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(Machap) Results: DAP candidate regains depost April 12, 2007

Posted by elizabethwong in Democracy, Malaysia, Politics.

(As of 7.00 pm)

Results of Machap by-election!

The DAP candidate regained his deposit and did reasonably well.

BN – 5536  5533
DAP – 1449 1452
Spoilt – 156 166

Majority – 4097 4052
(non-authoritative results; these figures are still being verified. Figures updated 3.44 am)

In 2004, these are the numbers:-

BN – 5,847
DAP – 1,285
Spoilt votes – 202

Majority – 4,562

Breakdown according to areas:-

Hutan Perca BN406/DAP118

Melaka Pindah BN804 /DAP131

Umboo BN726 /DAP447

Kemuning BN 374 / DAP4

Machap Baru BN914/DAP527

Tebong BN1037 / DAP165

(a couple more…)



1. Kurt Ping - April 12, 2007

I think the strategy was not winning the by-election, thus the result. Clearly, ceramahs were not a contributing factor to getting votes. There must be a rethinking of strategy and tactics by the opposition. Leaders of the opposition should remove past experiences and start afresh, something new to win coming elections. We know that many leader politicians do not have grassroots followers, although they may be heavyweights in the political arena – getting grassroots support is a different ball game altogether. We need each other, parties of the opposition, to win elections.
We need to be a lot detailed to get the votes in. There should be more than just negotiation of seats among opposition parties.We need to discuss specifics to be able to win.
More so when BN plays dirty.

EW: Sokong! 🙂

2. Libra - April 12, 2007

Is the end of world imminent?

EW: Dear Libra, Let’s put it this way:- An entire national BN and government machinery and unlimited access to public coffers (I wonder how much has this cost the public?) vs. a young DAP chap with only half of the opposition machinery and limited funds.

It was good that DAP managed to move those votes, though it may look few on the outside, but they represent more than just than 500 votes. It was not a walkover which the BN expected, with the DPM having to campaign there everyday.

From there, now in Ijok, we must try to double the swing. At least now, not just the political parties, but the public needs to know that more work needs to be done in order to gain more opposition seats; and finally we can chuck out this silly illusion of “oh – 65% of Chinese will vote for us”. No way. Not without hard work from everyone!

3. ricky - April 12, 2007

A very sad day indeed and for the people of Machap you have make the choice.

I expect DAP at least to garner over 2000 votes but……

We will see the greatest spin of all time by the medias and the bodohwi will speak like a great man who thinks he is the best pm of all time.

As Kurt Ping stated above, the oppositions have to start from ground and be more ready for the coming GE.

No matter what the fight must still go on until we are call back by our maker.

4. ricky - April 12, 2007

I am sad, very sad that evil always rule in this bodohland. Sad again because the people are always in slumber. Don’t know what to say anymore.

5. sam - April 12, 2007

Aiyo. When a fler is assigned to a place to contest.. and that fler don’t even know about the place. How can the fler get grassroots support?

The so called negotiation of seats won’t work one ler…

6. Rikey® from WATTAHACK? - April 12, 2007

with BN going on spending spree its eazy to corrupt votes… fence sitters would feel indepthed and with many promises flying around they might just take the risk with BN. but then somehow the ppl ends up paying back more than they gain!

7. monsterball - April 13, 2007

I met Elizabeth Wong personally to-night at Sheih’s farewell party…shook hands twice. She is simply a gracious, humble lady.
Thanks for accepting me as a friend Liza. good night!
On the election result…DAP should know how to read their future with the small gain…around 15% increases in vote to them.
The result also shows clearly..Machap voters trust Barisan National…period!

EW: It was a pleasure to meet you, Mr. Monsterball!

8. freelunch2020 - April 13, 2007

she is indeed gracious…humble…i dunno ;P ke ke ke…..
nice to see u down in machap…
anyway, all the bestest to u guys in ijok 😀

EW: Hahaha! You mean I talk like a Minister too? 😛
Good job FL2020 in Machap. It was crucial to reduce those votes. Small steps before the great leap forward!

9. Kurt Ping - April 13, 2007

I think we should be also a lot serious. The public needs to be trained in matters of politics. I mean, to train them to wrestle power from BN. All opposition political parties must put this agenda as priority. Bloggers incline to support opposition can play their role in rallying the people’s support and getting pool of human resources for opposition machinery.
We have hope. We always have that. We believe in our leaders from the opposition to change the BN infested politics This is no angan-angan. But this time round (12th GE) we need to work purposefully to win, work smart and with every party helping out in an organised manner.

