.)


1. Black - March 13, 2007

Soon Tengku Adnan will be history….
He will fail with his job to promote Visit Malaysia Year 2007….
Especially from the women…..

Go to hell Tengku Adnan!!!

EW: Black – bisa beritahu si Taufik di Tempo tentang kasus ni? Malangnya emelnya dalam komputerku yg masih dalam workshop…

2. giovamar - March 13, 2007

Go on Elizabeth! Thanks for blogging!

3. politikus - March 13, 2007


our tourism minister is so in deep shit now.

4. Rikey® - March 13, 2007

Well we now know he’s not a real Tengku and not a real Man so what is he? Like Shieh says “Who Lets The Dogs Out” ….. LOL

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6. blueheeler - March 13, 2007

Aiyo, I’m sure if one of Adnan’s tourism staff made the outburst (and sullied M’sia’s good name in this VMY 07), I’m sure Adnan would have gladly fired him/her. Now, since Adnan works for Badawi, perhaps the PM should do the right thing, and close the wound before it bleeds M’sia dry in this year of the tourists…

7. zewt - March 14, 2007

we await his response… i wonder if it will come…

8. charis14 - March 14, 2007

‘Soon Tengku Adnan will be history….’
Nobody will not dare touch senior politicians from the ruling party. The top positions in the government are not given based on professionalism. Instead, it is based on the support you can garner to and within the party – even if you and your supporters are all Mat or Minah Rempits.

9. beruk =) - March 14, 2007

hi elizabeth,
i’m sharyn. i’m currently working on my final year project and would like to request for an interview on my topic, which focuses on jeff ooi’s screenshots and citizen journalism. the interview wont be taking much of your time as it will be done via email and within this week.
thank you

10. elviza - March 14, 2007

My fellow sister blogger,

I dont think he will be adult enough to ever apologise. What do you expect from a dimwit like him?

Keep up the good blog friend

11. Black - March 15, 2007

Ok… Cheers….

Akan diberitahu….

12. nila tanzil - March 15, 2007

Dear Elizabeth,
Thank you for your post. Am still mourning and haven’t been able to touch this issue yet. Will write a new post in my blog soon.
Again, thank you so much for your support.

EW: Dear Nila, I’m livid over the Malaysian Tourism Minister’s comments, but most of all, I am very sorry for your loss. Morgan’s in a good place now and you have to take care of yourself there.

13. zorro-unmasked - March 15, 2007

He has nothing to say right now, because he is busy look for a site for his grave come April 13. Bankruptcy case mah.

14. sharleen - March 15, 2007

go 2 HELL wit ADNAN!!!

15. cjcm - March 15, 2007

Nothing to say?… that’s really something…. 🙂

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17. Goodman - March 18, 2007

He is an idiot and a disgrace to any right thinking Malaysian. Time to check if he is really a “Tengku” or not. If he is a complaint lodged with the roay house concerned should require him to apologise. If he is not then he should consider getting a “Dr” from one of the many paper mills (or diploma mills) instead of making a mockery of our roayl houses.

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