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A winter (cicada) sonata April 3, 2007

Posted by elizabethwong in Current Affairs, Malaysia, Note2Self, Politics, Race Relations.

(Photo source: Hilton Pond Centre)

One of the best fun a person can have in this country is reading the vernacular press. Loads of stuff one won’t be able to find in the English dailies.

Take for instance, this bit of gem over the weekend.

MCA National Youth treasurer-general, Senator Datuk Soon Tian Szu was quoted to have said after MCA Youth protested Umno deputy Youth chief Khairy Jamaluddin’s racist remarks, the latter apparently went – “噤若寒蝉” – which translates to “as silent as a cicada in winter“.

(Note2Self: A Winter Sonata! :P)

Soon said, “If Khairy dares to utter such racist statements again, MCA Youth will not tolerate him!”

And MCA Youth will ….Leave the coalition? Send a memorandum? Call for a Royal Commission on Race Relations? Go the way of Gerakan-PPP? Commiserate with a few cicadas?

We shall have to wait and see.

And by the way Mr. Senator; if I’m not mistaken, Vincent does read Chinese.

(Thanks Lih Kang, for this bookmark)



1. siv77 - April 3, 2007

That is funny. Maybe they will just send a strongly worded letter to Khairy. And file it under “We will forget all about racist remarks come Election year” . It’s days like this, i wish i could read chinese!

2. Crankshaft - April 3, 2007

God almighty. What a joke.

Soon said, “If Khairy dares to utter such racist statements again, MCA Youth will not tolerate him!”

MCA has no snivelling guts even to stand up for themselves, much less for the people they represent. I’m going with the last option – Commiserate with a few cicadas.

3. 4thfloorboy - April 3, 2007

Senator Soon Tian Szu means to say that should Tun KJ utter such statements again, the MCA members will sit at the roadside and cry. (This is what small boys do when bullied by big boys.) Also, Tun KJ told me to inform Senator Soon that unless he (Soon) apologises to umno for making threatening statements, he will not be appointed senator again next year.

4. monsterball - April 4, 2007

MCA has no balls!! They need to play wayang kulit with UMNO to keep fooling the chinese they are championing the chinese rights…and UMNO for the malays and that fat belly Samy Vellu follow suit for Indians. There you see.who is playing race and religion politics….to win votes. What have we citizens benefitted from this type of people for past 50 years? Majority malays are awakened to the truths. It is the chinese wanting to play safe for their own selfish reasons and not for the country. I hope come next election…they change their selfish mindsets and vote for the love of the country. They will know what to do….if they think properly. Chinese are smart people…

5. Alex - May 1, 2007

hey is u can message me about the 17th year cicadas if u got new facts it would help thakxs

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