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Toll Demo #5 March 19, 2007

Posted by elizabethwong in Economy, Event, Human Rights, Malaysia, Photography, Photojournalism.

USJ Summit Anti-Toll Hike Demo
A Narrative in Pictures (and a few words)


This is Dr Hatta Ramli (PAS). We like him heaps because he’s articulate and very humorous. But not the cops. They get edgy. So often enough, when he gets hold of the mic/megaphone, this is the inevitable outcome…



Today, five (5) people were arrested, including my neighbour Chan, who’s helping me video the event. It’s his first arrest so he was thrilled to bits. I wasn’t. There goes my footage.

The cops got him because he shot them arresting Nora. They told him they had to keep his tape because it was a matter of national security, and the Singaporeans (?!) mustn’t get a hold of it.


This is Nora (behind bars). Her husband was held in another truck.
Officer Mazni asked if I was coming along for the ride. I replied, “Not in this or the next lifetime.” She blinked.


Sure enough, the protest continued. Everyone decided to have a sit-in. Here’s Tian Chua (KeADILan, middle), flanked by Dr. Dzulkifli Ahmad (PAS) and Dr. Hatta Ramli. If the government had kept him longer in Kamunting, he too could be ‘Dr. Chua’.


Lau Weng San, (left, in red shirt) political secretary of Lim Guan Eng; and Thomas (DAP) joined in the fun too. Hey Lau, did I hear you say “Machap?”


Later, we proceeded to the District Police Station (IPD) of Subang Jaya to bail out the five. That’s in the middle of nowhere, near Serdang, housed in a row of shoplots. Because Umno was never good with geography or reading maps, USJ folks have to travel to this a**-end of Klang Valley if ever they have a problem and need police assistance.

Coincidentally, this IPD is where I’d accompanied Jeff Ooi for his witness statement during the ‘Islam-Hadhari’ commentator fiasco, when the First-Son-in-Law (boo!) said Jeff should be arrested under ISA.

The man above (left) is Chan’s brother, also known as Chan. He’s not looking particularly happy as the cops were dragging their feet. When cops take too long to process a simple bail, activists get bored. When activists get bored, strange things happen, like ….


They make me take these cutesy photographs of them.


People start bringing out flags and placards. And producing more placards on the spot.


Tian Chua starts making mysterious calls.
Did you just say, ‘Machap?’


This dragged on ’til dusk. So Dr. Hatta led the Muslims to prayer. Right in front of a row of the station’s Light-Strike Force. The whole station came out to watch. They were so enthralled that even when someone shouted, “Eh… mengapa tak sembayang?“, no one budged.


After almost two hours and upon hearing that the 5 inside were watching Astro, drinking ice-cold water and relaxing in the air-conditioned police station, Tian decided to bring out the ‘ultimate secret weapon’ – the megaphone – to speed things up, and to entertain us.

Dr. Hatta wonders how long Tian’s speech will be, this time round.


Never make activists wait…. they’d stand at the side of the road and rally the forces. Soon enough, cars and buses were honking in support, residents and shoppers gathered. Little wonder – the placard says, “Tangkap Rasuah’. They probably thought we were protesting against police corruption AND the toll-hike, so they came to cheer us on.


And they still make me take more cutesy photos.


Less than an hour after Tian unleashed the ‘ultimate secret weapon’, the cops couldn’t take it any longer.

Freedom at last! SAMY UNDUR! 🙂


1. Crankshaft - March 19, 2007

Today, five (5) people were arrested, including my neighbour Chan, who’s helping me video the event.
What were the charges for arrest if you don’t mind me asking?

It’s his first arrest so he was thrilled to bits.
I like the guy already.

They told him they had to keep his tape because it was a matter of national security, and the Singaporeans (?!) mustn’t get a hold of it.
The Singaporeans? I think more than just the Singaporeans are getting a coverage of this..

2. andrew - March 19, 2007

Watching ass-throw in police station and sipping ais kosong? Niama!!!

3. politikus - March 19, 2007

great shots, eli! hope the camera’s okay 🙂

cutesy? wait till they roar man 🙂 nyek nyek.

4. elizabethwong - March 19, 2007

Hi Crankshaft, Chan’s a great guy, very handy with his trusty video-cam. There are no charges. Cops just like to kacau and have piles of paperwork so that they don’t have to do real work like investigate Johari, FSIL, and Samy.

