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(Ijok) And so it begins April 15, 2007

Posted by elizabethwong in Democracy, Malaysia, Politics.

Tagged: BN Corruption

Finally, the good people of Ijok get to see the ‘new and improved’ Khir Toyo, and have a new mosque.

ImageOn Thursday, 12 April, the Selangor Chief Minister went to Kg Rantau Panjang, Ijok, to officiate a ground-breaking and ‘kiblat – determination’ ceremony of the RM 5 million Ubudiah Mosque at Taman Purnama.

According to Harakahdaily.net, this was a project meant to begin some 10 years ago, way back in 1996.

Dude … that’s so ‘8MP’.

Though it would be interesting to read the Selangor finance accounts regarding this, it is still better late than never! Rhinoplasty does take time to heal, no?



1. Ketua Perusuh - April 15, 2007


In couple of day later on, you can see money being showered to Ijok people. Let see how greedy Ijok people receiving this monies.

2. bobkee - April 15, 2007

I don’t think its fair to label the people greedy just because they are passive recipients of massive loads of federal and state funds (read our money paid via taxes) for amenities that they should’ve received eons ago.

3. Rikey® from WATTAHACK? - April 15, 2007

money, money, money, makes the vote go round!
just like Machap if BN wins hope they get some Tolls like us too.

4. freelunch2020 - April 15, 2007

ke ke ke….coool……hahhahahahaha just saw your sidebar on who can’t come cos got not blog….hahhahahahaahahahhah

5. monsterball - April 15, 2007

And 10% commission to S’gor CM?..or else he will give Pak Lah headaches??….corruptions begets corruptions.
When will the Sports Minster TRY HER STUNT AGAIN TO GET SOME POCKET MONEY?…susah…as supporter Najib…fighting or his fragile position. After Mongo murder case over….all will be revealed and ready for general eleciton.
First ….a test on another by election in a malay area. Chinese rural…thoughts?..seen at Machap…..will support Barisan.
Rural malays..also Barisan win…then general eleciton…Barisan sure to rule again…I think so…not neccessary agree with others..okay?

6. monsterball - April 15, 2007

But you can bet ..most oppositions…especially DAP will do much better at urban areas..to keep democracies alive and well..check and balance more voices to shout and be heard….waiting for more educated youngsters to take over the majority voters…not the old folks…simply die hard supporter without interest for the country as a whole..but for selfish reasons mosly.

7. sam - April 16, 2007

wah… big challenge. gotta build a 5 mill mosque in two weeks?

8. elizabethwong - April 16, 2007

No need. Just breakground ma.
Lay foundation can wait til General Elections!

9. Ketua Perusuh - April 16, 2007

Response to bobkee,

What i said there is, some and maybe someone in Ijok will be more greedy in time of this by-election to make monies but forget to contribute back to the communities of Ijok.

10. Sheikh's Brother - April 16, 2007


That tinned roof structure cost RM5.0 million ? Obviously someone has taken the kampong folks for a short ride. Right now I am pretty exasperated. I wont give up. In due time, in due time. .

11. sipuntum - April 17, 2007

What I heard, Khir Toyo was busy with facial treatment, in his office 🙂 Don’t know how true is this story…No wonder he doesn’t have time to do much work..If BN loss, no doubt he’s out of league for the next election

12. Daily Nibbler - April 18, 2007

Looking forward to a mouth watering, slug-it-out battle for votes in this peaceful rural setting. Khir Toyo and that minister with false hair and foul mouth are now in the spot light. And so is Anwar Ibrahim. Lets see.

13. ylchong - April 19, 2007

dear Eliz:
Based on this “On Thursday, 12 April, the Selangor Chief Minister went to Kg Rantau Panjang, Ijok, to officiate a ground-breaking and ‘kiblat – determination’ ceremony of the RM 5 million Ubudiah Mosque at Taman Purnama.

According to Harakahdaily.net, this was a project meant to begin some 10 years ago, way back in 1996…”

I composed one stanza in “An odd ode to Ijok” todie for all your supporters — IF I am sued, do YOU or I have to APologise? Besides Law, did you also psecialise in Satyriology at Kambridge? I only specialice in poortry:(

14. SAO @ SitiIka - April 20, 2007

As always, power brings money, money brings power. So when u have the money, you need to shower it all over. Otherwise, no money comes!. It is true when you are already in power, and try to ask for the money, Gossh… it will take years, you try lah when MIC wins this time, well since1964 nothing much has been done there, still a small town, a few rows of shop,congested and so on. MIC, MIC, I pity my people who live there,…

I hope money can’t buy everything.

15. sunshine - April 21, 2007

..i am a local ijok but send out for my secondary & Uni education outside Ijok..of course la..no Uni and good secondary school in Ijok..after graduated, came back to stay near my ailing parents and travel daily to KL..
That S.Velu answer on the query of recent development project in Ijok & Btg Berjuntai – ” tenders for projects given out some time back”..hahaha..who’s kidding here??..
I had experienced the potholes daily when commuting BB-KL and also since small kid the road have been like that..if not due to this by election, i still have to endure the potholes..such a sleepyhollow dark alley town turn to a bright-carnival town overnite..i wonder when the traffic light at Btg Berjuntai town will actually functioning..it took nearly 4 months for the traffic light at ijok junction (near Simpang Ijok police station) to function eventough the structure of traffic light has been constructed since last year AidilFitri..

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