10. Libra - April 13, 2007

What is worrying is the attitude of Chinese voters. Despite facing such widespread discrimination how could their conscience allow them to give their support to a morally bankrupt government.
Or was it FEAR of being further intimidated it they had supported the DAP.
We are not only fighting the mass abuse of government machinery and funds but also the biased media.
You can expect more abuses in the coming general elections. A desperate government will resort to anything to remain in power.
Do not forget the weightage given to rural voters.
Even if the opposition secures 51% of the popular votes in the GE, it may still not be able to form the next government. Do you agree?
BN’s control of “all the systems” is total. It can break all the rules in the book and yet get away victorious.
Anyway, let’s do our part in whatever little ways to bring about change. God bless you.

11. Joanne - April 13, 2007

Looks like the small town people are still blinded by their greed for money (even though for very small measly sum of …say RM20 anygpows and karaoke sessions) and total suckers for last minute approval of projects by BN.
So frustrating that these villagers don’t want to rise above all that and really take charge of the well-being of this country. I suppose, people are basically selfish.

12. Frank - April 13, 2007

Malaysian Chinese especially the Mandarin-speaking chinese are suckers for politics of fear.

And I have to congratulate BN and UMNO for recognising this culturally-ingrained character of the Malaysian Chinese.

They complaing and swear in cantonese/hokien/teochew foul language about this BN Govt for their children not getting places in university of their choice, lack of scholarships and lack of business opportunities.

But when MCA with UMNO money throw some cash in front of their noses, make heaven-like promises to them which are consistently not fulfilled AFTER the election, they lose all their pride as a parent/father/Chinese and as a community and march to the voting booth to vote for UMNO and MCA.

UMNO’s political skill cannot be matched by DAP, whose opposition policies are so outdated and whose campaign style in any election is so amateurish ie schoolboy-like.

DAP is now stereotype as a party that can never win Govt, high on rhetoric, short on delivery.

DAP is a political party that does not know where it wants to go and what it wants to to do..The DAP leadership is only good at rabble-rousing in Parliament and talking big on issues that have no consequence to winning elections.

This uphill task of the opposition is self-inflicted by disinterested DAP leaders.

At least PAS is slowly positioning itself for the general election and to woo nonMalay votes, an image makeover eg getting their HQ in Kl to city center, recruiting a nonMuslim-friendlier faces among its leadership eg Husam Musa, be seen to be less conservative, and recruiting a former UMNO Branch chairman, blogger Kickdafella, to work for PAS in the communication arena.

What does DAP do?

Still dishing out worn-out issues and slogans election after election. It cannot even distinguish political campaign strategies for a byelection with that of a general election. Same worthless approach for both. They don’t even conduct decent attitude surveys among voters from which to map out persuasive communication tactics to neutralise the negative propaganda of BN/MCA about DAP’s politics.

Lim Kit Siang performs well in Parliament, but that is only good for his own personal image and winning elections for himself. Lim Kit Siang has to bring his troops to perform well in the towns and villages, not in ceramah days before the election, but months ahead before election.

In final analysis, the Malaysian Chinese deserves the rot they are currently in, and they should STOP sulking for being at the brunt of UMNO’s racist based policies. The Chinese should NOT continue to complain about chinese education, chinese schools, lack of scholarships and university places… because they continue to vote for MCA, a party that is basically a spokesman for UMNO with self-interest leaders.

DAP is no better, unfortunately.

13. Nstman - April 13, 2007

I congratulate DAP for a good job. BN sucks.

14. ylchong - April 13, 2007

Thanks for good updates, but where’s my Tehtarik?
to F:: can confirm lah EW is both Gracious and Humble, yes. as in Goodnurse, Gracious… and Eating … Pudding and Pie LOL!
Seya at LVC on May 19 and you can have a throw of Rut Bir at Desi!:(
If you are also Sharp!

EW: Hi Desi! Teh-tarik at Ijok? 😛

15. kasi naik - April 13, 2007

Frank – u r really the bukimak!!
simply accused here and there.
wat did u do?

niah mah!!!

16. Libra - April 13, 2007

Your post above in one of utter contradiction.
You begin by analysing the rural Chinese mindset which is quite accurate but then you attack the DAP for that loss and failure.

