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Fre(e)quent-flying MPs April 17, 2007

Posted by elizabethwong in Democracy, Economy, Malaysia, Politics.

10 Member of Parliament who made the most number of trips abroad between 2004-2006 and claimed from the tax-payers:-

Leading the pack is the darling of women’s groups here, Dr. Rozaidah Talib who made 11 trips costing RM141,391.66 to attend the Commonwealth Parliamentary Association (CPA) meetings in her capacity as the South East Asia representative of the Commonwealth Women Parliamentary. And her travels were already partially subsidised by CPA.

The rest of them are:-

  1. Dr Rozaidah Talib (BN-Ampang) RM141,391.66 in 11 trips
  2. Dr Junaidy Abdul Wahab (BN-Batu Pahat) RM60,812.27 in 8 trips
  3. Datuk Markiman Kobiran (BN-Hulu Langat) RM69,440.72 in 8 trips
  4. Datuk Seri Diraja Syed Razlan Syed Putra Jamalullail (BN-Arau) RM38,659.28 in 6 trips
  5. Datuk Dr Raman Ismail (BN-Gombak) RM116,834.26 in 5 trips
  6. Datuk Raja Ahmad Zainuddin Raja Omar (BN-Larut) RM100,955 in 4 trips
  7. Datuk Tan Lian Hoe (BN-Bukit Gantang) RM9,597.50 in 3 trips
  8. Datuk Idris Haron (BN-Tangga Batu) RM33,686.80 in 2 trips
  9. Datuk Dr Wan Junaidi Tuanku Jaafar (BN-Santubong) RM14,312 in 2 trips
  10. Razali Ibrahim (BN-Muar) RM17,395.75 in 2 trips

The approximate total cost of flying for these 10 MPs amounted to RM603,081.

The most ‘expensive’ frequent flyers are Datuk Raja Ahmad Zainuddin Raja Omar (BN-Larut) who averaged at RM25,239 per trip and Datuk Dr Raman Ismail (BN-Gombak) at RM23,366 per trip, against this fre(e)quent flyer club’s average of RM11,825 per trip.

Makes us feel kinda stupid slumming with AirAsia and MAS, eh?


1. Crankshaft - April 17, 2007

I’m not so concerned about them flying frequently as I am about them bringing their UNNECESSARY entourage on the taxpayer’s expense.

Yes, I personally feel absolutely moronic allowing this to happen.

2. jeancumlately - April 17, 2007

No la… It just made me sound so petty for complaining about the toll. 25K per trip? Wow… must have gone to the moon. I wished it was a one-way trip…

3. WATTAHACK? - April 17, 2007

don’t forget the Gucci handbags….

4. yh - April 17, 2007

RM25,000 per trip. gosh. Flying first class to timbaktu? Include staying in super luxurious hotel. This guy sure has class.

5. Klaw - April 17, 2007

Wah, where did you get this info?
Does the info also break down on where they went? I am just wondering where good ol Raja Ahmad went.

EW: Bernama. Please click on ‘source’ at end of the list.

6. invisible - April 17, 2007

…..markiman……tsk tsk tsk…………………………

7. elizabethwong - April 18, 2007

Naturally distance, location, airline and class are also factors. I’ve only averaged the total costs divided by the number of trips.

8. monsterball - April 18, 2007

Yes, and they tell us buy Proton …yet they use Mercedez and BMW and cars less half millionn ringgit to buy are no class for them.
Once elected…instead of behaving like servants to the people…they trully behave like little Napoleans…being showed how for 22 years by Mahathir.
Pak Lak knows how to say this….yet still allow such Napoleans to run the country. He is powerless!! He is playing dirty politics to stay in power…no need for TDM to tell us…he was the best and these are his students.He should keep quiet and do not make a fool of himself too much…by still trying to fool us at that age!!
Ministers travelling like nobody business by First Class MAS only…why…this has gone on since Merdeka time…and the richer our country gets from the blessed oil revenues, the more they will misuse our country’s money…until all the oil fields dry up and these so call patriots will live overseas….already have huge bangalows bought under different names.
Again I must end by saying….we are the one who put them there and we are responsible for their misdeeds….so why are we complaining?

9. Libra - April 18, 2007

Tax payers have been throwing our hard earned money to these swines for donkey years. Prudence was never the governments forte.
Every year I pay my taxes with so much of anger and pain within because these swines are going to squander them.
This is the only country in the world where there is so much of abuse, yet it gets support of its citizens. Amazing.

10. Ketua Perusuh - April 18, 2007

That’s what you get when you (Malaysian People) vote them. They are elected by you (Malaysian People).

So let the fly more in the future. Fly directly to their grave.

11. Winston - April 18, 2007

“Again I must end by saying….we are the one who put them there and we are responsible for their misdeeds….so why are we complaining?” – monsterball – April 18, 2007

Well said.
Even worse, when such so-called leaders stepped down, everybody sings “What a jolly good fellow” to serenade him!
A sucker is born every second?

12. gua bay song - April 18, 2007

Nice one Eli!!!

I wonder… what’s the leg room or the chardonay like in business class?

13. zenkerin - April 18, 2007

sh*t! there’s no point in struggling as they keep flying innocently while watching bersamamu on tv3 and finding angels in ntv7. i’m totally agreed you call them little napoleon but i have a better name – little hitler!

14. politikus - April 18, 2007

wahlau. enjoying their perks at our expense?

vote them out!!! 🙂

15. sam - April 19, 2007

delay no more lah!!!!

16. tiger_woodie - April 19, 2007

not stupid — outraged, more like.

If Bernama has the gumption to feed us information on local Parliamentarian costs to and fro their constituencies –of which a few MPs have allegedly abused in the past — I’m certain the OQ (Outrage Quotient) will accordingly increase.

17. monsterball - April 19, 2007

politikus….not all out lah. Some may need to be voted in as oppositions or else like S’pore…no fun.

18. SAO @ SitiIka - April 22, 2007

I never got a chance to fly, meh, only to Ipoh, yes. Can try go with them eh, carry begs pun oklah, no problems.

Never mind, never mind, we are so preoccupied!!!!, let we baca NST ok………

19. monsterball - April 23, 2007

Nice to see Pak Lah as opposition leader with 20 of his Barisan elected and when his time to speak out…all leave for a smoke or drink…leaving him and and his 20 elected plus Mr.speaker to listen to his speech.
It is like speaking to the wall…hahahaha
Nice dream,

20. Wakil Rakyat - April 24, 2007

What about WEE KA SIONG taking his whole family to Geneva and New York. Can we ask for a breakdown of expenses paid by tax-payers ?

21. Gunton - April 25, 2007

No wonder thay are called bigwigs! I can only claim 50sen per kilometer provided it is outside 20 km from my office. That’s for the fuel, tyres, and servicing/maintenance for small fries like me..

22. Sathia Varqa - April 26, 2007

We may have put them there but no one is permanently there. We can change the status quo. Things maybe bad but we can make change in selecting a different candidate/party in the future

23. Shela Notheis - April 30, 2007

There, msians like slow sikit…from 80s when mahathir came it you can smell the sh*t (sorry, sh*t before that too young for moi to smell)..Now kepoh…Who elected? Ok, maybe got some ‘mystery buses’ or even ‘bus mini’ in the old days, but msians generally easy kill. I ah? obersea aready…..yes…I do meet those MPs in London and Zurich…they try to goda me at supermarket…The sh*t is so horrific…if only the people knew (talking from mixing with MPs, past and present)

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