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Tengku Adnan – “I love women” (choke) March 16, 2007

Posted by elizabethwong in Current Affairs, Malaysia, Politics, Southeast Asia, Travel, Women.


Tengku Adnan exercises his right of reply here.


Apologia from the Tourism Minister? Of course not.

This isn’t some courteous developed country. This is after all Malaysia; where a deputy Prime Minister can get a black eye from none other than the Inspector-General of Police: allegation-ridden head of the nation’s Anti-Corruption Agency doesn’t need to stand down during his own investigations; and municipal council officers drag people from their workplace to the police station over a (non-existent) parking ticket

Let’s recap the past 7 days:-

March 8
International Women’s Day.
Tourism Minister was reported by Sin Chew to have said, among many things (including racist taunts), that 80% of bloggers are unemployed women; that all bloggers cheat, lie and aren’t for national unity.
He added that he may lose some female voters but did not retract his statement or indicate that he was just joking.

March 12
The Tourism Minister, when asked by Associated Press, was quoted as saying “I have nothing to say right now.”

March 15
Malaysiakini (BM section) quoted the Tourism Minister as saying, “Saya sayang wanita…saya lahir dari emak saya dan kawasan Parlimen saya majoritinya wanita” (Translation: I love women … I was born of my mother and in my Parliamentary constituency, the majority are women.)
Rockybru quoted him as saying, “I am here because of women.”

First up:- That “I love women…” bit, made my skin crawl. That’s super creepy. In other countries, one would lose votes for being such a slimy creep.

The scent of an apology which had threatened to follow the Minister’s disproportionate sappiness, (almost moving this evening’s mee rebus from my stomach to the floor) … never came.

Instead Tengku Adnan went on to heap blame on Nila Tanzil, instead of taking responsibility for his previous outburst and his Ministry’s foibles.

For crying out loud – the poor girl is still in mourning. Don’t you even have a well-mannered bone in your body? Or does this make you all tingly and giddy, attacking a distraught young woman?

Worse still, the Minister was caught by Malaysiakini telling a big fat lie, “Saya tidak marah kepadanya, itu hanya pendapat beliau.” (I’m not angry with her, only her opinion)

Over an opinion in a blog, the Malaysian Tourism Board in Jakarta raised a ruckus about Nila with her TV station, until she was dropped? A tad vengeful, aren’t we? Angry, right?

Her complaints were legit enough to move EIC of The Star, Wong Chun Wai, to dedicate a column to them.

Instead of studying them and rectifying the mistakes, they go all out to vilify and discredit her, while asking Malaysians to ‘smile more to tourists.

A young female journalist lists out what’s wrong and should be corrected to make Visit Malaysia Year 2007 a success. She gets punished.

A Minister calls women who get on the internet – liars, cheats, unemployed, unpatriotic etc. etc. – and he gets to keep his job?

What does this really say about the state of this country and the people who run it?

If Tengku Adnan is here “because of women”, here’s hoping he won’t be ‘there’ in Putrajaya come the next General Elections – “because of women”.

Because it’s really too late for apologies now.



1. rocky's bru - March 16, 2007

Ouch! I did say this one is not going to be happy with the minister’s response …

EW: Must have standards la. Apology to all bloggers, esp. women and Nila Tanzil.

2. youzi - March 16, 2007

he slapped us, now wanna us forgive him by that lie? (sorry, I think he is lying, i don’t trust him.)

sorry I don’t love him no matter how he loves us (women).

sorry no cure!

3. scamboy - March 16, 2007

Hi, I post some about this on my blog…

U may access it here

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5. mob1900 - March 16, 2007

He is ‘there’ because of women(bloggers) alright, solidarity and mass understanding of a simple injustice. Thanks to you. 😉

6. unspun - March 16, 2007

Elizabeth, As a thought experiment it would be instructive for TA to know which is more disgusting to women: 1. when he calls them liars and the unemployed or 2. when he says he loves them. Your votes women?

EW: Wow. That’s a real toughie! 🙂

7. teetwoh - March 16, 2007

He appears flaky, unintelligible and incoherent everytime he opens his mouth. But then again, that could be true of most ministers and deputy ministers.

8. politikus - March 16, 2007

erm, doesn’t the tengku have his freedom of speech to say whatever he wants? 😛

9. Goodman - March 16, 2007

Malaysia has a bright future. What he said are pearls from the flower of Malaysian youth (oh, alright he is not that young).

Malaysia’s future is bright now that Abdullah’s brother Ibrahim and a Chinese gentleman have opened the Puteri Nasi Kandar restaurant in Perth, according to the Asia Times free community weekly (oh,alright it looks like Ali-Baba but Chinese don’t cook nasi kandar).

Malaysia’s future is bright now that we have a submarine. (oh,alright we need a rescue vessel to be really effective but it comes with a free can opener).

10. elizabethwong - March 16, 2007

Politikus – interesting point. Do officials in office have freedom of speech?

To an extent – yes, i.e. an individual, yes. I don’t care what Tengku says or thinks about women, the stock market, the price of fish etc.

But not when they hold office and represent the country or the people. Freedom of speech for officials ends where idiocy begins – that’s what they sign up for when they ran for elections and went into government.

They cannot assume they can spew racists, sexist, homophobic crap and get away with it. Like it or not, every word that comes out represents the will of the government.