Frank, the DAP is unable to make any headway simply because of the Chinese mindset you wrote about – fear of losing what little they have – business, their investments and property.
Chinese are fully aware of the abuses of the government. They know about the rampant corruption. The know about the NEP abuses that sidelined their children.
But they can live with all these for the simple reason that they are plain selfish and self centered. If the Penang Chinese had some modicum of “racial dignity” ,would they have voted out Lim Kit Siang and Karpal Singh in the last but one General Elections.
Financially, the Chinese have alot to lose if BN is toppled!
Integrity. morality, uprightness are never factored into their vote casting.
Malays, feel vulnerable to that imagined threat of ” Chinese power” which might gobble them up, so they cling on to UMNO for protection. Remember that keris!
Indians? Ha! I will never be able to read their minds. They give their vote to BN in return for nothing.
Marginalised and permanently lying at the bottom of the social strata yet they are unaware of their position.

17. monsterball - April 13, 2007

I agree with kasi naik and hope Frank will think twice before writing such thrash.
From my observations, the natures of chinese changed little. They do not depend on the government for a living and as long as ruling party does show interest to improve their township….why rock the boat type of attitudes. They do not think about the country…as they feel helpless..thus charity begins at home attitudes.This is seen all over the countrty…but at city centres…chinese do dare change for the good of the country. So we can conclude rural areas chinese are selfish people.
Also it shows Anwar is history…no influence at all to swing malay votes.That’s what I see. I MAYBE WRONG. thanks.

18. monsterball - April 13, 2007

How is latest situation?

19. hasilox - April 13, 2007

We are dealing with totally different kind of people. They don’t read news other than propaganda dished out daily in the mainstream media. Their concern are limited to their physical surrounding and so is their understanding of the country’s wellbeing.

Educating them take time and effort. Therefore, having grassroots support to talk and explain things to them is very important.

20. Sheikh's Brother - April 13, 2007

This was a by election – one on one. Granted that the BN machinery was massive. But the Opposition is not going anywhere in this country because the Opposition just dont have any presentable or coherent ideas for the voters. That does not mean that the Opposition cannot pick up at least 75 parliamentary seats or 40% of ALL State seats. A simple strategy can assure this type of success. The Opposition cannot just blindly field candidates one on one against every BN candidate and hope to win. Remember it is the voters who decide, not the political parties. What do the voters want ? Has the Opposition ever stopped and considered ‘What do the voters want ?” We all know what the Opposition wants. The DAP wants a socialist, Malaysian Malaysia racial tinderbox. The PAS wants Talibanistan. The PKR wants Anwar to be the PM – on any type of ticket. But what do the voters want ? Has the Opposition ever organised a joint session or brainstorming session to figure this out ?

21. Libra - April 13, 2007

I too lost my car last year. Here are some tips you need to know.
Don’t expect to recover your car. If it is under insurance, then you are fine. At least you could get back some money.
Making a report is a formality. They don’t investigate at all. The investigation officer (IO) will not contact you nor ask you any questions.
You have to wait three months after which your insurance company will have to request the IO to give you a letter on the status of your report.
He will give one letter stating that after carrying out an investagtion the car cannot be recovered. (Don’t ask me how he investigated as he never even asked where I had parked the car).
If you want the report before three months then you will know what to do??????????????
An adjuster will meet you to ask you some questions as though you had stolen your own car. He will ask for you pay slip and your loan status.
Then the insurance company will pay you but only about 75% of your insured sum.
To claim that money you will have to surrender you car keys and the registration card together with a motor vehicle transfer form.
As I see it there is big syndicate to steal cars and sell them as spare parrts to the many second hand spareparts dealers in the country.
They are going after scrap metal dealers but I wonder why they are not investigating car spare parts dealers.
Stolen cars don’t disappear into thin air, you know!
For your information, my car was parked infront of a guard house of a condo. I suspect the guard works in collusion with car thieves. There is no way the guard could not have seen the theft but then this is Bolehland.
By the way when you lodged the report did the police say ” Ini perkara biasa lah”?

22. Frank - April 13, 2007

kasi naik and Libra

Come out of your shell and don’t get blinkered by partisan politics.

I have no love lost with DAP, MCA or any political party. The paramount interest is the long term wellbeing of the Chinese community, the ones sweating it out daily, not those DAP/MCA politicians whose spew rhetorics from the air rooms and listen to chinese problems from Starbuck and Coffee Bean.

If DAP had been effective, the chinese community wouldn’t be whether it is now . MCA is a lost cause since 1965. Gerakan is a non entity and totally irrelevant.

DAP is a party that does not know what to do with itself, let alone having any policies that can make the difference rather than rabble rousing the difference.

Oh, they are good at street demonstrations with huge chinese characters in red… reminds me of Mao Ze Dong’s days of the cultural revolution…except in Malaysia, it also carries some Malay words on the banners.

