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Tengku Adnan – “I love women” (choke) March 16, 2007

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Tengku Adnan exercises his right of reply here.


Apologia from the Tourism Minister? Of course not.

This isn’t some courteous developed country. This is after all Malaysia; where a deputy Prime Minister can get a black eye from none other than the Inspector-General of Police: allegation-ridden head of the nation’s Anti-Corruption Agency doesn’t need to stand down during his own investigations; and municipal council officers drag people from their workplace to the police station over a (non-existent) parking ticket

Let’s recap the past 7 days:-

Final by-election before 12th General Elections March 16, 2007

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Poh Ah Tiam, 56, the state assemblyman for Machap in the Parliamentary constituency of Selandar, Malacca, passed away this evening from lymph cancer.

He had been admitted into the Malacca’s Pantai Hospital ICU since February.

Poh headed the Malacca Malaysian Chinese Association (MCA). He won Machap seat in the 2004 General Elections.


Another anti-toll demo + video March 15, 2007

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A rawkin’ promo video from my new friend :P.

Be forewarned – May not be suitable for delicate ears!
Press the ‘Play’ button to play/pause or to let it download completely before playing it in full.


“I don’t have anything to say right now” – Tengku Adnan March 13, 2007

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‘Samseng’ Nation March 13, 2007

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Menteri tidak empati wanita, mirip dinosaur! March 12, 2007

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Kenyataan Tengku Adnan Tengku Mansor, Menteri Pelancongan Malaysia, dalam akhbar Sin Chew, 9 Mac, 2007, bahawa daripada 10,000 bloggers yang mengangggur, 80% adalah terdiri daripada wanita. Beliau juga menyebut kepada pemberita bahawa bloggers adalah golongan yang gemar menyebar khabar-khabar angin dan membenci perpaduan serta harmoni antara kaum.

Sebagai seorang menteri, menonjolkan tuduhan sedemikian adalah sesuatu yang tidak bertanggungjawab, dan mengetengahkan data yang belum tentu dapat dibuktikan, adalah sesuatu yang amat sukar untuk diterima.

Kenyataan beliau adalah sesuatu yang tidak wajar, lebih-lebih lagi ketika wanita seluruh dunia baru saja menyambut Hari Wanita Sedunia pada 8 Mac, 2007. Menteri seperti Tengku Adnan yang tidak empati terhadap situasi dan realiti kehidupan wanita, adalah mirip dinosaur yang akan pupus, kerana wanita pastinya akan menolak pemimpin yang sedemikian.


Newsflash: Tian Chua released! March 8, 2007

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After having his photograph, looking bedraggled, splashed in all major newspapers, and with headlines such as “Tian Chua arrested for attempted murder”, he was released this evening at 8 pm without charges! 🙂

Tian speaking to reporters after his release from Ampang District Police Station.
photo credit: http://en.keadilanrakyat.org/

Sleep well, Koulabear March 8, 2007

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Koula Koumis, (1977-2007)
Family member of Suaram
Human rights activist extraordinaire
Dearest Friend


IWD: Tengku Adnan whacks women bloggers March 8, 2007

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This is not a joke.

Malaysian Minister for Tourism, Tengku Adnan was reported by Sin Chew (9 March 07, Early Evening edition pp 5) to have said the following

(non-authoritative translation from Chinese to English, please feel free to improve/correct this, Mr J and Mr Tuna.):-


Happy International Women’s Day! March 8, 2007

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I wish I had time to put up the funky logo for IWD2007 and rant about the dearth of rights for women, but suddenly I looked up at the clock and saw the time: 5.29 pm!

I’m beginning to feel like one of the women that I had written about in the past – where they get up at 5 am to start work at home, go to the fields, return for more housework, childcare etc. and end up at crashing at midnight.

The grand plan concocted two weeks ago was to have a mega pampering session (insert – annual rant). Instead today turned out to be like this:-