That’s why there is such things as speechwriters and PR folks – otherwise we will end up having countries shoot at us! 😛

Indonesia, btw, has very impressive PR firms that flourished after the New Order era. Most of their Ministers and spokespersons come out smelling like roses. One is hardpressed to find their officials saying dumb things.

11. “All bloggers are liars” a Joke? | 4896 - March 16, 2007

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12. Linken Lim - March 16, 2007

Misquoted, that’s a favourite trade marked term of Malaysian politicians !.

13. Lawrence Lau - March 16, 2007

come Eli, have a glass of water, don’t get choke by this idiot!
Sometime i wonder about this Adnan’s characteristic, as a normal person, why want to put on a “TENGKU” in front of his name and even his father and grand father had all become “TENGKU”.
Think i gotta belanja him some “MO KU”
Titleship Maniac!!!

14. Lawrence Lau - March 16, 2007

Hi all blogger, Stop calling ADNAN as Tengku, He is not Kerabat anyway!

EW: I was referred to a piece of his Acehnese origins. Thus ‘Teuku’ or ‘Tengku’ is quite common, just like ‘Datu’ in Mindanao. I believe he has also said he was not ‘kerabat’. While some may wish to debate about sources and authenticity of all these, I shall stick to the official reference of his name.

15. Lawrence Lau - March 16, 2007

Just call him Adnan or Adnan Mansor!

16. MalaysianWoman - March 16, 2007

The Minister’s attempt to dismiss the Entire issue with just ‘Indon blogger a liar’ remark is a gross condescension to All women.
We, the taxpayers, demand some explanations and apologies.
Please enlighten us Tourism Minister – which exactly is the lie you are referring to now in Nila’s blog?
Listen up women of Malaysia, and do the right thing at the next general elections.

17. Winston - March 16, 2007

Our country has many supposedly highly qualified people as ministers, deputy ministers etc.
However, once they are in the seat, they started talking nonsense! Is this a Malaysian malady?
Perhaps years of being elected without much problems have gone to their heads, making them think that they can do and say whatever they want.
The electorate can teach them a lesson that they will not forget in the next general election by dumping the BN.
Then they can talk nonsense but out in the wilderness!

18. whome - March 16, 2007

Elizabeth, I have thrown in my two cents worth here:


19. Nila Tanzil says 'thank you to all bloggers' « “may the truth save us all” - March 17, 2007

[…] And today, I got even more responses in my blog as Tengku Adnan made a clarification on the remarks last week on women bloggers by saying “I didn’t mean all women. I was referring to Indon journalist” (Relishdish.blogspot.com), Elizabeth Wong. […]

20. Kean-Jin Lim - March 17, 2007

Nila Tanzil had expressed her gratitude to all bloggers. However, she was suspended by SCTV after that post in her blog.

~”Setelah itu, aku dapat kabar dari orang SCTV bahwa tulisanku bikin heboh orang Malaysia Tourism Board. Lalu oleh orang SCTV dijawab bahwa tulisan itu bersifat pribadi, tidak ada kaitannya dengan SCTV,” papar Nila.

~ Tak hanya membuat gerah pihak Tourism Board Malaysia, tulisan Nila di blog tersebut juga mengubah nasibnya di acara “Melancong Yuk!”.

~ “Setelah kejadian itu, SCTV membatalkan perjalananku ke Makassar. Dan sampai sekarang tidak ada kabar dari orang SCTV, dan tidak ada surat resmi tentang statusku sekarang ini,” kata Nila. “Aku jadi bingung, padahal di kontrak tidak disebutkan ada larangan menulis blog,” ujarnya sambil tertawa.

Read here, detikinet an online media in Indonesia.

21. wits0 - March 17, 2007

Get PT to give that Niamah award to him for brevity sake, to save some breath!

22. wits0 - March 17, 2007

Wimin, get the love of an incubus….visit M’sia!

23. Kontrofersi berputar postingan di blog « # aksara bermakna # - March 18, 2007

[…] Malaysian Tourism Board yang lalu bergulir jauh, diskorsnya penulis blog bahkan ditanggapi dengan nyinyir oleh menteri pariwisata Malaysia lalu mengusik banyak blogger di Malaysia atas komentar tersebut. […]

24. Billy - March 19, 2007

This joker is holed up in Putra Jaya with a population of only 5,000+ voters. Will there be enough female voters to dislodge him this time round? Come on ladies, we have had enough of discriminations to last us 10 lifetimes in this country. We sure can do without this bloke who discriminates the gentle sex. Do a SiPuteh in Putra Jaya . My sister-in-law was so furious with the statement made by that moronic MCA candidate (and called himself a ‘Dr’) that she gathered enough of her lady friends to vote him out in the last GE. Teresa Kok won the day.

25. amaruhizat - March 19, 2007

Wow looks who’s calling the kettle is black. lol.

This is so hilarious, the irony just can’t be much more obvious than this, as officials are the ones with established image synonymous with the lying thingie.

26. domjr - March 19, 2007

i saw this on the tvbs new just this evening, so wnt to the site to look for it, its bout malaysia tourism again, this time involve Taiwan pulak….

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28. mug - March 29, 2007

Well, I am a guy and without all blogs, how else and what other altertative means, would we be able to discuss and know whats ” really” going on ? What a thing to say from him…..ignorant idiot !

29. mug - March 29, 2007

I am really new at this and sad to say, I have not seen anything positive about whats going on. You want the good news and the rosy pictures, buy Star , NST and etc…..Our govt really thinks we are idiots !

30. oQ - April 10, 2007


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