Andrew – Niamah! Where were you? Pak toh ke?

Danke Politikus. Camera must have gone on strike. Exceeded my quota of chun girls yesterday.

5. izinni - March 19, 2007

hai eli,

hehehehe .. cute entry. You made it sound soooo fun. We were late 😦 Semua orang sudah bersurai lorr .. the kids were the most dissappointed. They had practiced in the car chanting “HIDUP! HIDUP! HIDUP RAKYA! JATUH! JATUH! JATUH BN!” 😀

EW: Oh no! Next time yar! More time for your kids to practice their chants 🙂

6. freelunch2020 - March 19, 2007

nice pix. 😀

7. Toll Hike Protest - Summit, USJ, March 18th: The Ballad of Proton Yellow & Round Orange at jelas.info - March 19, 2007

[…] politikus, Eli 🙂 Tags-Civics, Demonstrations, Economy, eyewitness, Law Enforcement, Police, Police Brutality, […]

8. Brian Fong - March 19, 2007

tks for the update EW. prob people have to start thinking about suing the police for wrongful detention, harassment and of course confiscating personal belongings – all without probable cause. Do you think it will work? But i like your point… without all this paperwork they will have no excuse for failing to curb the rise in crime!!

EW: Hi Brian, Suing is an option but it takes too long. My case of wrongful detention back in 1996 is still in the Civil High Court. Ismail Che Ros, former CID chief of Bukit Aman once told us, “If you don’t like it, sue us.” Today, I know why they are so relaxed and cool about lawsuits. If the Independent Commission on the Police isn’t set up soon, cases of police impunity will continue to grow.

9. Winston - March 19, 2007

You all make demos sound like fun!

EW: I only turn up for fun events 🙂

10. tony yew - March 19, 2007

Let me know when this goes to Jln Sultan Ismail…He He

11. DotMySpot - March 19, 2007

Hmm.. i bagi tau ar.. itu toll too many la!!!

We are all surrounded by tolls everywhere @@”..

Can’t the government pay for everything!!

dun tell me DUIT HARAM! !@@”

12. giovamar - March 19, 2007

Good reporter!!

It seems a peaceful protest indeed.
I’ll choose soon my favourite pic Liz, I don’t forget about 🙂

EW: Yeah it was pretty alright, esp. when we had to amuse ourselves during the wait. Photos – I didn’t forget either. Please take your pick(s) 🙂

13. zewt - March 19, 2007

this is the reason why i no longer read mainstream media… good post.

14. giovamar - March 20, 2007

I love the photos on your latest flikr series: the green and the red one with bikes..
But Liz, a HD file will be however fantastic!

Mario G

EW: Dear Mario, I’ll post it to you. My prints are numbered.

15. aa - March 20, 2007

Hi EW, one question though, why can’t I see your email in this blog?


EW: I’ve contemplated setting up a new account to accompany this blog. TQ for the reminder.

16. RANJIT SINGH - March 20, 2007

Elizabeth…awak selalu bernasib baik kerana tidak pernah kena tangkap dengan Policia…malaisia gille…bila lagi Susan Loone…mau balik ke Malaysia ? dia tentu ingin sama menjayakan protes…saperti selalu yang diadakan di KL…reformasi…protes sampai turun…

EW: Saudara Ranjit, Saya pernah jadi OKT 5 kali. Dulu zaman saya, kita terpaksa bermalam dlm lokap, bukan seperti hari ini. Ini kerana semasa satu penangkapan, saya bersama 6 orang menang satu ‘test-case’ di mana polis lebih susah menahan kita overnight kalau tiada bukti investigasi telah dijalankan. Ini menyekat kuasa polis untuk menahan orang ‘overnight’ atas alasan sia-sia sahaja, dan mengurangkan penyalahgunaan kuasa polis untuk menahan kita kerana adanya niat buruk ataupun rasa dendam.

17. izinni - March 20, 2007

hi eli,
i saw the video footages in Malaysiakini and tvpas. How the police manhandled Saari Sungip. That man in read who grabed Saari from behind, dragged and pushed him down. God! I was so angry when i saw that. So so so angry. It reminds me the way the MPAJ officials treated the people in Kg Berembang. I had cried when i saw terrified look on little ones. Saari’s daughters crying and how the policewomen pushed the little girls. Damn!!

