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(Machap) Final ‘push’ April 12, 2007

Posted by elizabethwong in Democracy, Malaysia, Politics.


Final night of campaigning in Machap, where the last ceramah was held on Wednesday at Melaka Pindah before the clock struck 12 and all campaigning must cease.


Anwar Ibrahim, was without doubt the star of Machap last night, despite the fact that the deputy Prime Minister was also in town, with his outriders and an entourage of humongous tank-like global-warming-causing SUVs circling a rather peculiar grape-and-floral roundabout.

The street of Chinese-predominant Machap Baru overflowed with people during Anwar’s speech. When it was over, instead of just the usual “Reformasi” shouts, the locals took to chanting, “Anwar, Anwar, Anwar…”. Many were taken aback, including a rather excited political analyst who was there observing the by-election.

“I’ve never heard this before … no one would have chanting for Ling Liong Sik or Ong Ka Ting in this kind of community or environment.”

I think he told me this like five times throughout the night. With analysis too.

Anwar had challenged those at Machap Baru to listen to him in Kampung Melaka Pindah, which comprised of a mainly Malay Muslim audience, to check if he would speak differently about abolishing the NEP, about Subashini etc. and their rights to be heard in the civil courts and many other issues.

Some did take up his dare, and true enough, the messages at both places were consistent. At Melaka Pindah, he was even more forward; asking the listeners to step up as Muslims and ensure that Subashini and such cases receive justice and redress, and for them to look for a different type of NEP i.e. a ‘New Economic Agenda’ where the poor from all communities have access to assistance from the government.

By the time you read this, the voters (and phantom voters) of Machap would have begun driving and treading on freshly-tarred road, on their way to cast their ballots.

May good sense prevail among the denizens and may there be less phantom voters this time round.

Best of luck, DAP!

(Thanks to Tunasing for the brilliant driving and JerryWho for the company. Sorry DAP, we wolfed down the chocolate-chip cookies and butter cake we brought down for you guys – we’ll replace it in Ijok!)



1. Henry - April 12, 2007

All the best to the DAP candidate.

2. KY - April 12, 2007

Well, let’s see if DAP can defied the odds, looks herculean task though

3. monsterball - April 12, 2007

Yes, It looks very clear Keadilan and DAP are united to contest against Barisan.The result at Machap will be interesting. Timing of Anwar’s speech…just before election wa smartly planned.
Last election…Barisan won by more than 4300 votes from a total of approx.7500…forgot the exact figures. If Barisan looses…lets hear their reasons.. If DAP loose…it is expected..but boy…this time…they have Anwar’s support. It is undoubtedly the best by-election to date. Everyone is waiting for the result.

4. Sheikh's Brother - April 12, 2007

If BN wins, the scale of the victory will determine if Anwar Ibrahim has any clout with the voters. If they win big, Anwar is a non starter. If they win small, Anwar may have a start. This is stating the obvious. But if the BN wins big, and Anwar is proven to be a non starter what should we do ? What will Anwar do ? ‘We’ will have to look beyond Anwar. Anwar will have to start looking beyond PKR and DAP. Anwar will start sending feelers to UMNO again. “Take me in. I will do your wash”

EW: Wah. If Anwar can go there one day, make a couple of speeches and people suddenly start voting for DAP, he won’t be a politician but a miracle worker :)! PKR and DAP have no illusions about the state of affairs in Machap and neither should anyone else.

5. Libra - April 12, 2007

Ultimately, it is not Anwar or PKR or DAP. It is the voters who decide. It is whether they vote with a conscience.
There are Malaysians who are prepared to vote for Satan just to ensure that they can go on earning a living without rocking the boat. Other, who live in fear are afraid to vote for the Opposition.
Still others are aware of all the follies of the government but will still vote for BN.
If BN wins by a bigger majority, which is unlikely, it will be a disaster for the countries future.

6. Gua Bay Song - April 12, 2007

‘Best of luck DAP’

You are pretty kind to DAP despite the fact that:

– They didn’t care if other opposition parties had better candidates than that Liou character
– They are not interested in an opposition victory
– Suicide mission = EZ win for BN

My humble dua sen.

EW: GuaBaySong – What is done is done, what is in the past will pass on. True, PKR was pretty angry, but the public expects nothing less than a united opposition, and every genuine politician must remember that they serve the interests of, and at the pleasure of the people, and not just themselves.

7. Biggum Dogmannsteinberg - April 14, 2007

So Anwar’s presence didn’t actually do anything substantial. BN won from a majority of 4500, reduced by 500 (About 10%). From the vote casted, the swing is hardly 7%.

It only shows clearly Anwar is gone! Spent bullet. No one actually buy in to his fiery speeched any longer. Anwar is saying nothing substantive and appealing. Yes, he has his interpretations to everything and it only shows the rakyat already done with his rhetorics. Today, Anwar’s contribution to Malaysian politics is near negligible.

Congratulations BN. Well done Machapans. Hard luck, DAP. PKR, its time to wake up from this extra long day dream!

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