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Machap by-election dates and details March 21, 2007

Posted by elizabethwong in Democracy, Malaysia.

(Updated: 1513 H)

Nomination day: 3 April 2007

Polling day: 12 April 2007

The constituency of Machap was formerly known as Bukit Sedanan. Both KeADILan and DAP have contested there in the past.

In 1999, KeADILan’s Zamani Abdul Wahid received 2,340 votes against the late Poh’s 4,966

In 2004, DAP’s Liou Chen Kuang’s 1,285 votes lost to the late Poh Ah Tiam’s 5,847.

Late this morning, Lim Guan Eng, secretary-general of DAP announced to the media in Parliament that DAP is interested to contest there.

KeADIlan, while saying they are keen and ready too, in the spirit of unity and consultation, they will first discuss it in tonight’s Political Bureau meeting and talk further with other partners in the Opposition to ensure the best candidate is put forward to ensure an Opposition victory.

(KeADILan President Dr. Wan Azizah Wan Ismail’s statement available here)

Malaysiakini and a few Chinese media have reported on the names of possible candidates. According to them, they are:-

MCA front-runner is Lai Meng Chong, Human Resources Minister Dr Fong Chan Onn’s political aide

Two names from KeADIlan have been reported by the media; they are Malaccan locals – Tian Chua and Ginie Lim, who is the party’s Media Coordinator.

DAP has yet to offer any names to date. DAP Sec-Gen said, a three-member committee, including himself, will decide on this.

However, it won’t be Guan Eng, “I won’t be contesting, I’ve made that clear. That is without a doubt. Everybody knows that,” as quoted by Malaysiakini.

Below are more details and records of voting:-

Pilihanraya Dun Machap/Bukit Sedanan

Malay : 38.3%
Chinese : 45.6%
Indian : 15.3%
Others: 0.7%

1999 – N 07 Bukit Sedanan

Jumlah Pengundi : 10,189

Poh Ah Tiam (MCA) : 4,966
Zamani B. Abbul Wahid (PKR) : 2,340

Majoriti : 2,626
Peratus Mengundi : 73.84%
Undi Rosak : 218

2004 – N 08 Machap

Jumlah Pengundi : 9,887

Poh Ah Tiam (MCA) : 5,847
Liou Chen Kuang (DAP) : 1,285
Majoriti : 4,562
Peratus Mengundi : 74.2%
Undi Rosak : 202



1. kittykat46 - March 21, 2007

Hi Elizabeth
In the case of this constituency, there were a lot of local factors involved in the last few elections. Machap is a small community, and the town people tend to know each other. Po Ah Tiam was well respected locally, and he received many votes for that reason.
I’m not sure if that will carry over to the new BN candidate.
DAP or Keadilan would be better off if they could field a locally known candidate. An outsider parachuted in won’t be well received in this small community.

2. Andrew - March 21, 2007

kittykat46: Ginie is a charmer. Prepared to be blown away.

3. Final by-election before 12th General Elections « elizabeth wong - March 21, 2007

[…] (This post has been updated on 21 March 2007) […]

4. Libra - March 21, 2007

DAP, as always, will have problems getting Malay votes. It would be wise for DAP to make way for a Keadilan candidate.
It will a uphill battle for the Opposition but its worth the try.
Just hope the Chinese in Macap have b**ls to express their disgust with BN’s discriminatory policies and rampant corruption.
As usual UMNO will wave the keris in Macap and the Chinese will chicken out.

5. shag - March 22, 2007

This place looks like another mixed ethnicity constituency where the MCA will rely on the Malay wary of the (alleged) chauvanist nature of DAP.

So if DAP fields local to fish for non-Malay votes & PAS fields a candidate to split the Malay vote, then DAP will win if they can get most of the Chinese/Indian votes.

Cunning or what?

6. andrew - March 22, 2007

Its official. Bet on MCA to win to make a quick buck.

7. blueheeler - March 22, 2007

What a timely pre-nationwide-election litmus test! The eventual percentages compared to the previous election will be a good indication if the BN has lost gound, if any. Gloves off everybody!

8. kasi naik - March 22, 2007

Anuar and Tian Chua should give full support to DAP this time-
sacrifice small me ,ok???

9. Maverick - March 23, 2007

I think Tian Chua should stand a better chance of denying the BN.

10. Rahimi - March 24, 2007

hidup keadilan! hie elly! hahahhaha…

Poh Ah Tiam (MCA) : 4,966
Zamani B. Abbul Wahid (PKR) : 2,340

Poh Ah Tiam (MCA) : 5,847
Liou Chen Kuang (DAP) : 1,285

go go PKR! its okay, just give it to DAP this time…

11. shag - March 26, 2007

Rahimi, the 1999 reformasi election as a one-off with special circumstances.

Has the electoral landscape changed Batu Talam?
If not, the opposition should stand by their principles & boycott this election as well.

12. abdul malek - March 27, 2007

Kekalkan keamanan yang sedia ada di Malaysia Am nya Melaka khususnya dan Machap. Saya amat yakin DUN Machap akan memenangi di pihak BN dengan Majoriti yang tinggi…Yang penting pihak BN perlu bekerja lebih kuat untuk memastikan tiada undi untuk di pihak pembangkang.

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