EW: Yah. There are some ‘rough’ moments. Which is why my camera rosak mid-way.

18. aa - March 20, 2007

So when is it you’re going to publish your email address? It’s quite easy to setup an email address, isn’t it? 😉

EW: Not so hard, yet not too easy! In due time ‘aa’!

19. Rikey® - March 20, 2007

Hmm.. i bagi tau ar.. itu toll too many la!!!

The biggest is coming…. you get tolled for driving into KL. Imagine how many roads leading into KL needs a toll booth!

20. Rikey® - March 20, 2007

anyway nice cutesy photos especially Tian making that call like to some lover ….

EW: He was definitely not doing that!

21. drmike - March 21, 2007

I know this is going to sound silly and makes light of your situation and your post but I love how the pictures look. They’re very crisp and colorful. What are you using for a camera?

EW: Nikon D50. A steady hand helps

22. Andrew - March 21, 2007

Hmm? D50 ko dah mampoi?

Ko minta claim dari PDRM lah…

23. ctr - March 21, 2007

God help us all b4 if we vote for these barbarians. We better think of it b4 our country is distroyed.!

24. Superman - March 22, 2007

I’m still cant forget when the policeman start to make ambush to the protester. One of them who wear a full uniform where the rank was Chief Inspector (Chinese Policeman) i think using his elbow to kneel down one of the protestor n arrest him. Luckily there was so crowded over there n cant do nothing to stop him. Sighhh

25. Gua Bay Song - March 22, 2007

eli: I got a tiny question – Remember the ‘good ol’ days’ where some 1-2k fella’s would come out in protest? Now its difficult to even rally a dozen ‘leaders’ from the NGO/opposition fraternity.

How come ah? People like Syed Sharir can rally 1k EASILY if he wanted to. I mean, if PSM doesn’t rally people that I can understand lah… since the whole protes thingy is more geared towards the middle class.

I mean, look at the Sunway protest. Peter Chin from DAP klang brought a whole posse. And many groups – Puchong Anti Cemetary group, Mahkota Cheras group – too brought out their supporters to make up the numbers.

So if you think about it, if the organisers contact 2 dozen of such groups and teach of them bring a dozen people to make up numbers – 2 x 12 x 12 = 288 already – bigger than the crowd in summit!

I really suspect there is a lack of communication on part of the organisers. It’s like they don’t keep a ‘contact list’ of people/groups that they would like to invite.

No real point dishing out mini flyers on protest which uses paper that end up in the wastepaper bin.

Our of the five protest so far, 3 were poorly attended – Kajang, Gombak and USJ. I believe the organisers are doing something wrong.

Where’s black? We need his uber protest organising skillz.

26. Superman - March 22, 2007

As far we know there is very poor communication between us to get the information. Even the last protest also i had no idea izzit really a demo will be done on last Sunday. Just get know when my buddy sms me n i reconfirm back to our leader Dr Hatta and the answer was yes. For nextcoming demo event i already had make the advertiment to a tranungkite website using broadcast public message. I’ll do it continously until the day come. Hope this time we can gather more than 2K people to stand forward to protest these toll hikes issues

27. Demokaki - March 22, 2007

Totally agreed with u guys/gals, most of the flyers were only handed out at the mosque. Worst, they even distributed it at Masjid India, I don’t know what groups they hv targeted. Further, there were no leaders from PKR, PAS & DAP except Tian & Dr. Hatta. I bet to my last ringgit, if they don’t improve on these, the turnout on 22/04 wud be worst.

28. Gua Bay Song - March 23, 2007

I don’t think it’s easy to get ordinary people to come out and demo unless it is a issue really really close to their hearts (e.g. sacking of anwar, caricature issue).

A lot of people are scared of riot police. I don’t blame them.

But, as I said earlier, there are certain NIMBY groups and other interest groups that can really make up the numbers.

If in Cheras leisure mall, can engage Tan Kok Wai and the Balakong gang to come out and protest. Those guys effectively closed down a highway a long time ago remember? (people were paying RM0.50. Hahah! People power!).

29. Superman - March 28, 2007

Mr Gua. Have u got the contact of this two fellows…i think u shud do some follow up to get them both to join us for the coming protest event.

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