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:-O April 2, 2007

Posted by elizabethwong in Democracy, Malaysia, Note2Self, Politics.

A depressing yet true story. Dialogue, naturally, is paraphrased.

Person A was approached by Party B last week.

Party B: “The Chief said, we will pay you RM 5,000 if you don’t campaign for Party C.”

Person A: “But my leaders said Party C needs help. Ho hum, let me think.”

After Party C candidate was announced, Party B contacted Person A.

Naturally Person A thought Party B would be doubling the stakes.

Party B:  “Er. My Chief said, it’s too easy. Haha. Sorry old chap. No deal.”

Person A: “:-O”



1. freelunch2020 - April 3, 2007



2. kittykat46 - April 3, 2007

Hah..there are always people who are willing to sell their soul for money…..until one day they find out what’s left of their soul is worth very little.
So BN/MCA thinks DAP’s Liou Chen Kuang is too easy an opponent.
Never met the guy before, hard to say.

3. monsterball - April 3, 2007

DAP is very smart to choose same candidate who lost to Barisan by 1300+- to 5300+-..differnce close to 4000 votes. Remember…this is a by-election!
Naturally…Part B when hearing the small fry…thinking sure to loose..withdrew the usual offer.
But if DAP wins…that is the biggest upset for Barisan. And if Barisan wins…they will aways celebrate hoping voters do not understand by what margin that maybe far far less than 4000+- majority.
DAP is real smart.

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