I thought these two articles posted here is food for thought for DAP leadership:

a) http://malaysianunplug.blogspot.com/2007/02/blunt-message-for-opposition-parties.html

b) http://politics101malaysia.blogsome.com/2007/02/02/the-real-meaning-of-the-rocket-2/#more-1169

I am not alone in wanting DAP to be a party that aims to win government.

Until now, voting for DAP is still as useless as voting for MCA. One in Govt having its mouth sown and one outside Govt having its mouth yelling rhetorics of little consequence effect change in the chinese community.

Tell me I am wrong instead of swearing and being foul-mouth and being childish in the discussion

23. Frank - April 13, 2007


No I am NOT talking about the rural chinese mindset. I am talking about the urban chinese, especially the educated chinese who talk big in mamak stalls and charkoay stalls, driving SUVs to show off (especially in Penang), but nowhere to be seen when asked to front up their courage.. and what do they do? They apply for PR or send their children overseas and encourage their children to get PR. Self-interest and selfish behaviour – typical of the rich and show off chinese in Malaysia.

The same goes for DAP leaders and MCA leaders children. MCA Wanita Chief was forced to surrender her PR (did she?) but her children are in Australia . I bet most if not all of the DAP leaders’ children are studying overseas, no different from UMNO.

Don’t blame the rural chinese and their mindset.

DAP and MCA leaders are no better than UMNO leaders… all self interest and all the talk about caring for the interest of the chinese community is BULL.

After forty years of having chinese political parties IN and OUT side Govt, and voting for them election after election, things in fact got worse for the chinese.

So you think DAP is any better than MCA? No my friend.

Perhaps, the chinese should follow the example of the kelantan chinese, they voted PAS, and their livelihood did not degenerate and infact PAS solved many of athe land problems of the Kelantan non Malays. Can DAP do that ? or did MCA do anything worthwhile instead of their leaders and cronies buying land and properties for themselves and their family members .

Think out of the box and get real, my friend. If you do that, that is one small step towards helping the poor and marginalised chinese in the rural areas and in the outskirts of Klang Valley

24. kasi turun - April 14, 2007

all voted for BN ma chap cheng!

25. Nstman - April 15, 2007

Elizabeth, I hope to meet you in person one day. Everybody says you very leng loi. I think you are the most glamorous human rights activist at the moment.

EW: Hahaha! All rumours! Remember what Tengku Adnan said!

26. mob1900 - April 15, 2007

Bi-elections turns out to be more fun compare to G.E.
Each constituents who has their MP’s kicking the bucket will received the full ‘wrath’ of BN in terms of free lands, free makans, free house renovations and etc.

Think it might catch on?

27. Frank - April 15, 2007

Dear mob1900

Let’s vote potential candidates who are suffering from heart attacks, with high blood pressure, over 60 years old, with a life style that will shorten their lives.Or let us feed these greedy politicians to live a life that will shorten their lives after they get elected.

Then we have more by elections and BN will pour huge development money to the area, and DAP does not really have to campaign at all.. since DAP will say, the Voters Win, not the politcal party that wins. On e lesson we can learn: If you lose an election, just say the voterts win.That’s new brilliance of DAP after Machap.

28. monsterball - April 15, 2007

freelunch2020…You want fast response on your stolen car?..write to the Insurance company with you police report …copy to your lawyer. Give them …say 30 days to settle the case….or you will sue them.
Letter must be by registered post…to prove they do receive it.
They will send someone to ALWAYS OFFER you a rediculous low sum to settle the matter.
Tell that person to replace car of same year and condition….or else pay full market price . They will increaes the sum…and up to you to accept or not.
If you are not happy….get a noble lawyer..study your case..and if he is fully confident to win…should not charge you one sen…as the insurance company must pay your lawyer’s fees…if they looses the case.
This is a 100% sure in simple case…if go to court. The only problem …can you get a good noble righteous honest lawyer?

29. alliedmartster - April 16, 2007

Totally no relation to this posting,
for this blog readers or bloggers who are interested in the development of NAB – All Blogs, email to
NAB.allblogs@gmail.com to keep yourself in the loop of things to come. This is early stage yet, but this will act as a reflector email to disseminate info to those who are keen.

30. monsterball - April 17, 2007

Now I know Frank talk like a double headed snake.

31. Shame OnYou5 - April 24, 2007

Racist & Corrupt UMNO still has lots of support – not surprising as they also own NewStaitsTimes & MalayMail…

The results clearly shows that all the Opposition Parties need to be united before they can really challenge GIANT UMNO.


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