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Antara Ijok dan Timor Timur April 12, 2007

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The polls are now closed in Machap and counting’s underway. Results should start trickling in round about now.

While we are waiting, below are some numbers and pointers for the 28th April by-election in Ijok.

Ijok should be known as the ‘land’ of 3-corner fights. This happened in 1999 and 2004. This means, in this by-election, expect the trend to continue, what with the initial display of chest-beating from Hindu rightists and Indian chauvinists, falling over themselves over this so-called ‘Indian seat’.

Throw in DAP’s statement about wanting to run there and Parti Sosialis non-oblique email yesterday about ‘principles’, we may well see a 4-corner fight there.

Mmm. Testosterone.
I’m bored.

Swiftly moving to the 2004 General Elections, KeADILan (PKR) lost by a majority of 18.1%.


TOTAL VOTERS – 12, 404
VOTING % – 75.59
DEMOGRAPHICS – Malays 41.48% – Chinese – 20.9% – Indians – 28.6%

(BN) Dato K Sivalingam 5213
(PKR) Abdul Rahman Moharam – 3564
(BEBAS) Mohamed Shariff bin Nagoorrani 313

Majority – 1649

TOTAL VOTERS – 16, 847
VOTING % – 69.73
DEMOGRAPHICS – Malays 41.48% – Chinese 17.76% – Indians – 40.76%

(BN) Dato K Sivalingam 6 567
(DAP) Krishnan Veerish 3401
(BEBAS) Mohd Yusof Abdul Rahim 1245
Majority 531


In East Timor (Timor Timur dalam Bahasa Malaysia/Indonesia), preliminary results see former compatriots, Fretilin’s Francisco Guterres (28.69%) and Nobel Peace laureate Jose Ramos-Horta (22.6%) who is running as an Independent, as the front runners in this young nation’s election for the presidency.

Jose is an old friend and a comrade of democrats in Malaysia so naturally, it’ll be nice to see him win the presidential race.

He was one of the most supportive international figures of Anwar Ibrahim during his incarceration, and during Tian Chua‘s imprisonment under the Internal Security Act, April 2001 – June 2003.



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2. gua bay song - April 14, 2007

Hindu rightist? Indian chauvinist?

Then what do you think of this guy? ==> http://www.malaysiakini.com/news/65911

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